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Whether you’re moving locally or across the country and need to hire furniture movers, or you’ve been searching for “furniture movers near me,” to move some furniture that you’ve recently purchased, Three Men And A Truck Is Here To Help.

Our movers can move furniture on its own – such as from a private seller to your home – or as part of a full-home move locally or nationwide. Get in touch now to get started, or learn more about our furniture moving services below.

Why Should I Hire Furniture Movers? The Benefits Of Choosing Three Men And A Truck

Not convinced that it’s a good idea to hire furniture movers? Choosing professional furniture movers like Three Men And A Truck has a few different benefits, such as:

  • Simplify the process of shipping furniture – Whether you’re moving to a new home or you have furniture you bought and need to pick up from the seller it can be hard to do this on your own. You may need to rent a truck and bring along a few friends or family members, and this can be hard to arrange on short notice. But with professional furniture movers from Three Men And A Truck, we’ll handle the entire process for you – making things much simpler.
  • Avoid difficulties moving heavy & bulky furniture – Trying to move a heavy couch or bed can be extremely difficult, and requires a lot of physical strength, as well as knowing how to maneuver the furniture to fit through doors, narrow stairwells, and other obstacles. Furniture movers have lots of experience with this – so they can make sure the job goes off without a hitch.
  • Get help with furniture disassembly & reassembly – Often, it’s best to disassemble some pieces of furniture while moving them, then reassemble them at your new home. A very heavy dresser, for example, can be partially disassembled to remove the drawers and other parts, which can be shipped separately. Your furniture movers from Three Men And A Truck can help with this process, as well as with reassembling furniture in your new home.
  • Ensure your furniture is properly protected – Your movers from Three Men And A Truck will have all of the equipment required to keep your furniture protected throughout your move, such as furniture blankets, tie-downs, and straps. This keeps your valuable furniture safe and ensures it’s moved without any damage.

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If you have been searching for “furniture movers near me” anywhere in America, Three Men And A Truck is here to help. Our experienced furniture movers operate nationwide. Whether you need standalone furniture moving services or you’re moving locally or across the country, we’re always ready to help. Contact us online or give us a call at (888) 908-6496 to get a quote right away.

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