Choosing the Right Moving Boxes for Hanging Clothes

Choosing the Right Moving Boxes for Hanging Clothes

Not all clothing can be folded and packed in suitcases. Some clothing needs to be hung or it will wrinkle or even become damaged during a move. Finding the right moving boxes for hanging clothes is important when you need to move.

One of the best options for moving boxes for hanging clothing is known as a wardrobe box. These are usually included when you pay for a full-service moving company. Without a full-service moving company, they can cost as much as $20 each. This is a simple and easy option you can use to move your hanging clothing easily without damage.

If you don’t want to invest in wardrobe boxes, there are other options for moving boxes for hanging clothes. Let’s look at some of your best options to move clothing that should be hung before you plan your move.

Top 4 Options for Moving Boxes for Hanging Clothes

1. The Garbage Bag Method

The cheapest option for moving boxes for hanging clothes requires you to use 10 or fewer hangers with each garbage bag. You’ll need twist ties, as well.

This method is pretty simple and you’ll want to use the twist tie at the top of the hangers to secure them all in one pack. Then, you will put the garbage bag over the hangers with the drawstring toward the bottom and a hole for the hangers at the top. You can secure the drawstring to add full protection at the bottom of the clothing and you’re all set.

2. Use Vacuum Sealing Bags

There are also vacuum sealing bags you can use for hanging clothes to keep them in great condition and protected. This works great for off-season clothing for a few months and works great for moving clothing long distances. If you need to store clothing for a longer amount of time, this is not the right method for your needs.

3. Ship Your Hanging Clothes Separately

You can also decide to ship your hanging clothes separately. This is a good idea when you have expensive clothing you want to make sure is fully protected. You might need wardrobe boxes for this, but some shipping services use wardrobe bags specific for your more expensive hanging clothing.

4. Hire a Full-Service Moving Company

One of the best ways to make sure you get the right moving boxes for hanging clothes is to hire a full-service moving company and let them handle packing all your clothing yourself. This is a great way to ensure your hanging clothing makes it to your destination without harm.

The easiest and fastest way to get the right moving boxes for hanging clothes is to buy wardrobe boxes or use a full-service moving company. However, if you’re on a tight budget or you have very expensive clothing to move, one of the other options on the list might be the right choice for your needs. Any of these options will help you move your hanging clothes a short distance or a long distance.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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