Cost of Movers Canada to Mexico


Cost of Movers Canada to Mexico

International Moving


With experts like Three Men and a Truck, moving to Mexico from Canada has never been easier. Working with our shipping partners, we can help you find the most cost-effective and safest way to transport your goods. Most international shipments occur by shipping container. Full containers offer 12 meters of space to pack your belongings and should be big enough to pack a two-bedroom home with ease. Half containers are perfect for shipping a vehicle or for smaller homes.

The cost to ship a full container to Mexico will depend on how you choose to send it. By road, your shipping container will cost $10,100-$16,700 and it will arrive in Mexico in 5-9 days. By sea, your full container will cost $7,600-$12,600 and arrive in 3-5 weeks. You can choose what works for you based on your budget and timelines.

While you will not have to pay customs duty or taxes on most of your household items, you will need to present paperwork and other documents during the customs declaration process. Here are some of the items you need to prepare for your move:

  • Passport: Your Canadian passport must be up to date and valid.
  • Resident card: You will need to get a temporary or permanent resident card. A temporary resident card is appropriate if you expect to move out of Mexico at some time in the future.
  • Bill of lading (BL or BOL): The bill of lading is a standard document used when shipping overseas. If you ship your belongings by air, you would present an Airway Bill instead.
  • You will need a box-by-box inventory of everything you are importing.
  • Proof of last entry date: Here you may show when your passport was stamped, or a copy of your last airline ticket.
  • Customs Declaration Letter: This letter will include your new address in Mexico, as well as the necessary acknowledgements and Declaration of Household Goods.
  • Proof of your new address
  • Power of Attorney (Letter of empowerment): This will give the customs agent authorization to process your goods.

What’s not allowed?

Mexico’s trade restrictions are similar to those of other countries. You are not prohibited to bring weapons, food items, or non-native plants or seeds. Some items are restricted, such as prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. For these items, you will need to respect limitations on the amount you may bring and provide documentation for all prescription drugs you carry with you or ship.

Can I bring my vehicle to Mexico?

You are in luck. Mexico only permits vehicle imports from the U.S. or Canada, so your Canadian vehicle is eligible for import. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Clean title for your vehicle -or- permission from your creditor to bring the vehicle to Mexico.
  • Proof of vehicle registration in Canada
  • Proof of Mexican car insurance
  • Canadian driver’s license

What about taxes or duty? While you may be able to import your household goods to Mexico without taxes, you will be assessed a 16% IVA, based on the book value of your vehicle.

Once your vehicle has been imported, it must be nationalized. This process is best handled by an experienced overseas shipper, as the rules can be complex and hard to understand. You will need to obtain a permit from the Secretary of the Economy if your vehicle is less than 10 years old.

Three Men and a Truck

When moving internationally, it’s important to know what you don’t know, but even that can be hard to do. Most people couldn’t even tell you what the rules are to move to their own country, never mind another country that speaks a different language. Working with an international moving company like Three Men and a Truck can give you valuable peace of mind. With our international shipping expertise and vast network of overseas shipping partners, we have what it takes to achieve your perfect relocation. If you’d like to learn more about how Three Men and a Truck can help with your next move, call for a free, no-obligation shipping quote.

Moves From Canada to Mexico: Our Top Routes

We can easily complete a Canada to Mexico relocation using many different routes. Here are some popular ones that movers usually use.


Canada to Mexico City

Toronto to Mexico City
Vancouver to Mexico City
Montreal to Mexico City
Calgary to Mexico City
Edmonton to Mexico City
Ottawa to Mexico City
Winnipeg to Mexico City
Quebec City to Mexico City
Hamilton to Mexico City
Kitchener to Mexico City
London to Mexico City
Victoria to Mexico City
Halifax to Mexico City
Oshawa to Mexico City
Windsor to Mexico City
Saskatoon to Mexico City
St. Catharines to Mexico City
Regina to Mexico City
St. John’s to Mexico City
Kelowna to Mexico City

Canada to Tijuana

Toronto to Tijuana
Vancouver to Tijuana
Montreal to Tijuana
Calgary to Tijuana
Edmonton to Tijuana
Ottawa to Tijuana
Winnipeg to Tijuana
Quebec City to Tijuana
Hamilton to Tijuana
Kitchener to Tijuana
London to Tijuana
Victoria to Tijuana
Halifax to Tijuana
Oshawa to Tijuana
Windsor to Tijuana
Saskatoon to Tijuana
St. Catharines to Tijuana
Regina to Tijuana
St. John’s to Tijuana
Kelowna to Tijuana

Canada to Ecatepec

Toronto to Ecatepec
Vancouver to Ecatepec
Montreal to Ecatepec
Calgary to Ecatepec
Edmonton to Ecatepec
Ottawa to Ecatepec
Winnipeg to Ecatepec
Quebec City to Ecatepec
Hamilton to Ecatepec
Kitchener to Ecatepec
London to Ecatepec
Victoria to Ecatepec
Halifax to Ecatepec
Oshawa to Ecatepec
Windsor to Ecatepec
Saskatoon to Ecatepec
St. Catharines to Ecatepec
Regina to Ecatepec
St. John’s to Ecatepec
Kelowna to Ecatepec

Canada to Leon

Toronto to Leon
Vancouver to Leon
Montreal to Leon
Calgary to Leon
Edmonton to Leon
Ottawa to Leon
Winnipeg to Leon
Quebec City to Leon
Hamilton to Leon
Kitchener to Leon
London to Leon
Victoria to Leon
Halifax to Leon
Oshawa to Leon
Windsor to Leon
Saskatoon to Leon
St. Catharines to Leon
Regina to Leon
St. John’s to Leon
Kelowna to Leon

Canada to Puebla

Toronto to Puebla
Vancouver to Puebla
Montreal to Puebla
Calgary to Puebla
Edmonton to Puebla
Ottawa to Puebla
Winnipeg to Puebla
Quebec City to Puebla
Hamilton to Puebla
Kitchener to Puebla
London to Puebla
Victoria to Puebla
Halifax to Puebla
Oshawa to Puebla
Windsor to Puebla
Saskatoon to Puebla
St. Catharines to Puebla
Regina to Puebla
St. John’s to Puebla
Kelowna to Puebla

Canada to Ciudad Juarez

Toronto to Ciudad Juarez
Vancouver to Ciudad Juarez
Montreal to Ciudad Juarez
Calgary to Ciudad Juarez
Edmonton to Ciudad Juarez
Ottawa to Ciudad Juarez
Winnipeg to Ciudad Juarez
Quebec City to Ciudad Juarez
Hamilton to Ciudad Juarez
Kitchener to Ciudad Juarez
London to Ciudad Juarez
Victoria to Ciudad Juarez
Halifax to Ciudad Juarez
Oshawa to Ciudad Juarez
Windsor to Ciudad Juarez
Saskatoon to Ciudad Juarez
St. Catharines to Ciudad Juarez
Regina to Ciudad Juarez
St. John’s to Ciudad Juarez
Kelowna to Ciudad Juarez

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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