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Europe is a continent made up of 44 independent countries with their own rules and traditions. While each of these countries are self-governing, there are some powerful treaty organizations in the Europe that impact the way that immigration and imports are handled.

Of the 44 countries in Europe, 27 of them are members of the European Union, or EU. Of these countries, all but one, Ireland, is also a member of the Schengen border-free area. If you are moving to a country within the EU or the Schengen border-free area, the rules governing your imports will be influenced by EU policy, as well as the individual nation that you are traveling to.

Once inside the Schengen Area, you can move freely among all 26 Schengen States without border checks because the borders between the member states are virtually gone. For this reason, moving within Europe is easy, but moving outside of Europe is more complicated.

What does it cost to move from Europe?

There are many taxes, fees, and other expenses involved with moving, and international moves are even more complicated. Unless you work with an international moving company who gives you a comprehensive moving quote, the cost of moving overseas will be difficult to predict.

Container shipping carriers do publish price ranges on their websites that you can use to establish a baseline, but their estimates are quite broad. For example, the cost to ship a full container to New York City to Paris, France is listed as being between $7,200 – $9,800. To Los Angeles, the cost is indicated as between $8,800 – $11,800.

Most countries allow for tax and duty-free imports of your household goods, as long as they are items you have owned and used in your home country for at least a year, that you are moving permanently, and that you promise to not sell, rent, or otherwise dispose of these items for at least a year after your arrival.

Moving to North America from Europe

In North America, things are just done differently. We like to drive our cars on the right side of the road, use feet instead of meters, read temperatures as Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, and power most electronics with 110v outlets.

In Europe, home outlets are wired at 220v, with a different shaped plug, and way too much power for most North American consumer power supplies. You won’t be able to plug in your computer, phone charger, hairdryer, or anything else, so you should leave these items behind if you can.

Paperwork and process

When you arrive at your destination, you will need to be processed through customs no matter which country you arrive in. The process differs from country to country, but these common documents are always important to have with you:

  • Passport
  • Proof of residence
  • Work permit
  • Visa if needed
  • Detailed, box-by-box inventory of all of your imported goods

International Movers Cost Extra Dollars, but Makes a Lot of Sense

If you’ve ever moved before, you know that there is no time to learn everything there is to know about international shipping. You can do a bit of research, but you won’t know what you don’t know until somebody has to tell you. By working with an international moving company like Three Men and a Truck, you get to take advantage of our knowledge and experience to move safely and easily. Contact us today to learn more about why working with Three Men and a Truck is a great investment that makes sense.

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