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Simplifying Your International Move to Montreal

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start, or relocating because of work, Montreal may be the place for you. Montreal, Canada’s second-largest city, is located in Quebec, a predominantly French-speaking province. A combination of an old European and modern North American city, Montreal is very unique. Many individuals and families who are seeking a new life in a multilingual, cosmopolitan city choose Montreal as their immigration destination.

Few places in the world offer their opportunities for adventure and freedom of diversity. People from all across the globe fall in love with Montreal because of the vibrant neighborhoods, creative flair, bilingualism and progressive atmosphere. Additionally, with its many world-class universities, Montreal is a very popular destination for international students.

However, moving to Montreal can be a big commitment and it’s important that you come to the decision with all the necessary information. We want to help you get prepared and excited for this next chapter in your life. We’ve outlined some of the reasons why Montreal is such a great place to live, what you need to know before immigrating there and how to make it as smooth of a move as possible by hiring Montreal international movers.

Why move to Montreal?

Are you having a tough time deciding where to move? In Montreal, there’s a little bit of everything. Here are just some of the reasons that make Montreal such a wonderful place to live call home:

  • It’s the multicultural heart of Quebec. Montreal is arguably the most diverse city in Canada. You can take a stroll through Old Montreal to revel in the European flair or head over to Chinatown for a taste of Asia. Marvel at the many parks and neighborhoods dedicated to Jewish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Indian and Greek cultures.
  • The many road trip opportunities. Running out of things to explore in Montreal (even though you likely won’t)? The city’s central location allows you to plan weekend getaways to Niagara Falls, Quebec City, Boston, Toronto and even New York City.
  • A year-round festival season. Some of the largest festivals in the world call Montreal home. Beginning with the Grand Prix Festival in early June, followed by the Montreal Pride Festival and Just for Laughs (just to name a few) continue on until August. The festivals even linger into the winter months with Igloofest.
  • Montreal is a foodie’s heaven. In Canada, Montreal has the largest number of restaurants per capita. Whether you’re looking for some quick, cheat eats or a world-class restaurant that transports you to another country, Montreal has it. There’s also an incredible selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants; truly offering something for everyone!
  • One of the most affordable cities in Canada. Compared to other Canadian major cities like Toronto and Vancouver, housing in Montreal is much cheaper. To put things into perspective, a one-bedroom apartment in Montreal would cost you at least $1000 less than one in Vancouver.
  • The beautiful French language. Montreal residents take pride in being bilingual and they express themselves by using a mixture of both French and English (Franglais). Even if you don’t speak French, it’s an excellent place to learn by immersing yourself in the romantic language.

Do I need a visa when moving to Montreal?

One of the first things you should do before moving to Montreal is to determine the type of visa that you will need. The types of Canadian visas are as follows:

  • Temporary Residence Permits (TRP)
  • Permanent Residence Permits (PRP)

Temporary Residence Permits allow someone to stay up to 6 months within the country. These types of visas typically include temporary foreign worker visas, student-visas, tourist visas, working holiday vacation visas etc. Whereas, permanent residence visas, sometimes referred to as “immigrant visas,” give you the right to eventually become a Canadian permanent resident.

You can check the official Government of Canada website in order to determine the exact type of visa that applies to you based on the country you’re coming from. However, if you have skilled work experience, you can apply for permanent residency in Canada through their Express Entry System. Express Entry is Canada’s system for selecting high scoring applicants for three economic immigration programs. The programs are the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

What is the Healthcare like in Montreal?

One of the main benefits of moving to Montreal is that Canadians enjoy low-cost or free universal healthcare. However, the Canadian healthcare system is distributed differently depending on province. Locals and temporary residents in Montreal can apply for healthcare through Regie de l’Assurance Maladie du Quebec (RAMQ), the organization responsible for healthcare in Quebec.

In Montreal, the city offers countless hospitals, clinics, and university health centers that have a diverse range of quality care available to patients. The public and universal health care system allows for unparalleled access to services.

What can I expect as a foreigner in Montreal?

Whether you’re moving from US to Montreal or any other country to for work or study, here are some basic things that you should be aware of:

  • You will be able to get by with just speaking English. However, it’s recommended that you know and understand at least some basic French in order to make the most out of your experiences in Montreal.
  • Jaywalking in Montreal is not just frowned up, it’s actually a serious crime. You could receive a fine of around €100 for jaywalking in Montreal.
  • Montreal is considered to be the student capital of Canada. There are more than 180,000 students in the city.
  • Travelling by bike is an excellent, safe, cheap public transportation option in Canada. Montreal is an especially bike-friendly city and you will notice the special bike lanes on the side of most roads.
  • Be prepared for the weather in Montreal. Make sure you pack plenty of layers for your move to Canada. In the winter it does get very cold.
  • Yes, the city of Montreal is exciting and there’s plenty to do. However, don’t neglect the gorgeous, vast Canadian wilderness. If you love hiking, camping, canoeing, fishing and other outdoor adventure activities, you will thrive in Canada.

How do I move my stuff to Montreal?

Now that you’ve decided that Montreal is the place that you want to now call home, you need to have a plan on how to move all of your things. To eliminate a significant amount of stress, consider hiring a professional international moving company for your move to Montreal. Montreal international movers can take care of the packing, the physical moving of your things and even the unpacking at your destination. Entrust your move to the professionals to have the peace of mind that your belongings will arrive safe and right on time.

At Three Men And a Truck, we are specialists in international moves to and from Montreal. We provide a full range of services including packing, unpacking, delicate moves, storage and more. Let us be your Montreal international movers and manage your entire move from start to finish. For more information on how we can assist in your move to Montreal, call Three Men And a Truck today. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions as well as provide you with a free, no obligation quote!

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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