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Moving across two extreme coastal cities of the United States, with over 2,700 miles between them is one of the most dreaded endeavors anyone can imagine. However, with the right Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale movers, the terrors are lifted; at the right costs, of course.

Based on experience and several customer reviews, the average cost of moving from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale is between $3,100 and $8,990.

Of course, the exact cost of moving depends on some factors but the best Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale cross country movers will inform you of the extra charges which may include specialty items and long carriage fees.

Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale Moving Services

Making the long move from the West Coast to Fort Lauderdale will be a lot of work. The best LA to FL movers will offer full service to you most likely including:

Long Distance Moving:

Only certified cross-country movers would be able to make such a long endeavor of moving from LA to Fort Lauderdale. Local movers may be incapable since they lack the experience in transporting delicate items across thousands of miles.

So, when hiring a professional Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale mover, ensure that they have a track record of moving across that route.


Your relocation could take days because of the distance and interstate restrictions. A good Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale mover will provide a safe storage facility to keep your items safe and secure during the duration of the movement.

This is to ensure that nothing gets stolen, lost, or damaged during the moving process. Also, insurances cover items in the event of accidents or damages.

Moving Insurance:

A long road trip across the country is very unpredictable. Moving in a truck with valuable stuff isn’t any better. The best Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale movers provide moving insurance to ensure that your items are covered for damages in the case of accidents en route or during packing and unpacking hassles.

Moving Labor:

Packing and unpacking is yet another worry for long-distance movers, especially those with lots of items to move. Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale movers provide moving labors to help you pack your items from your Los Angeles apartment into the moving truck and unpack them from the truck into your Fort Lauderdale apartment safely.

Last-Minute Moving:

Last-minute moving service is seldom needed in cross-country relocation processes. However, there are exceptions and emergencies can arise. Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale movers will provide last-minute moving service by making sure that you get packed and moving the same day. Though, they can’t assure you that they would arrive at Fort Lauderdale any sooner. This is cross-country moving comes with its unique challenges and delays at state borders.

How to Choose the Right Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale Movers

Even though a moving company offers you a full moving service at a reasonable cost, there are still red flags to look out for. Here are some:


Are they licensed to transport heavy items across the country? Cross-country moving without a license may be regarded as a criminal act and could lead to having your items seized by law enforcement. So, when choosing your Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale movers, do the needful research and ask questions about their licenses.


Familiarity with cross-country routes is more than understanding Google Maps. The right Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale movers must have moved customers through that route several times before you. This way, you can be certain that they know the road as well as the regulatory policies in each state that they move through.


Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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