Cost of Moving from the UK to Australia

Cost of Movers United Kingdom to Australia


Moving to Australia from the UK is a big move. Separated by over 15,000km, these two island nations could not be more different. Australia is a massive country, over 30 times the size of the UK, in fact. With a  population that is smaller than the UK, Australia promises you plenty of room to stretch your legs.

Moving around the globe can be expensive. You can expect to pay between £7,000 – £9,400 to ship a full, 40-foot shipping container, and the trip will take between 6 – 9 Weeks. There are additional fees to pay along the way, and can range from storage, transport, and other fees. Working with an international mover is the best way to avoid unexpected expenses. Your shipping quote will give you numbers you can count on. Customs duty and taxes? For the most part, you won’t owe any customs duty or taxes, but your shipper will know about any special rules or exceptions you should be aware of.

What about customs inspections?

Besides the kangaroos, dingoes, and giant spiders, Australia is also famous for their strict customs inspection protocols. Many animals and plants found in Australia are not found anywhere else in the world. Protecting this unique ecosystem requires rigorous customs inspections to prevent the invasion of foreign animal and plant species.

The customs process for Australia is so stringent, in fact, that most household shipments will have at least a few items that are subject to quarantine. Among the usual suspects, such as plants and animals, wood furniture coming into the country is often quarantined for a time to ensure that they are free of wood-boring insects.

As with any international move, working with professional movers gives you the best chance of success.

Am I allowed to bring my vehicle to Australia?

Australia prohibits most private vehicle imports. The vast majority of cars imported to Australia are by car manufacturers. There is a process for private citizens to apply for an import waiver, but approvals are so rare that this multi-week process is seldom worth it.

If you do choose to apply for an import waiver, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get through the process, as well as time to make alternative arrangements if needed.

Three Men and a Truck

We don’t know about you but putting all of your worldly possessions into the hands of strangers and trusting them to carry them over 15,000 km seems scary. Working with an overseas moving company can help you move with confidence. Three Men and a Truck is an international moving company with foreign relocation experience and a commitment to world-class service. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation flat rate moving quote.

Moves From UK to Australia: Our Top Routes

We can help you move on many different international routes. Here are some of the popular routes connecting the UK and Australia. 

UK to Melbourne

London to Melbourne
Manchester to Melbourne
Birmingham to Melbourne
Leeds to Melbourne
Glasgow to Melbourne
Southampton to Melbourne
Portsmouth to Melbourne
Liverpool to Melbourne
Newcastle to Melbourne
Sheffield to Melbourne
Belfast to Melbourne
Brighton to Melbourne
Leicester to Melbourne
Edinburgh to Melbourne
Bournemouth to Melbourne
Cardiff to Melbourne
Coventry to Melbourne
Middlesbrough to Melbourne
Stoke-on-Trent to Melbourne
Reading to Melbourne
Sunderland to Melbourne

UK to Sydney

London to Sydney
Manchester to Sydney
Birmingham to Sydney
Leeds to Sydney
Glasgow to Sydney
Southampton to Sydney
Portsmouth to Sydney
Liverpool to Sydney
Newcastle to Sydney
Sheffield to Sydney
Belfast to Sydney
Brighton to Sydney
Leicester to Sydney
Edinburgh to Sydney
Bournemouth to Sydney
Cardiff to Sydney
Coventry to Sydney
Middlesbrough to Sydney
Stoke-on-Trent to Sydney
Reading to Sydney
Sunderland to Sydney

UK to Brisbane

London to Brisbane
Manchester to Brisbane
Birmingham to Brisbane
Leeds to Brisbane
Glasgow to Brisbane
Southampton to Brisbane
Portsmouth to Brisbane
Liverpool to Brisbane
Newcastle to Brisbane
Sheffield to Brisbane
Belfast to Brisbane
Brighton to Brisbane
Leicester to Brisbane
Edinburgh to Brisbane
Bournemouth to Brisbane
Cardiff to Brisbane
Coventry to Brisbane
Middlesbrough to Brisbane
Stoke-on-Trent to Brisbane
Reading to Brisbane
Sunderland to Brisbane

UK to Perth

London to Perth
Manchester to Perth
Birmingham to Perth
Leeds to Perth
Glasgow to Perth
Southampton to Perth
Portsmouth to Perth
Liverpool to Perth
Newcastle to Perth
Sheffield to Perth
Belfast to Perth
Brighton to Perth
Leicester to Perth
Edinburgh to Perth
Bournemouth to Perth
Cardiff to Perth
Coventry to Perth
Middlesbrough to Perth
Stoke-on-Trent to Perth
Reading to Perth
Sunderland to Perth

UK to Adelaide

London to Adelaide
Manchester to Adelaide
Birmingham to Adelaide
Leeds to Adelaide
Glasgow to Adelaide
Southampton to Adelaide
Portsmouth to Adelaide
Liverpool to Adelaide
Newcastle to Adelaide
Sheffield to Adelaide
Belfast to Adelaide
Brighton to Adelaide
Leicester to Adelaide
Edinburgh to Adelaide
Bournemouth to Adelaide
Cardiff to Adelaide
Coventry to Adelaide
Middlesbrough to Adelaide
Stoke-on-Trent to Adelaide
Reading to Adelaide
Sunderland to Adelaide

UK to Gold Coast

London to Gold Coast
Manchester to Gold Coast
Birmingham to Gold Coast
Leeds to Gold Coast
Glasgow to Gold Coast
Southampton to Gold Coast
Portsmouth to Gold Coast
Liverpool to Gold Coast
Newcastle to Gold Coast
Sheffield to Gold Coast
Belfast to Gold Coast
Brighton to Gold Coast
Leicester to Gold Coast
Edinburgh to Gold Coast
Bournemouth to Gold Coast
Cardiff to Gold Coast
Coventry to Gold Coast
Middlesbrough to Gold Coast
Stoke-on-Trent to Gold Coast
Reading to Gold Coast
Sunderland to Gold Coast

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Chris Townsend

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