The interpretation of cheap can mean many things. When looking for a professional moving company with a truck near your location, it is important to look for experience at a competitive price. Most professional moving companies, especially those that are local, can negotiate their prices to help fit your budget. Finding a cheap mover near you won’t necessarily be easy. There is a lot of footwork that you will have to do on your own before making the decision on which company to choose

One of the easiest ways to find a professional moving company at a good price in your area is to do an internet search. The internet offers a wide search area with a variety of different options available. More and more companies are moving to an online form of quoting, but will generally give you a call to discuss it further.

Even if you come across a company that seems too good to be true, you need to make sure to do your research into them. Some of these moving companies are not as reputable as they come across, and fraudulent moving companies do exist.

Using resources online like Yelp can also give you a first-hand insight into a moving company before you choose to go with one. Yelp is a platform where people review companies and give honest opinions. The companies also can respond to these customers to thank them or offer retribution from negative feedback.


Getting Quotes

When you are ready to get quotes, making multiple calls, and getting multiple quotes is the only real way to find the right price. There are questions that the moving specialists will ask when you are getting a quote, and these questions are the most efficient way to get an accurate quote.

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You may or may not have all the answers that the moving specialist is looking for, but at least it will get to be a start on getting your quote. Moving is a huge undertaking, so what may seem cheap to you could be expensive to someone else.

Professional Packing

One of the more popular add-on services that are offered by a full-service moving company is professional packing services. These professional packing services provide the clients of moving companies an alternative to packing their own belongings before a big move. Packing professionals offer the skills of packing an entire home in as little as a day, which means you can go about your regular routine up until the day of the move.

Services like this are an added fee upon the base rate of your move. You can expect to pay $30 or so an hour for these types of professional services. The best part about hiring a professional to pack your belongings is that they are covered under liability insurance. When you pack your own items, they may not be covered if damage occurs in a box on the move.

Packing professionals also have more experience with getting larger items wrapped or taken apart for transport. They know how to pack and care for fragile items. Having a service like this can be a blessing, especially if you are moving with little time to spare.

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Best Time to Book a Move

Believe it or not, some times are better than others when it comes to moving. Picking a time during the middle of the week offers more assurance that your moving crew will be available at the time you are requesting. These days also provide the cheapest rates for moving. Some times, when a moving company is overbooked, they will lease help from other moving companies. These won’t necessarily be the workers that you booked originally from your quote.

If you have the time available to take off of work for a move, or you employ the help from professional packing services, you could utilize the additional rate reduction of picking a day during the week to move.

Picking a time in colder weather is also a good choice if you are looking for a way to get a lower rate for moving. People tend to choose the spring and summer months to move, which makes moving companies busier and in demand. When times are slower, you are more likely to pay a lower price and get the exact time you want.



Sometimes you don’t have that much flexibility over when you move. You may have a lease, and when it ends, you have to be out if you don’t renew it. You can discuss all these things with your moving specialist. A lot of your local moving companies can adjust their pricing.

More prominent corporations and franchises don’t always have that ability. They are very “what you see is what you get”. That is why, when trying to find the lowest price for moving, it is important to see if negotiation is even a possibility.

If a professional moving company boasts their competitive pricing, you can expect that they have some room for negotiating their fees. Albeit not always a lot, you can generally work your way into a discount or added promotion with a discounted price.

Cheap Movers Near You

Three Men and a Truck offer locations nationwide to help meet your moving needs. Started by a group of three friends fresh out of college, they have worked their way to a moving business that is renowned and experienced.

Over 20 years of experience backs their fantastic reviews. Expert moving specialists lead the way to getting your belongings where they need to go safely and at competitive prices.

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Three Men And A Truck services moves nationwide. Below are some of the most popular areas we work in, and have movers and moving trucks ready to assist:

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Los AngelesJacksonvilleEl PasoAlbuquerqueMiami
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