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To get your items to Canada, it is recommended that you work with an international moving company with overseas shipping expertise. Working with a shipper not only gives you peace of mind, it leaves you free to focus on the most important part of your move…getting yourself and your loved ones safely relocated. While you will generally not need to pay taxes and duty when you arrive, there are other costs to consider. There are port fees, storage fees, and other expenses.

Most of your household goods can be imported to Canada free of taxes and duty. There are some exceptions, of course, for items such as explosives and firearms, which are strictly prohibited, and alcohol and tobacco, which are both limited and taxed.

For the shipping itself, you will have options. Air freight is the most expensive method of transporting your goods. Most people save air freight for their most precious items, such as antiques or other valuables. For the rest of your shipment, you can arrange for a shipping container to be taken by sea. A full container, which should be adequate for moving the average two-bedroom house, costs £5,100 – £6,900 and will take 3-5 weeks to arrive in Canada. A half container is a few hundred less. Of course, this number is not all-inclusive and unexpected costs do arise. Working with a shipper will enable you to get a fixed cost estimate you can count on.

Some people arrive with their household goods. If you will arrive in Canada at the same time as your imports do, Canadian customs officials require you to submit Form Form BSF186 – Traveling with Goods. Most people arrive before their belongings do. In that event, you will complete Form BSF186A – Goods to Follow. Then, you just need to make arrangements to be present when your items arrive.

Are vehicle imports permitted?

Canada grants very few exceptions on vehicle imports from overseas. Part of the reason for this is that Canada does not allow mechanically modified vehicles to enter the country and all vehicles entering the country from outside of North America will need modifications. Why? Because vehicles in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. are driven on the right side of the road, rather than the left like in the U.K. and most other countries.

Some exceptions are made for antique or collectible vehicles, with the condition that they are not to be driven in Canada.

Three Men and a Truck

Overall, moving to Canada from the U.K. is easier because of the close relationship between the two countries. The two countries share a monarch, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and even some governmental functions. More importantly, the two countries share similar quality of life standards and a common language.

Three Men and a Truck is an overseas moving company that believes that moving should be fun and exciting. Working with our team of international shipping experts is the best investment you can make for a seamless move. Reach out today to get your free, customized shipping quote.

Moves From UK to Canada : Our Top Routes

We can help you relocate from numerous cities in the UK. No matter where you want to move in Canada, we can complete the move. Here are some popular routes connecting the UK and Canada.

UK to Toronto

London to Toronto
Manchester to Toronto
Birmingham to Toronto
Leeds to Toronto
Glasgow to Toronto
Southampton to Toronto
Portsmouth to Toronto
Liverpool to Toronto
Newcastle to Toronto
Sheffield to Toronto
Belfast to Toronto
Brighton to Toronto
Leicester to Toronto
Edinburgh to Toronto
Bournemouth to Toronto
Cardiff to Toronto
Coventry to Toronto
Middlesbrough to Toronto
Stoke-on-Trent to Toronto
Reading to Toronto
Sunderland to Toronto
Bradford to Toronto
Northampton to Toronto
Plymouth to Toronto
Derby to Toronto

UK to Vancouver

London to Vancouver
Manchester to Vancouver
Birmingham to Vancouver
Leeds to Vancouver
Glasgow to Vancouver
Southampton to Vancouver
Portsmouth to Vancouver
Liverpool to Vancouver
Newcastle to Vancouver
Sheffield to Vancouver
Belfast to Vancouver
Brighton to Vancouver
Leicester to Vancouver
Edinburgh to Vancouver
Bournemouth to Vancouver
Cardiff to Vancouver
Coventry to Vancouver
Middlesbrough to Vancouver
Stoke-on-Trent to Vancouver
Reading to Vancouver
Sunderland to Vancouver
Bradford to Vancouver
Northampton to Vancouver
Plymouth to Vancouver
Derby to Vancouver

UK to Ottawa

London to Ottawa
Manchester to Ottawa
Birmingham to Ottawa
Leeds to Ottawa
Glasgow to Ottawa
Southampton to Ottawa
Portsmouth to Ottawa
Liverpool to Ottawa
Newcastle to Ottawa
Sheffield to Ottawa
Belfast to Ottawa
Brighton to Ottawa
Leicester to Ottawa
Edinburgh to Ottawa
Bournemouth to Ottawa
Cardiff to Ottawa
Coventry to Ottawa
Middlesbrough to Ottawa
Stoke-on-Trent to Ottawa
Reading to Ottawa
Sunderland to Ottawa
Bradford to Ottawa
Northampton to Ottawa
Plymouth to Ottawa
Derby to Ottawa

UK to Montreal

London to Montreal
Manchester to Montreal
Birmingham to Montreal
Leeds to Montreal
Glasgow to Montreal
Southampton to Montreal
Portsmouth to Montreal
Liverpool to Montreal
Newcastle to Montreal
Sheffield to Montreal
Belfast to Montreal
Brighton to Montreal
Leicester to Montreal
Edinburgh to Montreal
Bournemouth to Montreal
Cardiff to Montreal
Coventry to Montreal
Middlesbrough to Montreal
Stoke-on-Trent to Montreal
Reading to Montreal
Sunderland to Montreal
Bradford to Montreal
Northampton to Montreal
Plymouth to Montreal
Derby to Montreal

UK to Calgary

London to Calgary
Manchester to Calgary
Birmingham to Calgary
Leeds to Calgary
Glasgow to Calgary
Southampton to Calgary
Portsmouth to Calgary
Liverpool to Calgary
Newcastle to Calgary
Sheffield to Calgary
Belfast to Calgary
Brighton to Calgary
Leicester to Calgary
Edinburgh to Calgary
Bournemouth to Calgary
Cardiff to Calgary
Coventry to Calgary
Middlesbrough to Calgary
Stoke-on-Trent to Calgary
Reading to Calgary
Sunderland to Calgary
Bradford to Calgary
Northampton to Calgary
Plymouth to Calgary
Derby to Calgary

UK to Winnipeg

London to Winnipeg
Manchester to Winnipeg
Birmingham to Winnipeg
Leeds to Winnipeg
Glasgow to Winnipeg
Southampton to Winnipeg
Portsmouth to Winnipeg
Liverpool to Winnipeg
Newcastle to Winnipeg
Sheffield to Winnipeg
Belfast to Winnipeg
Brighton to Winnipeg
Leicester to Winnipeg
Edinburgh to Winnipeg
Bournemouth to Winnipeg
Cardiff to Winnipeg
Coventry to Winnipeg
Middlesbrough to Winnipeg
Stoke-on-Trent to Winnipeg
Reading to Winnipeg
Sunderland to Winnipeg
Bradford to Winnipeg
Northampton to Winnipeg
Plymouth to Winnipeg
Derby to Winnipeg

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