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When it’s time to move across the country, it’s time to hire the right Boston to Los Angeles cross country movers. This is one of the longest possible moves in the United States at nearly 3,000 miles and you cannot just trust anybody with your things.

Maybe you’re relocating for a job, new opportunities, retirement, or to be closer to family. Maybe you just want to enjoy the weather in California. No matter the reason, getting the right long-distance movers is vital to taking the stress out of such a big move.

How Much Does It Cost to Move from Boston to Los Angeles?

The range of cost for Boston to Los Angeles movers is rather large. You can spend quite a bit if you hire Boston long distance movers to pack up your home, move everything across the country, and unpack it at your new home. You can even have them move your vehicle, which makes things convenient, but also a bit on the expensive side.

The average cost of a move like this ranges from about $1,800 to $5,300. However, your actual cost can be more or less, depending on the option you choose and the size of your move.

Renting a moving truck will be on the lower end of the scale, while a full-service moving company will likely be much higher than the higher end of the average. It’s best to get multiple moving quotes and compare the cost and services before making your decision to hire the right Boston to Los Angeles movers for your needs.

What to Expect from Your Long-Distance Movers

Most of the time, a long-distance moving company will provide good and honest service. However, there are some scammers that target the moving industry and some moving companies that aren’t very good.

Reading online reviews is a great way to spot a bad company or even a scammer. Verify the company you plan to hire has plenty of good online reviews before hiring them for your big cross-country move.

It’s also important when hiring Boston to Los Angeles movers to verify their DOT license. You might discover complaints against them when you do this, which could save you from hiring a bad moving company.

Also, pay attention to the deposit a moving company charges. Good moving companies might charge a small deposit, but if it seems rather large, it could be a scammer trying to steal your money.

Most Common Types of Boston to Los Angeles Movers

When you start looking for the right movers for your big move, you will have several options including:

Truck rentals are the cheapest way to move across the country, but require the most work and you will pay for all the fuel. Van line and moving container companies handle the transportation, but you still have to supply the labor.

With a full-service moving company, you get the ultimate for convenience. They will load up the truck, transport your things, and unload them in your new location. Some will even provide packing and unpacking services.

Regardless of the type of moving company you prefer, make sure you compare a few moving quotes. This will help you to choose the Boston to Los Angeles movers offering what you want for the right price.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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