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Long Distance And Local Moving Services

How Far in Advance Should I Schedule Movers?

Moving to a new place and having to transport all your personal belongings to another house is stressful, whether you are moving interstate or across the country. Not only do you have to organize your job, school, vacation plans and finances to accommodate the new move, but it’s also quite […]

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Three Men and a Truck’s Guide to Preparing for the Best Move

We’ve all been there. You’re getting prepared for an upcoming move, and no matter how much time you spend calculating costs, time, and resources-needed, moving always becomes more complicated than you initially thought. Well, we’re here to eliminate as much uncertainty and help you have the best move. Here’s the […]

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How Much Do Movers Cost for Local Moves?

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but also quite challenging. Changing your environment, sometimes school, job, or friends, can be tough on anyone, no matter how adaptable they are. And it all starts from the hassle of moving all your things elsewhere. This article will discuss prices […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers for a Three-Bedroom House?

The average size of an American house is three bedrooms. The average weight of the belonging of a family with a three-bedroom house is 7,000 pounds. These are the values that we will base our estimates on. Further on, the cost of a move depends a lot on other factors, […]

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What Is the Cheapest Day to Move?

Because moving to a new house is quite stressful on a person and their family, we have compiled some of the most common questions regarding the best time to make a move. If you have the freedom to choose when you can move, why not pick a period of the […]

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How to Properly Pack Your Belongings

Moving is a big job that not only requires time and patience, but proper packing procedures as well. Without them, you’ll find that many items, especially delicate ones, will be destroyed. Below you’ll discover five tips you can keep in mind when it comes to making sure your belongings are […]

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Tips for an Efficient Local Move with a Moving Company

Trying to relocate on your own can be tough. When you don’t know anyone or you don’t have a truck to do it yourself, the best option may be getting the help of a local moving company.  Using a moving company also frees up a lot of time for you […]

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Man with a Truck: Movers and Packers

A lot of full-service moving companies utilize the option of hiring professional packing services. Hiring professionals to pack all of your items can help you remain organized during your move and completely covered by insurance. Some things need to be done prior to the arrival of the packing professionals. You […]

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Will professional movers allow me to help them move items in my apartment?

Using a professional moving company to move from one apartment to another makes the situation of moving a lot less stressful. Even a studio apartment has its ups and downs when trying to relocate. There are possibly steps in your apartment building or areas where maneuvering items could get hairy. […]

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The Differences Between Residential and Commercial Moving

For a moving company, the logic behind a residential move and a commercial move is the same, performing the move is very different from each other. Understanding the difference between residential and commercial moves can save you a lot of time and stress when looking for the right professional moving […]

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How to Prepare Team Members for an Office Move

Companies move office locations more often than you think. When leases are up on buildings, they may relocate to a more affordable location, or a company decides to upgrade their offices, and temporary setups have to be accommodated. Whatever the reason for moving your office team, preparing them for this […]

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Moving Truck Rental with Movers

Relocating your belongings and your family can be a stressful task, but with Three Men and a Truck, you don’t have to lift a finger during the process. The process of getting affordable moving services start by getting your free no-obligation quote. Three Men and a Truck have been in […]

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How Much Does An International Move Cost?

Planning a move overseas can be exhausting and expensive. Choosing a moving company that has your best interests in mind can make the situation a little less stressful. If you have never moved internationally before, there are things that you may not know about that have to be done. Lucky […]

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6 Steps for Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

Long-distance moves can be a huge hassle for many. Not only do you need to make sure to quickly sort through years of belongings, but ensure that they are properly packed and sealed for delivery. If you’re planning for a long-distance move, definitely keep these 6 steps in mind. 6 […]

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What Are The Benefits of Using a Professional Moving Service?

It might seem like moving your own belongings would be easy and inexpensive, but in reality it’s the complete opposite. For instance, many homeowners don’t have access to proper moving utensils which can result in severe injuries. It can also take a lot of time to pack and sort through […]

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