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California to Canada Movers

More people are moving from the US to Canada than ever before. The reasons are endless. For instance, most American believe that Canada has less political tension. Canada also has a better healthcare system. Every permanent Canadian resident enjoys free universal healthcare.

The maternity leave is just as attractive. Whereas the US grants new parents just 12 weeks parental leave, new mothers in Canada enjoy 35-61 weeks off. That’s right – up to a whole year off!

Above all, people increasingly appreciate Canada’s positive stance on immigration. Unlike the US, Canada is happy to welcome immigrants. A recent global survey says it’s the world’s most receptive country for immigrants.

Getting Ready for the Move

Unfortunately, moving from California to Canada can be a hell of a task. The following are a few things you need to keep in mind;

Which are the best places to live in Canada?

Obviously, the first step is to identify a particular place to live. The choice will depend on what you plan to do in Canada and how long you plan to live there. However, a few things like home prices and weather matter wherever you decide to live. Utility bills, job opportunities, and the access to quality public amenities are also critical.

In general, though, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Victoria are the best places to live in Canada. Ottawa is the best for families while Toronto ranks best for singles.

What are the requirements when moving from California to Canada?

Next up, you must know that you can’t just move to Canada. You must meet certain requirements. For example, you must verify that you’re eligible to move to Canada. One must be 18 year or older to move to Canada and all minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. You must also have a squeaky clean criminal record.

Above all, you can only move to Canada for a valid reason. Common avenues for entry include, to be an entrepreneur, as a skilled worker, if you have family in Canada, or if your spouse lives there.

How much does it cost to move From California to Canada?

Once you’ve found a place and determined that you meet the requirements for relocating to Canada, you can begin thinking about the cost of moving and finding a moving company.

It’s difficult to determine the average cost of moving from California to Canada. However, most people make it with a budget of around $3,500. Remember that the costs vary significantly from one mover to the next and depending on the specifics of the move, such as the exact distance and the basic insurance cover.

How do I find the right mover?

To move from California to Canada, you need an international mover. Only international moving companies are licensed to move across the border. The rest of the considerations are similar to when moving interstate or within the state;

  1. Get referrals, ideally from friends and family
  2. Search for the best movers through Google
  3. Check online reviews about the chosen mover
  4. Make sure the mover is licensed and insured
  5. Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  6. Ask about professional accreditation

Watch Out for Red Flags

The moving industry is riddled with scams and swindlers. If the mover doesn’t have a physical address, they’re likely not a genuine moving company. The same applies if they’re not licensed. Also, avoid movers that ask for a huge deposit.

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