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What can you expect when you hire one of the moving companies that pack for you? Will it cost more? How long will the entire packing process take?

There are many questions to ask before you decide to use one of the moving companies that pack for you. Let’s look at some of the things you should expect with this type of moving company.

What Will the Movers Do for You?

Before a moving company will pack your items, they will start by protecting your home. They will put something down to protect your floors, and then they will bring in the supplies they need to pack up your home.

Your moving crew will pack up just about anything you ask including electronics packing. Typically, the packing teams will split into separate rooms and one mover will take each room.

They will mark each carton or box with the items from your home. You can request to have specific packed items available or loaded into the truck last so they can come out at your new home first. Most professional packers can handle around 100 to 150 cartons in a full day if it’s a crew of two packers. The professional packing crew can also help with custom crating services for high-value, unique, heavy and specialty items you have in your belongings.

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Why do Professionals Pack so Fast?

There are two main reasons why moving companies that pack for you can do it so fast. First, they are not attached to your items, so they won’t reminisce when they find a specific picture or item. Instead, they simply wrap the item correctly and pack it up.

Second, they are professionals and pack for a living. They have the packing tips and packing techniques that helps them to exactly know how to pack up every item in your home. They also know the proper packing supplies to use for each of your items.

Full Packing vs. Partial Packing Services

Full service movers usually offer both full and partial packing services. These are a bit different and one might fit better for your needs than the other.

Full packing services will include everything from the basement to the attic in your home. The movers will literally pack up everything in your home, load it up, and move it to your new location.

Partial packing services are great for those looking to own packing – packing up some or most of their items by themselves, but not everything. You can have the movers pack up larger, heavier items or they can handle your antiques and fragile items. This type of service gives you flexibility with some of the things you want to be packed and things you want to handle on your own.

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Will they also Unpack for You?

Moving companies that pack for you will also offer unpacking services when your items arrive at your new location. This is an optional service and one you can benefit from if you don’t have the time or energy to unpack your things when you arrive.

When you need the help of a full-service moving company, they will likely do the packing for you. It’s an optional service and moving companies that pack for you will charge a fee for this service. Since you pay movers by the hour, it will likely take longer and may require a larger moving crew.

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Chris Townsend

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