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The cost of a full container, shipped overseas to Canada from India, is INR 635,000 – INR 1,034,400. The voyage will take between 5-8 weeks. You may also choose a half container, which gives you roughly six meters of space inside of a standard 12 meter shipping container. How will you know how much “container” you need? A two-bedroom house can be moved with a full container, but you can always adjust if you plan to bring less stuff.

Is that all? No, not even close. International relocations have a lot of associated costs. From storage to agent fees, there are many other costs associated with moving. To avoid surprises, you should always consider working with an international moving company. With their expertise, they will be able to provide you with estimates of cost you can count on.

Will I owe customs duty and taxes?

Most of the time, you will not owe customs duty or taxes. There are some minor, common sense requirements for this tax exemption, such as a stipulation that the items you import cannot be resold in Canada for at least a year. If you do decide to sell, rent, lease, or otherwise dispose of the item during that time, you will be responsible for paying retroactive taxes and duties.

Canada uses two different forms for customs declarations. Which one you choose will depend on how you have arrived for the transfer of your belongings. Maybe you aren’t bringing much, and have carried your belongings with you on the plane. In that event, you would fill out Form BSF186 – Traveling with Goods.

If you are working with a shipper, it is unlikely that both you and your cargo will arrive at the same time. In this case, you would use Form BSF186A – Goods to Follow. The timing of it all is less important than using the right paperwork and being present at the time of customs declaration. Canadian customs officials require your physical presence so that they can ask any necessary questions.

Are vehicle imports permitted?

Most of the time, the country of Canada does not permit vehicle imports from overseas. Most countries in the world rely on vehicles manufactured to be driven on the left side of the road. This configuration does not work in Canada or the U.S., where drivers drive on the right side of the road. The Canadian government does not permit mechanically modified vehicles to be imported, and vehicles from India would require these modifications. Some exceptions are made for vehicles that aren’t intended to be driven, such as rare or antique vehicles intended for display.

Three Men and a Truck

Most people work with an international moving company when they move overseas, and we don’t blame them. At Three Men and a Truck, we understand the complexities of international shipping and customs regulations, and can put this expertise to work for you. Whether it is a move across town or around the world, our experts have the skills and knowledge to give you peace of mind. To learn more about how we can help with your international move, contact us for a free shipping quote.



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