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International Movers Kolkata
International Movers Kolkata

Because the Port of Kolkata is a freshwater port, most container shipments from Kolkata are actually sent overseas from the Port of Visakhapatnam. When you move from Kolkata via shipping container, you will need to also arrange for overland transport to get to Visakhapatnam, the nearest major seagoing container port. Over land transport will be by truck or train. If you don’t work with an overseas moving company, these scheduling and logistical challenges can get overwhelming.

The cost of overseas moving will depend on where you are going. Shipping a full container load from Visakhapatnam to Tokyo, Japan will cost roughly INR 506,300 – INR 837,000. Shipping to Dubai, UAE will cost INR 361,700 – INR 609,700.

Moving can be a great time to assess all of your belongings and make some room in your life for new things when you arrive at your new home. Also, remember that works for you here in Kolkata may not make sense where you are moving. For example, electronics such as TVs or hairdryers may not use the same plugs or work on the same voltage, particularly if you are moving to North America.

Paperwork Requirements for Moving Overseas

Moving overseas involves tons of paperwork, but the specific paperwork you need will vary from country to country. All countries (apart from those countries that have local agreements such as within the European Union) require that you present a passport. Many countries also require a visa and residence or work permits. More uncommon requirements include a letter from your employer, proof that you have terminated your residence in your home country, or proof that you have a source of income. Check with your local embassy to inquire about the rules governing your move.

Wondering about customs duty and taxes? Most countries will allow you to import your personal goods free of taxes and duty.

Packing to Move Internationally

Packing for an international move requires much greater care than for your move across town. First of all, you must keep exact records detailing every item in every box. This inventory will be used to process your goods through customs and it needs to be accurate. If your inventory does not match the items in your boxes, you could incur additional costs, penalties, and delays.

How you pack your boxes matters too. You want to pack your belongings to handle whatever the journey could throw at them, whether it be inclement weather or repeated handling from transporter to carrier.  

Working with the Experts

Moving can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. Working with an overseas moving company like Three Men and a Truck gives you peace of mind. Our team knows everything there is to know about international shipping from the rules and guidelines to the tricks of the trade. With our expertise, we can promise exceptional service from door to door, at a price for your budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your international relocation.  

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Chris Townsend

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