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Hiring a available moving company could you cost you anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand. The price will ultimately depend on the movers you hire, the services that you select, how far you’re moving and whether you’ll be using out of state moving companies. To avoid any surprises, it’s best to obtain an estimate from a professional mover. Receiving a quote from a moving company is an incredibly helpful tool to determine the cost of your move and help you know exactly what to expect when your moving day rolls around.

How to get moving quotes? The purpose of a moving quote is to deliver an accurate and straightforward idea of what the price of your relocation will be before it takes place. Your moving company may give you a quote online or over the phone, but they are only legally bound by the written estimate.

Types of Moving Quotes

When it comes to moving quotes and estimates, you may have heard a bunch of terms being thrown around that you’re unfamiliar with. Generally speaking, there are three main types of moving estimates that you may receive from a moving company. It is absolutely crucial that you know which type that a company is providing you with and also which type you would personally prefer.

  1. Binding Estimate: A binding quote indicates that the moving company is obligated to honor the price that they give you, so long as nothing changes throughout the process. If you agree to a binding estimate, you can expect to pay your move fees exactly what you were initially quoted by the movers. However, this does mean that you won’t end up paying any less. For instance, if your household goods end up weighing less than the estimate, you’ll be required to still pay the fixed cost.
  2. Non-Binding Estimate: Non-binding quotes are determined based on the weight of your belongings. Though, “non-binding” means that the estimate is not final and will likely change depending on the actually weight of your stuff. This type of estimate is essentially a document that describes the moving company’s best guess of your relocation expenses.
  3. Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate: A binding not-to-exceed quote is essentially the same as a binding quote, except for the fact that you may end up paying less than originally estimated if the weight of your items comes in lower.

What’s in a Moving Quote?

Upon receiving documentation from your moving company, they should be very transparent about which type of quote they are giving you. Your Bill of Lading, or the official contract between you and your moving company, should also be attached to the quote. This contract should include pick up and drop off locations, estimated weight, minimum weight, discounts, miles traveled, tariff cost, fuel surcharges, fees for packing and unpacking services, insurance fees, transportation charges, and the cost of any additional services selected.

If you’re planning a move that is within 50 miles of your current address, the moving company will typically charge by the hour (and number of movers) instead of the weight of your goods. To obtain a full cost quote for a local move, make sure that you ask for an estimate about how many hours your move will take and how many movers it will require.

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