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moving from California to Washington


Moving from California to Washington is a no-brainer if you get the chance. Although California is an extremely beautiful state with an excellent coastline and high quality of life, Washington is even better.

Indeed, many people consider it the most beautiful place in the Pacific Northwest. The Cascade Mountain Range majestically knifes through the state dividing it into two parts – west and east. The landscape is also diverse with peaks as high as 14,411 at Mount Rainier and low-lying beaches at the coast.

Why Move to Washington State from California

Whether you choose to move to Seattle, Bellevue, Spokane, Tacoma, or Vancouver, Washington state has a lot to offer and see. However, most people are moving to Washington state from California for four main reasons;

  1. Jobs, jobs, jobs: Washington is the headquarters of some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world. Microsoft, Amazon, and Google all call Washington home. Boeing and Starbucks are also headquartered in Washington.
  2. No state income tax: Yes, Washington is one of the seven US states with no personal state income tax. Instead, the state relies on state sales tax (charged at 6.5%) and local government taxes (optional up to 3.1%) to finance its annual budget.
  3. Outdoor activities: Washington boasts three national parks – Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic. It also has several hiking points. Meanwhile, the abundance of water bodies allows for activities such as sailing, pleasure boating, sea kayaking, whale watching, and fishing among others.

How Much Does Moving from California to Washington Cost?

The average cost to move from California to Washington is $3,950. Remember that this is a ballpark moving estimate. You can find a more accurate quote from your favorite California long distance movers.

It’s also worth noting that the actual cost of moving from California to Washington depends on several factors, but mainly the exact distance and the volume of items you need to move. If you’re bringing your car along, then car shipping will likely add to the costs. The same if it’s your business that you are moving from CA to WA. You’ll need a commercial mover.

The amount will also depend on whether you’re using a flat-rate mover or hourly-rate mover and whether you need storage services.

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Tips to Find the Best Movers from CA to WA

Once you’ve determine where you want to live and got a house, the next step is to find the right mover. Consider the following tips.

  1. Get recommendations

Always begin by asking your friends and family if they can recommend a good moving company. Remember that you’ll need an interstate mover rather than a local mover.

  1. Find a mover online

If you can’t get recommendations, then head online and make Google your best friend. It takes just a few minutes to access the websites of some of the best moving companies in the country.

  1. Read online reviews

Once you’ve identified a few good options, head to review platforms to verify that you’re dealing with legit moving companies. Watch out for red flags such as low customer ratings, poor customer service, and unexplained charges.

  1. Compare at least three movers

Never settle for the first moving company you come across. Instead, shortlist at least three options and give each a call to find out more about the company. This will allow you to identify the best among them.

Above all, always make sure that the moving company is licensed and insured. Insurance is critical in case some of your items break during the move.

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Moving Services From California to Washington: Our Top Routes

Three Men and a Truck are known as cheap and reliable movers. We provide cheap moving services in San Diego, Seattle, Los Angeles, Spokane and several other cities in California and Washington. Here are some of the routes that we cover.


California to Seattle 

Los Angeles to Seattle

Anaheim to Seattle

Fresno to Seattle

Stockton to Seattle

Irvine to Seattle

Bakersfield to Seattle

Fremont to Seattle

Oakland to Seattle

Richmond to Seattle

Sunnyvale to Seattle

Modesto to Seattle

Oxnard to Seattle

Sacramento to Seattle

Santa Clara to Seattle

Huntington Beach to Seattle

Santa Ana to Seattle

San Francisco to Seattle

San Jose to Seattle

San Diego to Seattle

Thousand Oaks to Seattle

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San Marcos to Seattle

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California to Vancouver

Los Angeles to Vancouver

Anaheim to Vancouver

Fresno to Vancouver

Stockton to Vancouver

Irvine to Vancouver

Bakersfield to Vancouver

Fremont to Vancouver

Oakland to Vancouver

Richmond to Vancouver

Sunnyvale to Vancouver

Modesto to Vancouver

Oxnard to Vancouver

Sacramento to Vancouver

Santa Clara to Vancouver

Huntington Beach to Vancouver

Santa Ana to Vancouver

San Francisco to Vancouver

San Jose to Vancouver

San Diego to Vancouver

Thousand Oaks to Vancouver

Chula Vista to Vancouver

San Marcos to Vancouver

Santa Clarita to Vancouver

Long Beach to Vancouver

California to Bellevue

Los Angeles to Bellevue

Anaheim to Bellevue

Fresno to Bellevue

Stockton to Bellevue

Irvine to Bellevue

Bakersfield to Bellevue

Fremont to Bellevue

Oakland to Bellevue

Richmond to Bellevue

Sunnyvale to Bellevue

Modesto to Bellevue

Oxnard to Bellevue

Sacramento to Bellevue

Santa Clara to Bellevue

Huntington Beach to Bellevue

Santa Ana to Bellevue

San Francisco to Bellevue

San Jose to Bellevue

San Diego to Bellevue

Thousand Oaks to Bellevue

Chula Vista to Bellevue

San Marcos to Bellevue

Santa Clarita to Bellevue

Long Beach to Bellevue

California to Tacoma

Los Angeles to Tacoma

Anaheim to Tacoma

Fresno to Tacoma

Stockton to Tacoma

Irvine to Tacoma

Bakersfield to Tacoma

Fremont to Tacoma

Oakland to Tacoma

Richmond to Tacoma

Sunnyvale to Tacoma

Modesto to Tacoma

Oxnard to Tacoma

Sacramento to Tacoma

Santa Clara to Tacoma

Huntington Beach to Tacoma

Santa Ana to Tacoma

San Francisco  to Tacoma

San Jose  to Tacoma

San Diego  to Tacoma

Thousand Oaks to Tacoma

Chula Vista to Tacoma

San Marcos to Tacoma

Santa Clarita to Tacoma

Long Beach to Tacoma

California to Spokane 

Los Angeles to Spokane 

Anaheim to Spokane 

Fresno to Spokane 

Stockton to Spokane 

Irvine to Spokane 

Bakersfield to Spokane 

Fremont to Spokane 

Oakland to Spokane 

Richmond to Spokane 

Sunnyvale to Spokane 

Modesto to Spokane 

Oxnard to Spokane 

Sacramento to Spokane 

Santa Clara to Spokane 

Huntington Beach to Spokane 

Santa Ana to Spokane 

San Francisco to Spokane  

San Jose to Spokane 

San Diego to Spokane 

Thousand Oaks to Spokane 

Chula Vista to Spokane 

San Marcos to Spokane 

Santa Clarita to Spokane 

Long Beach to Spokane

California to Lynwood

Los Angeles to Lynwood

Anaheim to Lynwood

Fresno to Lynwood

Stockton to Lynwood

Irvine to Lynwood

Bakersfield to Lynwood

Fremont to Lynwood

Oakland to Lynwood

Richmond to Lynwood

Sunnyvale to Lynwood

Modesto to Lynwood

Oxnard to Lynwood

Sacramento to Lynwood

Santa Clara to Lynwood

Huntington Beach to Lynwood

Santa Ana to Lynwood

San Francisco  to Lynwood

San Jose  to Lynwood

San Diego  to Lynwood

Thousand Oaks to Lynwood

Chula Vista to Lynwood

San Marcos to Lynwood

Santa Clarita to Lynwood

Long Beach to Lynwood

How do I choose an interstate mover in California?

To choose an interstate mover in California, get some recommendations from the internet or people close to you. Then you can choose the best one from those recommendations based on various factors like quality and price.

What should I know before moving to Washington state?

Despite being a hub for job opportunities in the technology field, Washington State also provides great outdoors and environmental diversity that you should definitely explore.

Is living in Seattle worth it?

Yes, Seattle is one of the best to live in the USA. Some would say it is one of the best places to live in the whole world. So, living in Seattle is definitely worth it.

How much does it cost to move from California to Seattle?

It will depend on which city of California that you want to move from. When moving from Los Angeles to Washington, the cost usually ranges between $2647 – $7564.

How much does it cost to move to Washington state?

It costs around $4,000 to move to Washington State from California.

How far in advance should you schedule long distance movers in California?

For a smooth relocation process, it’s best to schedule the long-distance movers about 4 months in advance.

How far is Washington state from California?

The distance between the geographic centre of California and Washington state is over 1,000 miles.

What state should I move to from California?

Washington is one of the best states to move from California. There are a lot of similarities between the culture and you’ll be able to easily adjust to Washington State if you are from Seattle.

Is it worth moving from California to Washington?

Washington provides plenty of job opportunities. Plus, there is income tax in Washington state. So, moving from California to Washington is definitely worth it.

Is it cheaper to live in Washington than California?

Yes, it is cheaper to live in Washington than California.

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