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Florida and New Jersey are two of the 50 states that make up the United States of America. These states have added to the beauty of the United States in their way. From the cold and chilly climate in New Jersey to the windy and Sunny climate in Florida, the country has been the home of incredible climate and amazing sights.

Because of these two states’ perks, many movers are open to relocating from other states to New Jersey or Florida. Also, as the climate seem to be opposite in both states, movers who have stayed long in one of these states are opened to moving to the other location to enjoy warmth or coolness, as the case may be.

In this blog, we would love to tell you about moving from Florida to New Jersey and when you move from New Jersey to Florida.

Florida, the Sunshine State

Florida is the top among many things in the United States: it produces the majority of the citrus in the country; it has the flattest surface; hundreds of water bodies, etc. Florida is fondly called the Sunshine State because of the sunny weather through most of the year.

FL is a prominent place in landmass as it is one of the top 50% of states with a large landmass. It makes a lot of money from tourists in its many industries, fun places, beaches, etc.

If you wish to experience similar weather with any country in Africa without stepping foot in that country, FL is the place to be. Its sunny weather and exotic animals such as alligators make it a surreal place to be.

Reasons why you should move from NJ to FL

If you are thinking about relocation and a move to Florida on your list, we advise you to do that quickly as you are already missing out on great benefits. We can list out those benefits for you here, but to have a fundamental understanding of these benefits you need to experience Florida yourself.


Florida is located along the coastline, and it has miles and miles of beaches. If you are a lover of the water body and would love to immerse yourself any time of the day in the natural water body, Florida is the right place for you. Living in Florida automatically forces you to love the waters and beaches because you cannot have enough of the beautiful sights that come from sitting on the beach while watching the waves rise and fall. 

Enjoy your income to the fullest.

From New Jersey, moving to Florida reveals you to the absence of State Income Tax. This means that you can enjoy more of your income than in so many other states. 

Florida, however, has provisions for sales tax and tourist tax which is 7% and 5%, respectively, which is ridiculously lower than what some other states get in the form of taxes.

Affordable Real Estate & Cost of Living

Even with the influx of people from long distances moving from NJ to Florida and settling down in the state, housing is relatively affordable compared to other industrialized states. 

Life here is easy as the cost of living is also affordable as local goods and services are kept low and hover around the average national price. Healthcare in Florida is cheaper than the national average cost and this can make your relocation a complete bargain. 

Retiring? Florida is the Place to be.

Because of the weather and general ambience of the state, you find many aged people move NJ to Florida. It is the perfect state for retirees to rest after a life-long work around the country. It is like the place you come back to after the long distance journey.  

There are many aged persons here, and FL is tagged as the state with the highest number of people older than 65 years. There are adequate provisions and instruments in the state to take care of older people.

Cities in FL

When you move to Florida, moving inwards, you will discover many famous cities, including Miami, in Florida, among them, are:

  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Tallahassee
  • Jacksonville, etc.

These cities make up the tourism centers in Florida as they have several amusement parks, including the famed Disneyland and several waterparks. 

Job Market

As a result of its tourism, agriculture, etc., there is a high Job Market in Florida as more employees never cease. Florida is a busy city that continually works. So, if you want to increase your prospect of getting a job in America, you should consider a relocation to Florida.

New Jersey, The Garden State

While Florida is in the Southeastern. New Jersey, New York, etc., are in the Northeastern regions of the United States. When it comes to landmass, New Jersey’s among the smallest in the United States, making it more compact; while it is small in landmass, it is among the most populous in the country. Its capital is Trenton.

New Jersey movers enjoy a different terrain and weather. From Florida, moving to New Jersey takes you from the flat surface in FL to four distinct environments: from the Atlantic Coastal Plain to Piedmont to the Highlands, to the Appalachian Ridge and Valley.

Reasons why you should move to NJ from FL or anywhere else 

While NJ has colder weather than FL and some other states, it has so many perks that make you forget and enjoy the chilly environment.


The local NJ people and environment value education. When you compare NJ to FL from the lowest educational class to the tertiary education, New Jersey has a higher percentage of students completing schools and a high percentage of graduates.

If you have young children who want to value education and have an environment that would encourage them to study and complete their education, New Jersey is the right move for you.

Quiet and Friendly environment

In comparing NJ to FL, New Jersey has an environment that is relatively quiet and friendly. It is like a separation from the hustle and bustle of a typical busy city. You can have your peace of mind there and enjoy your stay with little or no disturbance at all.

You also have friendly faces in the environment. New Jersey is one of the safest places in the world as it has a low crime rate. So, you do not have to worry.

The Dining Capital

Do you want to bless your taste buds with excellent food and flavors? New Jersey is the place to be. 

The food, here, is multicultural, and going there is a great opportunity to experience the different cultures of the people in the world through their local foods. 

The Garden State

New Jersey is monikered the Garden State because of the fantastic natural environment it has. 

To enjoy the horticultural blessedness of nature, you have to move to NJ and see for yourself.


There are several cities/towns in New Jersey. Some of them are:

  • Newark
  • Jersey City
  • Trenton
  • Paterson
  • Elizabeth, etc.

Long-distance moving from NJ or to NJ

New Jersey to Florida is a long-distance journey as it is more than 1,100 miles depending on where you start your journey in Florida or New Jersey moving to the other state. Approximately, by road, that is a minimum of 17 hours drive.

This means it is not a short distance, and you would need the help of professional movers to help you with packing your properties from one state to the other.

When you plan to make a long-distance move from NJ to Florida or vice versa, you need the right FL moving company. There are several options, all with a different price, and it’s best to pick the choice right for your needs and budget.

Special Properties

Where you have properties that need extra care and attention, such as a grand piano, fine art, etc., you may not have the experience to cater fully for them during the long distance move from NJ to FL. 

However, with their experience in the business, these movers know what it takes to move these special properties with extra care.

The Process of Finding The Right Moving Company To Get From Florida To New Jersey and vice versa?

After knowing your relocation date, the first step is finding the best moving companies that go from NJ to FL and vice versa.

You can also choose reliable moving companies willing to drop off moving storage to load yourself. This professional moving company will be less expensive than a full-service moving company, and you won’t have to do the driving.

The type of moving companies you choose, the services you select, along with the actual long distance moving and amount of space you need, will likely determine the cost. Moving from NJ to FL through the moving storage has an estimate between $898 and $7,150. Renting a truck is the cheapest option, while a freight company and moving container company fall in the middle, with a full-service moving company at the top of the range.

What Should I Look For When I Talk To Moving Companies?

When you speak with different moving companies about your move from NJ to Florida or vice versa, it’s best to pay attention to the customer service. If they treat you well on the phone and answer all your questions without stress, this is undoubtedly a good sign.

Every professional moving company handling moves from Florida to New Jersey will need the proper licensing with the Department of Transportation to assess their moving storage. Always ask about their license and insurance to make sure you’re working with a professional moving company.

You will also want to ask about the moving services they provide. If you need additional moving services, such as packing or storage, you want to make sure they offer what you need. You should check out their moving storage also. The right moving company for your move from NJ to FL will offer the services you need.

At Three Men and A Truck, customers can request a free quote that would mean free moving when you give us a call on our local phone number, +1(888) 908-6496, fill customers’ free quote online form, and type in your full name and other information you need to know.


Wherever you are in the two states or whichever you intend moving to, as movers, it is necessary to have some tips about the process of moving, the move size and the amount it will cost you.

Here, we have outlined the tips for movers moving to either NJ or FL. We have an estimate of the cost and preparations needed to move from New Jersey to Florida or vice versa effectively.

Long Distance Movers In West Windsor, New Jersey

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Florida to Lakewood

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