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Moving Furniture Items From State to State


When it comes to moving from one state to another, you’re likely familiar with the image of a rental truck being loaded up with all of your possessions and various boxes. While this is the most common way that people move, your particular relocation might not look like this. In some cases, you may simply need to move just your furniture or a few furniture items across the country. If this describes your situation, you have a couple options for getting your furniture from your current location to an entirely different state.

Whether you choose a self-moving service, furniture delivery company, truck rental, or a parcel shipment, you have many choices for transporting furniture. We’ll explore exactly how to move furniture interstate, in addition to all the things that you can do to reduce the cost to move furniture like pool tables.

Methods for Moving Furniture Interstate

When we speak of an “interstate move” or moving furniture interstate, this means that the goods are being transported between a location in one state and another location outside of that state. This could indicate that the furniture is being move from one state to another, between two locations within the same state but through another state, or from one state within the United States to a location outside of the country.

While this may sound a bit confusing, moving something interstate just means that at some point during the relocation the goods cross over state lines. When it comes to moving furniture interstate, there are generally five different methods of going about this:

  1. Rental Truck

With this option, you must secure a rental truck from a company in your area and then drive it by yourself to the intended destination. When moving furniture interstate, it’s important that the company allows you to cross state lines and isn’t expecting you to return the rental truck to the original location. Companies like U-haul, Budget, Penske, and even Home Depot may work in this instance.

If the interstate move you’ll be making involves a relatively short distance – such as less than 150 miles – this method can be a cost-effective choice. However, since you have to pay for gas and are often required to replenish the fuel in the truck before you return it, this option may not be ideal for instances where the furniture needs to be moved across a longer distance. Not to mention, the time spent on the road will cost you lodging, food, and possible fees from the rental company.

Without access to specialized equipment for loading and unloading your furniture into the rental truck, you place your goods at a risk of being damaged. Therefore, it is crucial that, when you choose this method, your furniture is handled with care. Also, make sure that you use quality packing materials to carefully wrap the furniture items, ensuring that they last the journey and arrive in good condition.

  1. Self-Moving Service

This option is sometimes offered by professional moving companies. It involves you loading up your furniture yourself into a container or moving truck. Then, an experienced and highly-trained driver hauls it and deliveries it to the new location, across state lines. Choosing this service often comes with relatively quick delivery times, much quicker than if you were to do the driving yourself.

If you need to move about a room-full of furniture items, a self-moving service might be the ideal choice. This method is somewhat affordable, and you don’t have to worry about driving or time wasted on the road reaching the final destination.

  1. Parcel Shipping

Believe it or not, you can move your furniture by shipping it using a courier like UPS, FedEx, or DHL. In fact, there are a number of couriers that allow you to ship furniture interstate, or even internationally. In most cases, they allow you to select the packaging, offer custom crating, and wrap the furniture in protective blankets and wraps to ensure safe transport. You also have the option of boxing up the furniture yourself, or having the courier pack it for you (at an extra cost, of course).

Parcel shipping is an excellent solution when you need to move a single furniture item – the smaller, the better. When you consider the cost of packing materials and the fact that these couriers typically charged based on the weight and dimensions of the box, parcel shipments aren’t always affordable. This is especially the case when you need to move large furniture pieces or multiple items.

Though, if you’re willing to pay the price, parcel shipping can be a very convenient way to move furniture interstate. Depending on the courier, they may even offer next-day delivery.

  1. Professional Interstate Furniture Moving Companies

As I’m sure you’re already familiar with, you can hire professional movers to move your entire home. However, you may not know that you can hire the same movers to just move your furniture interstate. At Three Men And A Truck, we offer furniture moving and even furniture rearranging services. If you’re unsure of how to safely transport your furniture across state lines, it may be best to leave it to the professionals.

Our highly-trained furniture movers are skilled and experienced in the proper way to move furniture, ensuring its safety for the long haul. We also specialize in moving especially heavy or specialty items. If you have a gun safe, hot tub, piano, or another large piece of furniture, we can help you get it where it needs to go! Or, if you simply need to have a furniture item moved to a different place within your home or business, we can handle that too.

When you hire a professional interstate furniture moving company, you won’t have to worry about navigating tricky corners or moving furniture up and down stairs. We’ll take care of it all, while also ensuring that your furniture arrives safely, securely, and on-time to the destination.

  1. Selling Your Furniture

While this may not make sense if you’re moving an entire home’s worth of furniture, it can work if you only have one piece of furniture to move interstate. In many cases, it might actually be far cheaper to simply sell the furniture item and rebuy it when you arrive to your final destination.

However, if the piece has a high-value or is particularly sentimental, it may be worth it to pay for a professional moving company to transport it for you. That way, you have the peace of mind knowing that the item is in good hands and will arrive in perfect condition.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to moving furniture interstate, it’s important that you select a reliable method that will ensure that your goods are delivered undamaged, at a reasonable price, and in a time frame that fits within your schedule. The method that works for your coworker, family member, or neighbor may not be the ideal choice for your situation. Ultimately, the best way for moving furniture interstate depends on your individual circumstance, needs, budget, and the actual items you need moved.

With that said, if you feel that hiring a professional interstate furniture moving company is the best route, look no further than Three Men And A Truck for the job. Contact us today to receive your FREE, no-obligation quote and to find out how you could save up to 20% when you use Three Men And A Truck to move your furniture interstate.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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