Average Cost of Moving a Studio Apartment

Average Cost of Moving a Studio Apartment

When you need to move your studio apartment, it’s time to get an idea of the cost. The average cost of moving a studio apartment will depend on how far you’re moving and the option you choose. There are several moving options and choosing the right one for your needs will help to set the cost.

The Average Cost of Moving a Studio Apartment Locally

A local move is any move under 100 miles and often under 50 miles. When you’re moving a studio apartment locally in an area, such as Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, or another city, you can expect to pay around $240 to $400 for a full-service moving company.

No matter your location, if you choose to move a studio apartment with a moving truck you rent, the cost will be much less. Often, you can rent a moving truck for less than $100 for a local move. You will have to supply the labor by hiring people or doing the work yourself, however.

The Average Cost of Moving a Studio Apartment Out-Of-State

When you need to move across state lines, you will need a long-distance moving company. The average cost to move a studio apartment out of state is about $1,500. This is based on about 1,800 to 2,000 pounds of things and a move of around 1,000 miles.

The actual cost of your out-of-state move will depend on the actual amount of things you have and the distance. It will also depend on the type of moving option you choose. If you rent a truck, it’s likely going to be the lowest cost option, while a full-service moving company will be the highest cost option.

With a long-distance move, you gain access to another moving company option, however. You can use a moving container company. They will drop off large personal storage containers at your apartment complex for you to load up. For a studio apartment, you will likely only need one container.

This one container will be loaded up by you and transported by a moving company, such as UPack. It will be delivered to your new studio apartment for you to unload. With this type of moving company, you can avoid the cost of hiring moving labor to load and unload things, and you also don’t have to drive a big moving truck across state lines.

Getting a Moving Quote Before Moving a Studio Apartment

While the average cost of moving a studio apartment can be helpful, it won’t give you a great number to work with. The best way to know how much your move will cost is simply getting a moving quote for your actual move.

Your studio apartment might be larger than another. You might need to move a certain distance, which will impact the price. Maybe you have an apartment on the fifth floor with only stairs. These factors matter in the cost and the average cost is just that, an average.

When you’re ready to start your moving process, make sure you get the right company to provide a good moving quote for your needs. While the average cost of moving a studio apartment can be helpful, the best way to know the cost of your move is to get a moving quote online or from a moving company in person.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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