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If you are considering a move from the U.K. to Spain, we can hardly blame you. Spain is famous for its temperate climate, tapas, churros, and gorgeous Mediterranean beaches. Spain is a popular choice among U.K. expats, with nearly half a million citizens of the U.K. who call Spain home.

Moving to Spain may be cheaper than you think. In fact, a full container can be moved from London to Barcelona for only £2,800 – £3,800 by road. This trip will only take 2-4 days. By sea, the trip will take much longer, 25-31 days, and be more expensive, at £4,600 – £6,200. Air freight is the biggest indulgence, with your items arriving in hours, but the cost can be astronomical.

Paperwork Required for Household Imports

One of the first things to know about packing for an international move is that it’s more than just throwing your stuff in boxes. Customs requires detailed inventories of your goods, with a box-by-box itemization that includes model and serial numbers for electronics and appliances. No short cuts here. Failure to properly inventory your belongings is going to cost you time and money. In fact, if you fail to include the right documents for an item, Spanish customs will give you up to a month to produce the paperwork before they auction it off.

It’s important to note that the Spanish mainland may have different rules than the Spanish islands, so check with customs before you depart from the U.K.

Here is what you need to have to pass through customs:

  • K. Passport with entry stamp
  • Spanish Identification Card (Documento Nacional de Identidad)
  • Residence visa if applicable
  • Certificate of Origin or Residence Change (you must be able to prove that you have given up your residence in the U.K.)
  • Copy of your lease or purchase contract for your new residence in Spain
  • Notice from your employer if you plan to work in Spain
  • Registration from the consulate upon your arrival
  • Spanish fiscal identification number
  • Application for tax and duty-free imports
  • Written authorization for the customs agent to clear your shipment
  • Shipping inventory, which must:
    • be written in Spanish
    • authorized by the Spanish consulate in the U.K.
    • contain a detailed inventory of your items, to include any model and serial numbers for imported appliances.

Importing your Vehicle to Spain

Before Brexit, bringing your vehicle to Spain would have been as easy as driving it across the border. Now, the rules have changed. If you want to bring your car with you, you will be required to produce the following paperwork:

  • Car title with UK registration
  • Bill of sale for vehicle
  • Passport
  • UK Driver’s License
  • Proof of Spanish residency
  • Proof of payment of duty tax
  • Proof of payment of road tax
  • Certificate of Conformity (This
  • Bill of Lading

What about taxes? We thought you’d never ask. According to Spain’s rules, if you are importing a used vehicle that you have owned and driven in the U.K. for at least six months before your move, you will not be required to pay import duty.

Fine print: This rule is based on the assumption that you have already paid VAT on your vehicle in the U.K. If that is not the case, the following is for you. Spain assesses the following taxes on vehicles entering the country from outside of the EU:

  • 16% VAT for used vehicles
  • 21% VAT for new vehicles
  • Spain requires a registration tax that is calculated based on CO2 emissions. The average is 12%.

How is VAT calculated? Spain applies the tax rates based on the original purchase price of the vehicle, then reduces the percentage based on the age of the vehicle.

Three Men and a Truck

Moving internationally requires a special set of skills. It’s more than just picking things up in one country and dropping them off in another. The job requires an understanding of complex international regulations and a network of shipping partners committed to excellence. Three Men and a Truck are overseas movers with experience with complex international transfers. To learn more about how we can help you achieve a seamless move, contact us today for your no-obligation shipping quote.



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