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Long Distance And Local Moving Services

No matter how far you’re planning on moving and the number of household items that will be moving with you, it’s an expense that you need to start preparing for well in advance.  Although hiring professional movers can be somewhat costly, Three Men And A Truck offers some of the most competitive pricing in the moving industry today.  Relocating to a new location is a labor-intensive, physically taxing task.  Consequently, enlisting a crew of professionals to do all the heavy work is often well worth the money.

What type of moving service should I choose?

Most moving companies offer a wide range of services including packing your items, loading them onto a truck, transporting everything to your new location, unloading them at your destination, and even unpacking those items.  However, moving costs can vary significantly based on the distance you’re moving, the type of services you require, and the total weight of the shipment.  In order to ensure choosing the right moving company, do some research and follow these suggestions:

  • Get referrals from other family members and friends.
  • Don’t settle for the first company you get a moving estimate from.
  • Take each company representative’s level of professionalism into consideration.
  • Ask for each company’s credentials (are they bonded, insured, and licensed?).
  • Find out if the company’s you’re interviewing are accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
  • Verify their physical address online or in your local area phone book.
moving truck and movers

moving truck and movers

What factors influence the cost of moving?

There are certain factors that Three Men And A Truck take into consideration when calculating the cost of any move, whether it’s local or long-distance.  When hiring professional movers, the cost is affected by factors such as labor costs or the number of movers involved, the type of services you require, and the following:

  • Add-ons – includes items such as felt moving pads, mattress bags, stretch wrap, and so on. Some companies include these items in the estimate they provide.
  • Date you’re moving – believe it or not, the cost of moving is affected by the date of the move with most companies.
  • Liability and valuation coverage – liability insurance is a necessary expense when hiring a moving company. Three Men And A Truck offers “Basic Released Value Protection” and “Full Value Protection” (call for an explanation).
  • Moving supplies required – whether you have the moving company provide these or you purchase them separately, you need to figure in the cost of any additional moving supplies such as bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, packing paper, plastic wrap, packing tape, and any other miscellaneous supplies you need for the move.

How much does it cost to move locally?

The definition of a local move, or “intrastate” move as they are commonly called, will vary based on the company you are dealing with.  Some moving companies consider a move of 50 miles or less as a local move.  On the other hand, Three Men and A Truck considers a move within the same state as local.  The average cost of moving locally can cost up to $1,250 based on a 7,500-pound shipment.  At our company, we prefer to come out to your home and provide a visual estimate.  The cost of a local or short-distance move is usually based on an hourly rate. We’ll help you calculate it if you need a quote.

packing boxes

How much do long distance moves’ cost?

The average cost of a long-distance, interstate, or cross-country move is around $5,000 based on a 2 or 3-bedroom household with a weight of approximately 7,500 pounds and a moving distance of at least 1,000 miles.  Compared to local or intrastate moves, long-distance moves are based largely on the total weight of what’s being shipped.  Our Three Men and A Truck representative will be happy to provide a FREE estimate of what it will cost for your move. We ensure that all quotes are in writing while all taxes and other charges are clearly mentioned so that there are no discrepancies later on.

How should I have my belongings moved?

As a final consideration for a long-distance move, you have a choice of a “consolidated” move or an “exclusive direct” move.  If you choose a consolidated move, it means that your belongings will be traveling with another customer’s belongings.  This is a more cost-effective way to move your household.  Choosing an exclusive direct move gives you more control of the arrival date and your belongings are the only ones on the truck.  However, this method is more costly.

For additional information about moving locally or long-distance, contact Three Men And A Truck at your earliest convenience. Our business representatives are available to assist you plan and execute the move. Call us today or email us and we’ll arrange a call with an expert moving expert.

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