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Moving from Massachusetts to Florida sounds like a grand adventure. If you consider this long-distance move during a long cold winter, the temptation is probably too much to pass up. Both states have much to offer residents, but Americans love to start over in a new place, with over 3 million relocating to a new state every year. The average interstate move is around 1200 miles (which will take you from Boston down to Orlando, Florida) and has a price tag of $4,100. When planning to move to Florida, you may only be focused on the beautiful sunshine. But, the moving process can be quite stressful and could encounter bad movers. We’ll talk about certain red flags for a long distance moving company later.

How Can I Find The Best Moving Companies From Massachusetts To Florida?

When relocating from Massachusetts to Florida, organizing the move takes planning, and you need to find the right partner—that partner is your moving professional. Once you start looking online, you may receive calls and emails from movers and brokers offering you quotes for your move from Massachusetts to Florida —possibly more offers than you expected or wanted. What you need is a system to identify the good ones and narrow it down to the one that is best for you. 

So, Who Are The Good MA to Florida Movers?

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First, ask people you know. You probably have family members or friends who have moved. Find out if they had a good (or bad) experience with their relocation service and dig a little deeper to determine why. Perhaps you can learn from their mistakes. Sure, you can avoid using a bad mover, but maybe they have advice for you to follow through the move process as well. Check with the Better Business Bureau when researching potential vendors, to find out if they have a favorable complaint history. You may also find referrals from your employer; whether or not the move is work-related, the human resources or procurement department might recommend vendors with which they have a good history.

One important criterion is to validate that any mover you are considering has registered with the FMCSA, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, embedded in the Department of Transportation. FMCSA rules require all interstate movers to register, and the agency maintains a database with relevant information about the companies’ safety record and complaint history. It has also developed clear rules that govern the interactions between MA to FL movers or brokers and consumers to protect shippers (that’s you) from potential fraud. 

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What Are Interstate Movers From MA to FL Required To Do?

Moving companies must provide the consumer with some precise information when bidding for your move from Massachusetts to Florida. The FMCSA enacted these rules because of rogue operators taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Of course, most companies are honest, but a few shady characters make it hard for everyone else in every industry. The rules are described in a helpful resource titled Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Are Moving, and you can review it on the FMCSA website. Professional movers and brokers will also provide you with a copy or a link to it when they submit a quote for your consideration. This brochure, aided by its companion moving checklist called Ready To Move, will help you understand the moving industry language and negotiate your contract effectively.

FMCSA rules require that movers conduct an onsite survey of your household goods shipment before offering a price quote for the move. This rule protects the integrity of the estimation process. It is suspicious if a moving company doesn’t want to do the in-person walkthrough, and you should consider using a different mover. The same is true if a mover doesn’t provide a written estimate (they should sign it, and you should also.) When the company supplies you with the estimate, check the inventory carefully. The inventory (sometimes called a cube sheet or a table of measurements) is a list of everything in your house that will be moved, right down to the estimated number of boxes. If things are left off the list, it can cause problems on moving day, and lead to conflict regarding loading, truck size, and pricing.

red flags To watch for when choosing Movers massachusetts to Florida

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Moving can be stressful. But by taking the time to find the best mover for your relocation, you can rest easy and enjoy the ride.

FAQs About Movers Massachusetts to Florida

You can either rent a truck on your own or hire movers with a truck. You may also use sea freight. But, most people transport their belongings via road.

It would be wise to hire professional packing services when moving from MA to FL. During long moves, your belongings could easily get damaged if they are not packed properly.

On average, it costs around $4,000 to move from Boston to Florida.

Florida is cheaper to live in than Massachusetts. Even when comparing major cities like Boston and Miami, Florida’s Miami is cheaper.

Some of the benefits of moving to Florida include – No state income tax, Good Weather, cultural diversity and cost of living.

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