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Published on 2021-04-19

Chicago to Las Vegas Moving Companies

Who doesn’t want to live in Las Vegas? The glamour, the glitz, the brilliant nights; everyone wants to go to this city at least once. And, some people want to relocate to Las Vegas for the long term. With that in mind, when you are moving from Chicago to Las Vegas, you might come across a different problem: what interstate movers should I go for? Well, further research needs to be done for that.

How Much Does It Cost to Move from Chicago to Las Vegas?

On average, in order to move from Chicago to Las Vegas, you will have to pull anything from $3,500 to $10,000 from your pocket. You will cover quite a big distance, which is why you have the hefty starting price as well.

There are various factors that will influence the price, such as the shipping container, the size of your cargo – whether you are opting for full-service moving or not, 24/7 movers, etc.. It’s best to ask the local movers with truck to come by first and offer you an in-person assessment before settling on someone.

Why Would You Want to Move from Chicago to Las Vegas?

Wondering why you should leave the quieter area of Chicago and move into Las Vegas? Well, here are some of the main reasons why people are packing their bags.

  1. Lower Living Costs

You may be surprised by this, but despite the popularity and adventurous reputation of the city, Las Vegas is quite affordable to live in – at least when you compare it to Chicago. According to Salary, the average cost of living in Chicago is 17.8% higher as compared to Las Vegas – with the employers in Chicago paying only 3.9% more as compared to the ones in Las Vegas.

  1. No Income Tax

Pretty much any state has income tax – except for Las Vegas. Since the state earns a lot of its money from tourism, it charges no income tax on the people living there – making it the perfect place if you wish to save money.

  1. Beautiful Weather

In Chicago, the weather is very often gloomy, rainy, and overall cold. The winters are also quite bad. In comparison, Las Vegas enjoys constant warm weather with clear skies, with only the occasional bad weather.

Tips to Find the Best Moving Company

When moving from state to state, you need to make sure you have the best Chicago movers on your cargo. Here are some tips to find them:

  1. Get Referrals: No matter how in a hurry you are, you should always get some referrals. This will tell you whether you may trust these movers or not.
  2. Check Insurance and Licensing: A good moving company will be able to show proper licensing and insurance. This way, you will know your items are in good hands.
  3. Ask for In-Person Assessments: To make sure you are not paying more than necessary, ask potential cross-country movers if they can give you an in-person assessment. A good company should try to offer an accurate quote.
  4. Pick from Three: Never go with a moving company without checking others out as well. Do your research on at least three local movers.

Finding the perfect ‘long-distance movers near me‘ can prove to be a challenge, but with the proper research, you should be able to find a suitable company.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

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