What is the Cost to Move a Three-Bedroom House?

The average size of an American house is three bedrooms. The average weight of the belonging of a family with a three-bedroom house is 7,000 pounds. These are the values that we will base our estimates on. Further on, the cost of a move depends a lot on other factors, like distance, weather, season or time of the month.

A three-bedroom house can be small-ish or huge. A family with a three-bedroom house can own many personal items, while others are adepts of the minimalist style. A family with a lot of members or with two-three kids will own a considerable amount of clothes, toys, school supplies, furniture, etc. Others might only have a bed and a few boxes to move.

How Much Does a Three-Bedroom Local Move Cost?

A local move (less than 100 miles away) is typically charged by the hour. The cost averages between $600 and $2,400, depending on how heavy and easy to access your belongings are, how many movers will it take to load and unload everything, and whether you need add-ons or not.

The average price per hour is between $100 and $170. Many companies calculate their travel fee as an extra hour that adds to the actual time it takes them to move. Others determine their price by the number of movers, number of hours, and certain fixed parts of the fee that don’t depend on outside factors.

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How Much Does it Cost to Move a Three Bedroom House Across the Country?

If your move is more than 100 miles away, it will be considered long-distance. They average between $4,000 and $7,000 for a thousand-mile distance.

What you will notice in long-distance moves is that the price per mile will decrease as the distance increases. The reason for it is that there are certain costs that are common for any move. Whether it’s across the street or across the country, the mover will have those costs, and they will add them to their fee. As the mileage increases, the cost per mile will be lower.

The main variables that will influence the final price are:

  • Distance
  • Insurance
  • Number of movers needed
  • Special requirements (like packing services, climate-controlled storage units)

Should You Pay a Fixed Price or an Hourly Fee?

This doesn’t always depend on you, as some movers decide to work only by an hourly fee. If you are browsing through more moving companies, you might notice that an hourly fee is more convenient. But this also depends on the distance of the move, as long-distance moves might not be calculated by an hourly fee.

From a wider perspective, a guaranteed quote is better than hourly fees, because you are sure that in the end, you will pay exactly how much it was settled before the move. For very small moves, hourly rates might seem ideal, but you need to be sure that there are no other hidden costs, like a travel fee (the cost of the mover getting to your destination, including tolls).

You should also ask the mover if there is any minimum number of hours that can be quoted, or if there is an extra hour added to the cost, as a travel fee or administrative fee.

What Can Influence the Price of Your Move?

 There are many factors that will weigh in when the price of the move is calculated: distance, weight, and volume of your belongings, special items, time of the year, weather, etc. All these factors will make it easier or harder for the mover to perform the service you have requested.

Also, they have certain costs that have to be covered for every move and don’t depend on these factors. It’s best to make these things clear from the very beginning. If you have any questions about how much you will pay for your move and what extra fees may be applied, just request a price breakdown from your movers. They should provide a transparent explanation about how they calculate the prices.

Best Value for Money Movers

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Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

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