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Moving to Switzerland from the U.K. is cheaper than you might think. In fact, moving a full container from the U.K. to Switzerland costs 2,400 – £3,300 and takes from 2 – 4 days. A half-container will save a couple hundred £ if you don’t have a need for the full 40 feet.

Importing my Household Goods 

Remember, before you can import your household goods to Switzerland, you will need to already have your residence established.  Your household goods are tax and duty free but are subject to inspection when you arrive.

To qualify for duty free import, your belongings must:  

  • Arrive in Switzerland within 24 months
  • Have been owned and used by you in the U.K. for at least the past 6 months

You don’t have to send all your items at once, but if you do plan on having multiple shipments, you must announce those shipments when declaring your first shipment.

For custom’s clearance, you will need these documents:

  • Passport – Make copies of the first 3 pages
  • Customs Form 18.44 – Important: This document must include your current shipment, as well as your future shipments
  • Detailed, Itemized Inventory – Make 3 copies
  • Swiss Residence Permit
  • Work Permit
  • Declaration form

Clearing Goods Through Customs 

Since Switzerland is a land-locked country surrounded by fellow EU member nations, some border crossings in Switzerland are only sporadically staffed. This could mean that you will enter the country through a border crossing without encountering customs officials. In this event, you should make your declarations in writing.

Switzerland offers two other methods for clearing goods through customs:

  • QuickZoll app
    The QuickZoll app is the best source for information on customs declarations. This app can answer questions you may have about the customs process.
  • Verbal customs declaration
    At a staffed border crossing, you will be asked to declare your goods at the border. This verbal declaration is legally binding, so be complete and accurate in your disclosures.

What are the Rules for Importing my Vehicle to Switzerland?  

If you have owned and used your vehicle in the U.K. for at least six months, you can import it to Switzerland duty-free. One of the other requirements for duty-free imports is that you must continue to own the vehicle for at least a year after your arrival.

You will be asked to present the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Detailed inventory
  • Clean Certificate of Title
  • Proof of residency and employment in Switzerland
  • Copy of your vehicle insurance and registration from the U.K.
  • Driver’s license
  • Form 18.44
  • Proof of Swiss VehicleInsurance

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Moves From UK to Switzerland: Our Top Routes

We can help you move internationally from many different cities in the UK to many different cities in Switzerland. These are some popular routes for our movers connecting the UK and Switzerland.

UK to Zurich

London to Zurich
Manchester to Zurich
Birmingham to Zurich
Leeds to Zurich
Glasgow to Zurich
Southampton to Zurich
Portsmouth to Zurich
Liverpool to Zurich
Newcastle to Zurich
Sheffield to Zurich
Belfast to Zurich
Brighton to Zurich
Leicester to Zurich
Edinburgh to Zurich
Bournemouth to Zurich
Cardiff to Zurich
Coventry to Zurich
Middlesbrough to Zurich
Stoke-on-Trent to Zurich
Reading to Zurich
Sunderland to Zurich
Bradford to Zurich
Northampton to Zurich
Plymouth to Zurich
Derby to Zurich

UK to Geneva

London to Geneva
Manchester to Geneva
Birmingham to Geneva
Leeds to Geneva
Glasgow to Geneva
Southampton to Geneva
Portsmouth to Geneva
Liverpool to Geneva
Newcastle to Geneva
Sheffield to Geneva
Belfast to Geneva
Brighton to Geneva
Leicester to Geneva
Edinburgh to Geneva
Bournemouth to Geneva
Cardiff to Geneva
Coventry to Geneva
Middlesbrough to Geneva
Stoke-on-Trent to Geneva
Reading to Geneva
Sunderland to Geneva
Bradford to Geneva
Northampton to Geneva
Plymouth to Geneva
Derby to Geneva

UK to Basel

London to Basel
Manchester to Basel
Birmingham to Basel
Leeds to Basel
Glasgow to Basel
Southampton to Basel
Portsmouth to Basel
Liverpool to Basel
Newcastle to Basel
Sheffield to Basel
Belfast to Basel
Brighton to Basel
Leicester to Basel
Edinburgh to Basel
Bournemouth to Basel
Cardiff to Basel
Coventry to Basel
Middlesbrough to Basel
Stoke-on-Trent to Basel
Reading to Basel
Sunderland to Basel
Bradford to Basel
Northampton to Basel
Plymouth to Basel
Derby to Basel

UK to Lausanne

London to Lausanne
Manchester to Lausanne
Birmingham to Lausanne
Leeds to Lausanne
Glasgow to Lausanne
Southampton to Lausanne
Portsmouth to Lausanne
Liverpool to Lausanne
Newcastle to Lausanne
Sheffield to Lausanne
Belfast to Lausanne
Brighton to Lausanne
Leicester to Lausanne
Edinburgh to Lausanne
Bournemouth to Lausanne
Cardiff to Lausanne
Coventry to Lausanne
Middlesbrough to Lausanne
Stoke-on-Trent to Lausanne
Reading to Lausanne
Sunderland to Lausanne
Bradford to Lausanne
Northampton to Lausanne
Plymouth to Lausanne
Derby to Lausanne

UK to Bern

London to Bern
Manchester to Bern
Birmingham to Bern
Leeds to Bern
Glasgow to Bern
Southampton to Bern
Portsmouth to Bern
Liverpool to Bern
Newcastle to Bern
Sheffield to Bern
Belfast to Bern
Brighton to Bern
Leicester to Bern
Edinburgh to Bern
Bournemouth to Bern
Cardiff to Bern
Coventry to Bern
Middlesbrough to Bern
Stoke-on-Trent to Bern
Reading to Bern
Sunderland to Bern
Bradford to Bern
Northampton to Bern
Plymouth to Bern
Derby to Bern

UK to Winterthur

London to Winterthur
Manchester to Winterthur
Birmingham to Winterthur
Leeds to Winterthur
Glasgow to Winterthur
Southampton to Winterthur
Portsmouth to Winterthur
Liverpool to Winterthur
Newcastle to Winterthur
Sheffield to Winterthur
Belfast to Winterthur
Brighton to Winterthur
Leicester to Winterthur
Edinburgh to Winterthur
Bournemouth to Winterthur
Cardiff to Winterthur
Coventry to Winterthur
Middlesbrough to Winterthur
Stoke-on-Trent to Winterthur
Reading to Winterthur
Sunderland to Winterthur
Bradford to Winterthur
Northampton to Winterthur
Plymouth to Winterthur
Derby to Winterthur

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

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