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Moving between Los Angeles and San Francisco is more than a change of zip code. Giants versus Dodgers, Lakers or Golden State Warriors, and fog over smog. It’s a culture clash, but no matter if you are venturing north or south, whatever you are leaving behind is just a scenic coastal drive away. Once you get the move done, you can relax and explore the “other California.”

Finding a Moving Company for Los Angeles to San Francisco Relocation

Moves within one state are regulated by state law rather than interstate commerce and the Department of Transportation (which would have jurisdiction for a state to state move). Even though moving across California is considered long-distance, it differs from cross country moves since this is an intrastate project. The California Bureau of Household Goods and Services regulates moving companies and requires that they maintain active licenses to operate in the state.

To find a moving company for Los Angeles to San Francisco move, you may want to start by asking friends and family for referrals, since positive recommendations are a good indicator of reliability. Your employer may also have suggestions for you, whether or not the relocation is motivated by work. Once you have some companies to consider, do your research. Check their license status, and then look for positive or negative reviews at the Better Business Bureau. Also, be wary of companies that do not have a local presence. If the business doesn’t have a nearby office, it could be a front for a sham operation. Before you commit to hiring anyone, ask for contact information for actual local customers, and talk to them about their experience with the organization.

Then, ask at least three movers to complete a visual inspection of your household goods to provide you with a quote. This step is a requirement in California, so any company that is reluctant to do this is not a mover you want to engage in business with. The movers will give you a price with an amount noted as “not to exceed,” which means you won’t pay more than that unless you ask for more services. If you change the project’s scope, the mover needs to supply a change order that you both agree with. They can’t create a change order just because their estimate of the time necessary to do the job turned out to be low.

Cost of Moving From Los Angeles to San Francisco

Pricing household moves is complicated. It depends on how much is being moved, how far it is moving, and how difficult the conditions are, plus what ancillary (additional) services you need. Suppose you have an average three-bedroom house full of contents you want to move, and the mover estimates the weight at 8,000 pounds. You may get a moving quote for $2,500. But perhaps you are looking for a full-service move, and you want the moving company to do all the packing, dispose of rubbish, unpack at the destination, crate artwork, and even hang pictures. Those services will increase the cost of your move, possibly by several thousand dollars, and your job isn’t average anymore. At the other end of the spectrum, someone making a small move may only have a few thousand pounds of furniture and boxes, with no request for services, and that consumer will get a vastly different move price estimate.

Reduce the Cost of Moving from LA to SF by Packing Yourself

You can make your move more affordable by doing the packing yourself. Packing is an excellent opportunity to reduce the shipment’s weight by disposing of some things you no longer want, which further reduces the cost. If you engage the mover to pack for you, they will pack everything, while if you take on the task, you can sort through what you want to take and what to donate, give away, or even sell. You can acquire used boxes rather than pay for new ones and use clothing or linens to protect your fragile dishes and other items instead of buying bubble wrap and packing paper. One thing to keep in mind is that the movers do know the right way to pack. If you pack something fragile and it breaks inside a box, the movers will not assume liability for that damage unless the box is also damaged. If they did the packing, they are responsible for the condition of what they packed. One option is to have the professionals pack essential things, like artwork, that require special attention.

What Other Services Do I Have to Pay for?

If you have large, heavy furniture, the moving company may charge extra for some items, but they will let you know in advance. If your home has specific characteristics that result in additional labor, they will add on a fee for long carries, or stairs. If you are moving from LA to SF into a high rise, you may incur a charge for elevator waiting time, or a shuttle if the truck can’t park right outside the entrance. The mover will provide you with a document called a tariff that explains all these charges, and they will be detailed in your estimate. In California, estimates must be in writing; verbal and online quotes are not allowed or enforceable.

Do You Need When Moving from LA to SF?

In the moving industry, insurance is called valuation because moving companies aren’t licensed to sell insurance. Still, they do have some liability for what happens to your household goods while loading and transporting them. Included in the move’s cost is a basic level of valuation that is supposed to protect you if something is lost or damaged. However, this basic value coverage is minimal, and many consumers who do experience a loss find out that it doesn’t replace their possessions. The basic, included protection offers reimbursement for loss at a rate of $0.60 per pound, by item or carton. So, if your lightweight but costly electronic components are damaged, you are going to be out of luck. The mover will offer you two additional coverage levels at an additional fee, and it is smart to consider those. You should check with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance provider, but those policies usually do not cover incidents while moving.

Don’t ship cash, jewelry, essential documents, or items of great sentimental value in the moving truck. Also, movers won’t accept anything hazardous, such as explosives, propane tanks, scuba tanks, household chemicals, paints, pool chemicals, ammunition, even nail polish, and polish remover. If you do inadvertently pack anything on the prohibited list in your shipment, you will void your mover’s liability if what you packed causes any damage to the load. You may be responsible for any other damage caused.

Remember to inspect your shipment as soon as you can once you accept the delivery. When you sign for the delivery, check to ensure that the receipt does not have any language stating that you have already examined the goods. If it does, strike it out before you sign. You have nine months following the delivery to file a damage claim, but you should file as soon as possible. Remember that if you did the packing, you should save the box that the damaged item was in to establish how the problem happened.


How much money should I save to move to San Francisco?

You should save at least $25000 before moving to San Francisco.

How much do long distance movers cost in Los Angeles?

Long-distance movers from Lost Angeles cost will vary depending on how far you are moving and the weight of your belongings.

What is the cheapest way to get from LA to San Francisco?

If you are moving light, then taking a flight is probably the cheapest move. But, you have too many belongings using a moving truck will be the cheapest way to get from LA to SF.

How much should you pay a LA to SF mover per hour?

You have to pay a minimum of $100 per hour to a LA to SF mover when only two movers are working for you.

How much does it cost to hire movers in California?

It may cost anywhere between $300 to $5000 to hire movers in California based on the distance and size of the move.

Should you move to the Bay Area?

You should move to Bay Area if you love rich and diverse culture. Bay Area may be expensive, but there are plenty of cheaper housing options as well.

Why you should move to SF?

If you are looking for opportunities to do something big ( especially in the tech field ), then you should move to Bay Area.

What to know before moving to SF?

You should know that SF has plenty of downsides like traffic problems, homelessness, high cost of living, e.t.c.

What’s the difference between LA and San Francisco?

The main difference between LA and San Francisco is that the income source in LA is a lot more diverse than the income source in LA.

How far apart is LA and San Francisco?

LA and SF is 382 miles apart.

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