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Canada and Australia are among the largest countries in the world in terms of land mass. These massive countries are home to a wealth of natural resources, from the timber and hydropower of Canada to the uranium and diamonds of Australia. These two countries have some other similarities, boasting a high quality of living and access to modern amenities and world-class healthcare.

Moving to Australia from Canada can be expensive, it’s true. For example, sea freight from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Perth, on the west coast of Australia can cost from $10,200 – $13,700 and take 5-7 weeks. Depending on your ports of departure and arrival, these prices can change. Fortunately, most of your personal goods can be imported to Australia tax-free. As with most countries, items eligible for tax-free import are those that you have owned and personally used for at least six months in Canada. Once imported, you cannot sell, loan, rent, or lease these items or use them for anything other than personal use for at least a year.

What about customs inspections?

Customs inspection in Australia can be rigorous. In fact, most households coming into Australia will have some personal items subject to quarantine. For example, if you bring wood furniture with you, it will be inspected and potentially quarantined to protect against termites or other wood boring insects.

Any items flagged during the customs inspection process will be subject to quarantine for a time, sent back to Canada, or in some cases, destroyed. Australian customs officials take this job very seriously. Be prepared to provide all requested documentation and to be transparent and flexible.

Am I allowed to bring my vehicle to Australia?

Most likely, no. It is rare that a private individual receives approval to import a vehicle to Australia, and most vehicle imports to the country are by car manufacturers. Australia’s Registered Automotive Workshops (RAWs) are companies that have been licensed by the Australian government to import a very limited selection of used vehicles.

For Canadians, eligibility to import a vehicle is mostly off the table. Vehicles manufactured for use in North America are designed to be driven on the right side of the road. To drive such a vehicle in Australia would require substantial mechanical modifications. Even if approved, these modifications can be very expensive and are honestly pretty ugly.

Importing a vehicle to Australia takes more than just transporting your vehicle to Australia. Even if you get it there, the Australian Border Force will not release your vehicle unless all paperwork and approvals are in order. Again, privately-owned vehicles rarely qualify for import, and the approval process can take several weeks. Give yourself plenty of time to get through the process and to make alternative arrangements as needed.

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