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A lot of full-service moving companies utilize the option of hiring professional packing services. Hiring professionals to pack all of your items can help you remain organized during your move and completely covered by insurance. Some things need to be done prior to the arrival of the packing professionals. You can expect that they will come a day or two before the big move is scheduled, and they will also come the day of.

How can I help packing professionals?

Packing professionals are trained individuals that come into your home and get your belongings ready for the moving company. These professionals pack and organize your belongings for easier transport, as well as pay special attention to packing fragile items and use designated packing supplies to pack them. Hiring packing professionals can be done independently or in conjunction with a full-service moving company. There are things that you can do to make the process go a little more smoothly.

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Clean and Organize

Professional movers want to pack clean items. They don’t want to pack dirty dishes or dirty laundry into boxes for moving. Before the professional packers come, make sure that everything is clean and tidy, ready for being put into a box.

This is also a good time to separate out the things that you will need the morning of the move. Things like medication, toiletries, clothing, and shoes should be put in a specified place that is labeled clearly for them not to pack. If there are enough last-minute packing pieces, the packing professional will also come in the morning to finish the packing process with those things you needed the night before the move.

Purge Possessions

Chances are, you accumulated a lot of items over the years. Some of these things may not have any purpose other than to take up space. Before the packing professionals and movers come is a perfect time to get rid of these things that don’t need to be moved. Popular ways to get rid of these items is by having a sale or donating them to your local charity.


One way you can help your packing professionals is by labeling the rooms they are packing. This will help them mark the boxes and help the movers put the boxes in the right location. If there are items that will be in a new location in the new home, you can label those accordingly so that they are moved into the room in which they belong. Doing this will become important for larger items that require being put back together.

professional packer handling fragile items

Mark Fragile and Expensive Items

Packing professionals and moving specialists have experience handling expensive and fragile items. Knowing which items among your belongings have extreme value or are fragile will help them label and pack them as such.

Make Your Expectations Clear

You hired these packing professionals and moving specialists. If you have expectations on how you want specific items moved or packaged, tell them. Let them know that you are there if they have any questions about how you want something packed or if there is a label missing. Getting clarification early on can help thwart disappointment later on.

Refreshments and Snacks

Providing refreshments and snacks is not so much a requirement as a courteous gesture. Everyone likes snacks. You don’t have to offer a four-course meal, but some chips and some bottled water or lemonade could change the atmosphere of a room real quick. The packers and moving specialists are going to be spending a good portion of the day moving your items and packing or unpacking them. They are providing you with professional packing service, and it is just nice to make sure that you are giving them a little something to let them know you appreciate the hard work.

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How can I help the moving specialists?

A lot like the packing professionals, being present for the movers is key to getting your items moved and put in their correct locations. Even though the packing professionals should label all the boxes, it doesn’t mean that the moving specialists were there for all the conversations. Keep in mind that the moving specialists often show up after the packing professionals, so they may not be up-to-date on any special instructions you may have had.

Label the New Home

Just like you labeled for the packing professionals, you can label the new home for the moving specialists. By labeling the rooms of the new home, they will be able to put the boxes and furniture they move in the right place the first time. Labeling like this also helps make a move go more efficiently. When there is little to go guesswork about where boxes go, the moving specialists can simply take them from the truck to their destination.

Be Available

If you are moving locally, make sure that you are traveling back and forth between the new home and the old home as the moving specialists travel. Just because you hired them to do the heavy lifting doesn’t mean that they won’t have questions for you. Just because you put a post-it on the floor that says “couch” doesn’t mean that your initial idea will work. The moving specialists may get the couch into the room you chose, but it won’t fit where you wanted it. They will need you there to help direct them on how to proceed.

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Choosing Professionals

You may be on the fence about whether you want to hire professionals to pack your belongings or even move them. You may feel like you can save a buck and do it yourself. I urge you to reconsider and at least get some quotes for professionals to do the job for you. If you have never moved an entire home on your own, you may not know what it takes to get the job done. But just before you hire a professional moving service, here are some things to consider to make sure you hire one that will not make things complicated.

License, Insurance, and Experience

Moving companies with packers are required to register with state department of transportation if they operate locally.  If they move interstate or cross country, they are required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Therefore get the companies’ USDOT# and look them up on the website of the state agency or on FMSCA’s website in the case of long distance interstate moves. On the website, you will find information about the companies’ license, how many years they have been in operation, insurance coverage, safety records and customer complaints.


Also check for their reputation by reading customer reviews on websites like Better Business Bureau or Yelp. You will find genuine reviews about their services and that will help you to make an informed decision.

Professional Practice and Conduct

Packers and movers are not expected to request for a large sum of money as deposit before they come to your house to carry out their duty. Any company requiring large deposit is probably a scam.

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Chris Townsend

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