Cost of Moving from South Africa to Australia

Cost of Movers South Africa to Australia


When moving from South Africa to Australia, most people ship their belongings by container. Container shipping for a full container from Cape Town to Perth is R98,000 – R161,400 and take between 4 – 7 weeks. A half container, which offers 20 feet of space, is a few thousand Rands less. The shipping costs are only part of the picture. It can be hard to estimate the true costs of a move when there are so many hidden costs, taxes, and fees. That’s why most people making an international move work with an overseas moving company.

Are there other shipping options? Yes, you could also choose to ship your belongings by air freight, which is generally reserved for valuables like rare vehicles or antiques due to the cost.

What about customs inspections?

Australia is famous for kangaroos, vegemite, and strict customs inspection. It is a very special place, with animals and plants that are not found anywhere else in the world. Part of the job of protecting this unique ecosystem is to prevent the invasion of foreign animal and plant species. Most household shipments have at least a few items that are subject to quarantine. Wood furniture, for example, will need rigorous inspection and potential quarantine to protect against termites or other wood boring insects.

Any items flagged during the customs inspection process could be subject to quarantine, returned to South Africa, or even destroyed. Make sure you have all paperwork in order to reduce your chances of a problem.

Am I allowed to bring my vehicle to Australia?

In most cases, the answer is no. In fact, vehicle imports to the country are far more likely to be by car manufacturers. Private citizens are rarely permitted to bring their vehicles.

Importing a vehicle to Australia takes more than just transporting your vehicle to Australia. Even if you can get it there, the Australian Border Force will not release your vehicle unless all paperwork and approvals are in order. Again, privately-owned vehicles rarely qualify for import, and the approval process can take several weeks. Give yourself plenty of time to get through the process and to make alternative arrangements as needed.

Three Men and a Truck

An international move can be a source of excitement and anxiety. With so many moving parts and rules to follow, it can be overwhelming. Three Men and a Truck is a moving company that specializes in overseas transfers. You never have to go it alone. Our international shipping experts have the experience and expertise you need to achieve a seamless move. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation shipping quote.

Moves From South Africa to Australia: Our Top Routes

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Cape Town to Australia

Cape Town to Sydney
Cape Town to Melbourne
Cape Town to Brisbane
Cape Town to Perth
Cape Town to Adelaide
Cape Town to Gold Coast
Cape Town to Canberra
Cape Town to Newcastle
Cape Town to Central Coast
Cape Town to Sunshine Coast
Cape Town to Wollongong
Cape Town to Hobart
Cape Town to Townsville
Cape Town to Geelong
Cape Town to Cairns
Cape Town to Darwin
Cape Town to Toowoomba
Cape Town to Bendigo
Cape Town to Ballarat

Durban to Australia

Durban to Sydney
Durban to Melbourne
Durban to Brisbane
Durban to Perth
Durban to Adelaide
Durban to Gold Coast
Durban to Canberra
Durban to Newcastle
Durban to Central Coast
Durban to Sunshine Coast
Durban to Wollongong
Durban to Hobart
Durban to Townsville
Durban to Geelong
Durban to Cairns
Durban to Darwin
Durban to Toowoomba
Durban to Bendigo
Durban to Ballarat

Johannesburg to Australia

Johannesburg to Sydney
Johannesburg to Melbourne
Johannesburg to Brisbane
Johannesburg to Perth
Johannesburg to Adelaide
Johannesburg to Gold Coast
Johannesburg to Canberra
Johannesburg to Newcastle
Johannesburg to Central Coast
Johannesburg to Sunshine Coast
Johannesburg to Wollongong
Johannesburg to Hobart
Johannesburg to Townsville
Johannesburg to Geelong
Johannesburg to Cairns
Johannesburg to Darwin
Johannesburg to Toowoomba
Johannesburg to Bendigo
Johannesburg to Ballarat

Soweto to Australia

Soweto to Sydney
Soweto to Melbourne
Soweto to Brisbane
Soweto to Perth
Soweto to Adelaide
Soweto to Gold Coast
Soweto to Canberra
Soweto to Newcastle
Soweto to Central Coast
Soweto to Sunshine Coast
Soweto to Wollongong
Soweto to Hobart
Soweto to Townsville
Soweto to Geelong
Soweto to Cairns
Soweto to Darwin
Soweto to Toowoomba
Soweto to Bendigo
Soweto to Ballarat

Pretoria to Australia

Pretoria to Sydney
Pretoria to Melbourne
Pretoria to Brisbane
Pretoria to Perth
Pretoria to Adelaide
Pretoria to Gold Coast
Pretoria to Canberra
Pretoria to Newcastle
Pretoria to Central Coast
Pretoria to Sunshine Coast
Pretoria to Wollongong
Pretoria to Hobart
Pretoria to Townsville
Pretoria to Geelong
Pretoria to Cairns
Pretoria to Darwin
Pretoria to Toowoomba
Pretoria to Bendigo
Pretoria to Ballarat

Port Elizabeth to Australia

Port Elizabeth to Sydney
Port Elizabeth to Melbourne
Port Elizabeth to Brisbane
Port Elizabeth to Perth
Port Elizabeth to Adelaide
Port Elizabeth to Gold Coast
Port Elizabeth to Canberra
Port Elizabeth to Newcastle
Port Elizabeth to Central Coast
Port Elizabeth to Sunshine Coast
Port Elizabeth to Wollongong
Port Elizabeth to Hobart
Port Elizabeth to Townsville
Port Elizabeth to Geelong
Port Elizabeth to Cairns
Port Elizabeth to Darwin
Port Elizabeth to Toowoomba
Port Elizabeth to Bendigo
Port Elizabeth to Ballarat

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