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Moving out of state is equally thrilling and nerve-wracking. On the one hand, you will begin a new chapter of your life and get an opportunity to meet new people, build new connections, and see the world from a different perspective. On the other hand, you have to leave behind your friends and colleagues and the place you called home for a long time.

And, as if moving out of state wasn’t hard enough, you also need to worry about transporting all your belongings to your destination.

If you’ve started planning your move, then you’ve probably realized that it’s better to let the professionals handle it for you. But, here’s the question: how do you find the best out-of-state moving companies?

If you type “best out of state moving companies in Google”, you will probably find different websites giving you a list of the companies which, in their opinion. are the best out of state movers in the moving industry. By the time you check three to four websites, you will hardly find coherence.

The reasons is because most of the lists are skewed to favor partners and sponsors and may not necessarily reflect the true state of things. Therefore, rather than giving you another list, we are providing insights what it takes to find the best moving companies to work with for your next move.

Here are some tricks.

Ask for Referrals

Perhaps the easiest way to find a long-distance moving company that you can trust is to ask your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors for recommendations. You can also use Facebook groups or forums to ask for recommendations. Be wary, however, of posts that seem to praise too much a company. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Referrals from organizations

Business organizations and government agencies also work with moving services, and they usually follow a strict vetting process before selecting movers If you get referrals from decision makers in organizations and agency about any moving company, the chances are high that such a company would really be a good one.

Do Your Own Research

Now that you have a list with some of the best out of state moving companies, it’s time to start doing a bit of digging.

Use the American Moving & Storage Association’s ProMover program to see if the company you are considering is certified. Research the company on Google, Facebook, and directories like Angie’s List and read the reviews to see if other customers were satisfied with the services offered.

Make sure that the companies you are considering are licensed and legitimate. Interstate moving companies near you that travel across state lines must have a Department of Transportation number issued to them. You should be able to easily find this information on their website.

When you find the number, go to the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and check for their licence, insurance coverage, safety records, and history of customer complaints.

Interstate movers, international van lines

Check for Public Reputation

Organizations like Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredits businesses and award grades that represents their degree of confidence that a business is operating in a trustworthy manner. It shows how a company is likely to proactively resolve customer complaints without coercion.

The BBB grade scale is from A+ – F. A+ being the highest and F being the lowest score. The calculation of the BBB score is largely based on customer-eported complaints that have been verified and evaluated by BBB.  The accreditation and grading of BBB help customers to decide on the best companies to work with. There are other sites like Yelp where you can also read reviews about the moving companies on your list.

Check for Team Profiles

When researching about the best interstate moving companies, also look at the people that comprises the team. A professional moving company will have members who specializes in different areas associated with moving including experts in scheduling, insurance, local moves, long distance move, overseas move, business relocations, etc. A company without a robust staff profile is probably just coming up.

Contact a Few Moving Companies

By now, you should have a narrowed-list of professional movers you want to work with. The next step you should take is to schedule an appointment with each of them and ask for quotes for your out of state move.

Things To Look Out For When Contacting Out of State Movers

Before you make your final choice from the list of long distance movers your have to look out for the following.

Willingness to Provide In Home Estimates

If one or more companies claims that they can give you an accurate estimate without physically examining your belongings first, then that’s a major red flag. While it’s normal for moving companies to give you information about their rates via phone calls, a reputable moving company will provide a quote only after walking through your home and making an inventory of the items you need to move.

Responsive Customer Service Agents

From the moment you call to inquire to scheduling a home visit, getting quote and all that, pay attention to how responsive their customer service is. Do you have to call several times before reaching them? Quality customer service is not negotiable when dealing with movers. A lot of things can go wrong during the entire process of moving and you a responsive customer service to help resolve your complaints quick.

Local Presence

While you don’t need local movers for your out of state moves, you need to be sure that the interstate moving company you want to deal with has local presence both in your current state and in the state you are moving to. With local presence, you can easily walk into their office to lodge complaints and there are times you might need a temporary storage before your new home is ready. It’s better to get a storage that is close to your new location than having to move a long distance again when the home is ready.

Services Provided

Every move is unique and you have to be sure that a company can provide all the services your move requires before contracting the move with them. Ideally, it is better to use a full service moving company that provides all kinds of moving services and also gives flexibility for customers to choose what they want.

For interstate moves, some of the services you might need depending on your budget, size of your home, and mileage to the new destination include:

  • Packing services
  • Packing supplies such as moving boxes, packing paper, tapes, bubble wraps, etc.
  • Storage services
  • Full service moving


The last thing you want to experience is a delay or last minute cancellation because the company you contracted your move to do not own moving equipment. Things like this happen as there are many moving companies that only exist on paper. So deal with companies that have moving supplies such as moving truck, moving container, as well as their own staff. So take note of things such as having the name of the company on ther moving truck otherwise, they might be banking on truck rental which you can also do yourself.

Pricing System

It’s difficult to guess a price for an out of state move, until an inventory as been taken and the moving distance is determined. But on the average, long distance moves can cost between $80 to $250 per hour. So you can expect and average cost of $4300 to $4800 per hour for an average distance of about 1200 miles. The actual cost is based on the weight of your items, mileage and labor costs. Some movers charge hourly while some operate a flat rate pricing system.

In relation to pricing, relocation companies use three types of moving estimates. They are:

  • Non-binding estimate
  • Binding estimate and
  • Binding not to exceed

Understanding the differences between these three types of estimate is essential to a successful move. So here is a quick explanation:

Non-binding estimate

This type of estimate is provided based on the weight of your belongings. This means that what movers will charge is based on the actual weight of your move and the movers are at liberty to charge you 10 percent more of the original estimate if your belonging weigh more than originally anticipated. FMCSA regulations allows the mover to bill you the remaining charges after 30 days from delivery.

This is where you should be wary of rogue movers as they often take advantage of the non-binding estimate to overcharge customers.

Binding estimate

This estimate is also weight-based and it is binding on both the mover and the customer. When you agree to a binding estimate, you won’t have to pay any extra if the weight of your belongings ends up being higher. But you won’t also pay less either if the weight is below the estimate.

One of the reasons some customers opt for a binding estimate is because it gives them the peace of mind of not having to pay a higher price.

However, customers are not allowed to add to an already estimated inventory according to the FMCSA regulation, if there is need to add more items, the estimate has to be renegotiated or the estimate is converted to a non-binding one.

Binding not-to-exceed

Binding not-to-exceed estimate guarantees that movers only charge for the actual weight of the shipping, whether it is more or less than the estimated amount doesn’t matter. This is the type of estimate that is popular with most customers and this is the type of estimate you should actually look our for when considering movers.

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