Military Movers Maryland

Whether you’re new to the military or approaching retirement, service members, along with their family members, may be called upon to relocate to another state or even another country. This repositioning is officially referred to as a permanent change of station, or PCS. While moving can be stressful it is also full of new experiences and new opportunities – each one unique to the individual. With our military moving guide, we’re here to help make the relocation process a little bit easier on you and your family. Keep reading for some helpful tips and resources to make your military move as seamless as possible.

Military Movers Maryland

Are you a military service member or government employee planning a relocation for your job? As a General Services Administration (GSA) sanctioned moving company, Three Men And A Truck can help move you and your family to or from Maryland with ease.

Local government and military relocations

Maybe you’ve been reassigned from Andrews Base to Fort Detrick, or other military establishments in the Washington DC metro area. Although this move does not span many miles, it is our job to help ensure a smooth transition for you and your family.

Long-distance government and military relocations

In this case, you may be stationed at another military base or government facility on the other side of the country. If your reassignment requires you to move to Maryland, rest assured that we are a fully insured and bonded moving company authorized to complete moves cross-country.

Commercial relocations between military installations

In addition to moves for residential government employees and military service members, we also provide commercial moving services between military bases, both local and long distance.

Planning Your PCS Move

As soon as you receive word about your new orders, it is time start preparing your plan of action. Begin planning as early as possible, build a customized timeline, and create a checklist. Also, take inventory of your belongings and make plenty of to-do lists so that when your possessions arrive at your new home you can take precise stock. The key to making any relocation efficient is discipline and organization.

While you’ll certainly have plenty of help from our military movers with the loading of boxes, you’ll also want to take a detailed inventory of your items. This will make the unpacking process go as smoothly as possible, allowing you and your family to settle into your new home with ease. With an inventory, you can also report any lost or damaged items.

Telling Your Children

A relocation every few years is a part of the military life, whether it’s in response to a new duty assignment or to accommodate family needs during your deployment. Most military kids will have an average of six to nine different homes before they reach the 12th grade. Moving can be an overwhelming experience, however, it is especially challenging for children. They face the difficulties of making new friends, switching schools, and adapting to their new environment.

It is vital to educate your children about the move as soon as possible. As a parent, you play an important role in helping them adjust well. For some, a move to a new place can be an exciting time, but for children it can bring a sense of uncertainty. In order to help your family make a positive transition together, it is always best to take an enthusiastic, organized, and reassuring approach. Explain to them that a relocation means they’ll have the chance to explore a new place, make new friends, and that the love and support from their family will never change.  There are also plenty of online resources and tools designed to help military children adapt to their new community.

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Military Moving Essentials

Since most of your things will be packed away, and may be out of reach for a few weeks as they are travelling to your new home, you should keep the essentials on hand. There are just a few essential items, especially important documents, that you will need to keep with you at all times throughout the move. Some of these include:

You may also want to pack a suitcase of all the items you will need for the few days before your belongings arrive. Consider collecting a few days’ worth of clothes, toiletries, bedding, and any other necessities you’ll want to have easy access to.

Storage During Overseas Deployment

If you discover that you’re being deployed soon after your relocation, this can be a challenging experience for military families. However, this also brings opportunities to spend quality time with your family, get to know your community, and establish a support system. Should you need to store any of your belongings during your overseas deployment, Three Men And A Truck offers GSA-approved storage facilities where you can safeguard your possessions. Whether you’re in the Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy, or Army, we have flexible storage options to meet your needs – no matter the length of your deployment.

Short-term military storage

In this instance, you might have a brief assignment that requires storage for only a short amount of time. No matter how temporary your storage needs are, we are happy to provide them.

Long-term military storage

For lengthy deployments, it may make the most sense to place your possession in a long-term storage facility. Our secure, temperature-controlled storage locations ensure the full protection of your belongings until you return.

Portable storage

If there’s any downtime between your move-out and move-in dates, you may want to utilize our storage services. In this case, we can offer you portable storage during your moving process.

In order for us to quality as a GSA-approved storage facility, we are required to meet strict security and quality regulations. The following is what you can expect when you choose Three Men And A Truck for your military storage needs:

Why Choose Three Men And A Truck as Your Maryland Military Movers?

We have been operating for over twenty years and in that time, we’ve become one of the most-reliable and trusted military movers in the state of Maryland. Our entire team is highly-trained and skilled in how to pack and move your belongings safely and efficiently. With Three Men And A Truck, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your possessions are in the hands of a fully licensed, bonded, and insured moving company. Our moving estimates are always free of charge, we’ll never tack additional fees, and what you see is truly what you get. Call us today for your no-cost, no-obligation military moving estimate!

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