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The distance between Albany and Newark is approximately 150 miles. Due to the relatively short distance, you expect similar costs and services like local relocations within New York. Knowing what to expect and approximate prices are vital for planning and stress-free relocation. This article looks at both of these areas in detail.

How Much Does It Cost to Move from Albany to Newark?

Looking for movers near me cheap? The moving costs calculation may differ from one moving company to another. You may also find some with extra charges that you won’t find in other firms. This section provides an estimate. You may need to ask for quotes from individual Albany to Newark movers.

  • Basic local movers Albany to Newark: $1 to $3 per mile (150 miles) = $400
  • Cost of packing: $30 to $60 per person per hour.  $60×4 = $240 (two movers and a truck for two hours) Remember the cost of packing material may be charged separately.
  • Moving insurance: $3 to $80 per $1,000 in value
  • Some moving companies charge per cubic foot of space taken on the truck or per pound of weight. The cost per pound is about $0.50, while the cost per cubic foot is around $8.

Therefore, you expect to part with around $700 to $2,000 to move your home from Albany to Newark.

Prices along this route rarely change. Sometimes, there is an increase in the number of people relocating during the summer holidays. Expect a small rise in prices at the time. Additionally, it is good to compare costs per pound or space with price per mile and pick the more reasonable offer.

What to Expect from Your Long Distance Movers

A Helping Hand in the Entire Process

A professional same day long distance moving company will walk you through the entire planning and actual moving. It makes relocation less of a hustle and tiresome. Most companies also inspect your home before giving you a quote.

Accurate Inventory

Before packing, the moving company will list every item that needs to be moved. This is vital in tracking items during and after transit. It is important to cross-check the list to ensure that nothing is missed or quantities made wrong.

A Moving Plan

When the moving date nears, a representative of the moving company will contact you to confirm the date and the details of the agreement. He or she will then spell out a moving plan. The plan includes activities and their timelines and the person in charge. This is important to avoid confusion.

Most Common Types of Albany and Newark Movers

While this is considered a long-distance move, it might be harder to find a moving container company to help due to the shorter distance. However, you can rent a moving truck or hire full-service movers to make it easier to move and more convenient.

With a rental truck, you supply the labor. When you hire full-service movers, you’ll end up with a team ready to do the loading and unloading for you. This is a convenient way to move from Albany to Newark.

No matter the type of movers you choose, you want to read the online reviews and check the DOT license. This ensures you can hire a good moving company without falling for a scam.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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