Finding Movers With Trucks Near My Current Location

hire cheap movers with moving truck to help with moving process

There are many different ways to find movers with trucks near you. Each method can turn up a unique result and wealth of information regarding the company and its reputation. A lot of times, finding local movers will provide you with additional savings that you wouldn’t get going with another company or trying to move on your own.

Where to Find A Local Mover Near Me?

Some of the best spots to look at to hire local movers are your yellow pages. Most of your local moving companies will advertise and place their ads and numbers in the yellow pages or even in the newspaper. Sometimes a town will have a periodical penny saver catalog that will feature specific businesses in the community. This is an excellent place to find information and coupons for respective local moving companies.

movers with truck near me

movers with truck near me

What to Look For in a Moving Company

There are a lot of different traits that you should look for when trying to hire a professional moving service. You will have to do your research before settling with one moving company over all the others out there.

  • Proper Licensing

    • If a moving company is appropriately licensed, it will be a member of the American Mover and Storage Association. The membership ensures that the company adheres to the highest safety standards and federal law.
    • Being accredited by the Better Business Bureau shows that the moving company is professional and reliable.
    • If your company make can make a long distance move, they should have a United States Department of Transportation Number that is issued to them by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Insurance Coverage

    • All legitimate professional movers should offer at least the minimum coverage for your belongings when moving them. The standard insurance at this time that should be included in your rates is $.60 per pound of household goods. There should be an option for you to pay to increase this coverage if you choose to do so.
  • Storage

    • Find out if the company offers storage facility options. Sometimes people will require temporary storage during a move, things become easier when you hire movers who also offer storage solutions. 
  • Proper Equipment

    • You will want to know if the company you are considering offers specialty equipment to facilitate the move. It’s common practice in the moving industry for smaller companies to depend on bigger ones for truck rentals and other equipment. More than just crew members and dollies, there are hydraulic lifts and lower loading docks on trucks that make moving items a lot easier.
  • Packing Services

    • A full-service professional moving company will offer the option to have a packing specialist come in, for an extra cost, and pack your items for you. This packing service can make your move go a lot smoother than if you pack all your belongings yourself. These professional packers often come the day before the move and pack everything that you will not need for the night before or the morning of the move. They then come before the movers show up and finish the job.
    • These services also include unpacking services at your new home. It can run anywhere from $25 to $35 extra an hour for these services. If you are short on time or overwhelmed, it could be the best option for the money.
  • Crew

    • Find out if the moving specialists are experienced and how long they have been a part of the company. During busy times, a lot of movers will hire temporary workers to help with the over scheduling. You want someone who is experienced and not just a once in a while mover.

Make sure that you are reading the reviews on the moving companies you are considering. Sometimes past customers are the harshest critics.

local or long distance movers with free moving boxes

What should you ask during an estimate?

The first step you need to take before hiring a professional moving service in your area is to get an estimate. Estimates should be offered free of charge and should be done so that they are as accurate as possible. If you understand the estimate process thoroughly, you can save money and reduce cost.

On-Site Binding Contract Written Estimate

An on-site binding contract written estimate is provided when a specialist from the moving company comes to your residence to do a walkthrough of all the items you need to move. They will give you a quote based on all the factors that are binding should you choose to use the company for the move.

The price should not exceed this quote amount that they give you. The price may fluctuate, but given the inspection, if you are moving locally, it should not exceed the amount. Cross-country and long-distance moves are a little harder to calculate accurately because they are done based on mileage and weight.

If the company you are getting a quote from does not want to give you the option of the binding contract estimate, make sure that you are clear with everything the movers will encounter and the items to be moved. Ask for a written copy of the estimate. This written estimate should break down all of the charges you should anticipate during your move.

Other Important Points

The other things you are going to need to know about your potential moving company are:

  • The charges that they will charge for extra services, and what they consider to be an additional service.
  • Do they require a deposit, and how much is it? Make sure you know what their cancellation policy is when you are gathering this information.
  • Find out if they will provide you with an inventory of your move or if you should make one on your own to keep track of your belongings and the condition before and after the move.
  • Ask the moving company if they have any promotions or discounts being offered at this time.
  • Make sure that the moving company does not have restrictions on box numbers or the material used in your packing supplies. Some moving companies have strict policies that you have to obtain your packing materials from them.
  • Find out how long your specific move will take.

Going With Local Talent

Three Men And A Truck offer a variety of locations and options available for your move. We offer free no-obligation estimates for your move and take pride in providing you the most accurate and competitive quote possible. With locations across the country, we are always available to be your local moving company option to your new house. 

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

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