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If you need to move a heavy item in the Los Angeles area, you need to find a specialty mover to assist you. There are plenty of movers that can help with your project, and with some research, you can find the right one.

How do I find the best heavy item mover in Los Angeles?

Some moving companies specialize in small moves, helping people with just a few items get their furniture from one place to another quickly and without stress. Other movers and packers are full-service, taking care of every detail of the move process.  The moving business has all kinds of operators—residential, industrial, commercial—and someone who has done just what you are looking for.

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If you are an individual looking for help with a specialty item in your home, the best way to start is by asking other people who own similar items. Pianos and hot tubs are common, and most moving companies have ample experience transporting these. There are companies with extensive familiarity with the process of moving large safes as well. But perhaps you have something less common, and it needs special handling. Try asking for recommendations from a business that sells similar items, even if yours is not new. A retailer or wholesaler may have periodic requests from customers for transport service.

If the item is not delicate but just big and heavy, you might be better off engaging a mover that works by the hour and get a price quote for the work. As with any moving engagement in California, the mover will come to your home and look at what you need to move. The Bureau of Household Goods and Services (BHGS) regulates movers within California. One of the rules is that estimates must have a “not-to-exceed” price so you know how much the work will cost. Further, verbal price quotes are prohibited in California—all must be in writing.

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It is essential to keep in mind that if you are moving one oversized item, you may be subject to the company’s minimum hourly requirement. Some movers have a two- or four-hour minimum, but it’s worth shopping around. If your one item needs four movers to carry it, you don’t want to pay for more time than you need to.

As with any move, before you hire a vendor, check to ensure that the company is appropriately licensed and has a good reputation. If this is a local move, the BHGS oversees the licensing for movers in California, and you can check for license status on their website. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the company. Then ask for references. Talk to recent customers about their experiences before you make a final decision.

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When you hire a moving company for this work, make sure you are satisfied with the level of protection offered by the liability coverage. Whatever your heavy item is, if it were not necessary, you would not be moving it, so ensure that it is protected if something goes wrong. California intrastate movers include basic coverage at no additional charge, but this coverage is quite limited. You would be wise to consider paying the additional rate for a higher level of reimbursement coverage. The mover will quote a price for Actual Cash Value reimbursement (which is equal to the item’s depreciated value) and another price for Full Replacement Value. The cost depends on the value of the article being moved, and there might be a deductible. In some cases, you may need to obtain insurance from a third party. 

Our pool table movers near you provide good liability coverage when moving billiard tables.

Since you are moving something heavy, it is a good idea to verify that the moving company has an appropriate level of corporate liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect it and you in case something happens. Suppose one of the moving company employees is injured while moving the heavy object—if so, you want to be assured that the employer has adequate liability protection and that the employee isn’t going to seek redress from you. Similarly, if your apartment is damaged during the moving process, by something the movers do, their insurance is responsible, so you should check to be sure that they have enough.

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How do I find a single item mover for industrial equipment?

Your target vendors are quite different from the household goods movers if you are searching for a moving company for machinery or industrial equipment. Companies in this segment are more specialized, generally serving a particular niche or set of industries. Each enterprise may have individual needs that require special equipment or handling. One service provider might be an expert in moving equipment for the food and beverage industry but have no experience in fragile pharmaceutical instruments. Your goal is to find the vendor that has the expertise you need.

As with the suggestion for the individual needing assistance, you may get a recommendation from the retailer or wholesaler. For example, if you are moving restaurant equipment, you might seek referrals from a restaurant equipment provider or repair service. Another source of leads is the SC&RA—the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association, an international trade association. The SC&RA has over 1400 members who are experts in specialized transportation, industrial maintenance, machinery moving, crane and rigging operations, industrial maintenance, and more.

What if I’m looking for significant equipment transport?

If you are looking for a company to fill a more significant need or a long-haul, you may need a company that does long-haul freight and specialty trucking. Interstate freight transporters can move just about anything on a variety of vehicles: flatbeds, step decks, dry vans, refrigerated trucks, lowboys, and towaways. They can manage your over-the-road and ocean transport needs for any destination. If you need interstate service, the companies you consider are regulated by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), like household goods movers. Similarly, if you are arranging an international relocation of multiple industrial items, you will most likely need to engage a specialist. Besides the physical logistics of transporting the items across both land and water, you will need to navigate the legal and customs issues.

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