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Sometimes people have to relocate for work-related purposes. It is apparent as well that relocating is very complex, expensive, and life-altering.

This is why many companies offer corporate moves as incentives to encourage their employees to relocate for work-related reasons.

 Under certain conditions, employers need employees to live in new places so they can work under certain conditions. This is very common when a company is establishing a new office branch or when they are shuffling staff.

Corporate moves will always be important because of the unique problems they solve. It makes an already complicated situation more manageable.

How Do Corporate Moves Work?

Employers know that the most valuable assets to them are employees that are dedicated, innovative reliable. They know that such employees have to be kept for as long as possible. However, certain conditions might warrant a relocation of these employees to another branch of the company.

The ability to keep employees will depend heavily on the type of relocation package they will get when asked to move to a new location for work purposes.

This is the reason why corporate moves exist. They are packages, designed by commercial moving companies in collaboration with companies to help employees move and settle into new locations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The packages include fully paid full-service moves for employees, partly sponsored moves, renting and storage incentives among other things. The belongings of the employee will be moved by a moving company to the new location the employer wants the employee to work at.  

The employee doesn’t pay the full cost of a move in a corporate move as the employer takes part or all of the cost. A corporate move can include the employee’s family to encourage the employee to accept the move. Many companies know the importance of this because relocation is one of the factors that make employees leave companies.

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Why Are Corporate Moves Necessary?

Corporate moves are necessary for a bunch of reasons which can be summarized as being good for business. Employers and employees benefit from the whole premise of corporate moves. The benefits can be summarized into the following points:

  • Companies have the opportunity to send their best staff to new locations with offers the employees will find easier to accept. Employees are likely to agree to relocation if the company offers corporate relocation packages.
  • Companies can easily expand their businesses to new areas. This would be difficult to achieve if employees had to foot the bill for the moves themselves. It would lead to dissatisfaction and possible resignations.
  • Corporate moves give employees the opportunity of working in new places without bearing the full costs of relocation.
  • An organized form of relocation is efficient and where there is a working relationship with a mover, the employer might pay far less than if the employee were allowed to choose their mover.
  • Corporate moves give the opportunity for relocating with whole offices as well as staff, and family of the staff in one single move.
  • It reduces the time it will take for employees to settle into new offices and begin working because their move is organized. It reduces employee downtime.

What Types of Corporate Moves Are Available?

Corporate moves are divided into various packages to achieve the same goal of getting an employee to a new location, in different ways.

The oldest form of corporate relocation is the ‘lump sum’ package. In this case, the employer gives the employee a sum of money in cash for the move. The employee pays for the move and gets to keep any change that is left over.

It seems like the most straightforward form of corporate moving, and maybe that is why it is the oldest form, but there is a challenge that is causing its phasing out. An employee, wanting to have a substantial amount of cash left after the move, might go for the cheapest move possible and get a bad move that also affects work-related productivity at the new location.

The next form of corporate relocation packages is the tiered package. This is a very popular package as it takes into consideration the value of the employee to the employer and puts the moving packages in tiers. The tiers range from the lowest for interns to the highest tiers for managers and senior executives.

There is also the ‘managed budget’ package. In this case, the amount of money to be spent on relocating an employee is fixed and given to the service provider to provide a service within the budget. The employee will have to pay the difference if something better is desired.

The final type of corporate moving packages is the ‘fully covered relocation’ packages. This type of corporate move is kept for senior executives. This is because the costs of the move can ramp up and be unexpected depending on the executive and his family.

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How Much Does A Corporate Move Cost?

The cost of a corporate move varies greatly. It is determined by factors like the distance of the move, the number of employees being moved, the number of items being shipped, the presence or absence of family members in the equation, and special items for moving like pets.

A move for an employee that is a renter, can be as high as $24,000, depending on the distance of the move. If the employee relocating is a homeowner, the move can go as high as $76,000. Although these costs might seem like a lot, it is important to remember that these are upper limits. There are corporate moves that cost companies as low as $3000. It all depends on the kind of employee you are moving, and the distance to travel.

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Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

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