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Long Distance Moving Companies With Guaranteed Delivery Date

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Moving long-distance can be frustrating enough, but when you also need to make sure everything is done by a specific date, it becomes even more important to work with the right people.

The best way to ensure your long-distance move is a success is to work with a team of professional movers who can offer guaranteed delivery dates. At Three Men and a Truck, we sit down with our clients and plan every single detail of their move, to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan!

What Is a Guaranteed Delivery Date?

Guaranteed delivery dates are a special type of moving service some  moving companies offer to clients in which their move is treated as a priority. The company works with the client to plan the details of the move, and establish a specific date on which the cargo should arrive.

Of course, transporting goods, especially long-distance, is a process that can present many different obstacles that could cause some delays in the cargo delivery. For instance, high traffic encountered on the US roads is a common reason for why a transporter might miss an established delivery.

However, through guaranteed delivery date services, the client is kept constantly in the loop regarding any changes in arrival dates, even if the changes only involve just a few hours of delay. Usually, guaranteed delivery dates can be realistically offered if you book this service in advance, to give the moving company enough time to properly plan every single stage of the delivery.

How Three Men and a Truck Can Help

Three Men and a Truck specializes in offering high-quality moving services at very affordable rates to ensure everyone can access these services regardless of their budget. If you need to move long-distance and require a guaranteed delivery date, we can help!

First, we recommend you reach out to us as soon as possible – the sooner we discuss the details and your needs, the better we can plan the logistics of your project. This way, we will be able to:

  • Research and establish the best route to take and deliver your belongings to your new home or office
  • Plan for other types of services you may need, such as packing materials if you also need packing services, or best storage options
  • Book enough team members to help loading and unloading your belongings in advance to make sure everything can be done smoothly on the established dates
  • Work with you to set the best date for delivery, so that it fits your schedule!

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and keeping clients in the loop regarding the transport of their belongings at all times. With us, you don’t have to guess when the moving team will appear at your door, or where your belongings are!

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