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The cost for moving a full shipping container to Slovenia will be contingent on where you are coming from. To move a full container from Oslo, Norway to Slovenia, you can expect to pay between kr43,900 – kr73,500. The cost to move that same container from Sydney Australia would be between $11,400 – $18,800. There are other costs associated with shipping that can be harder to forecast, such as storage, handling, and other fees. Working with an experienced moving company can help you avoid surprises.

Are you a citizen of an EU country?

If so, you’re in luck. Moving to Slovenia will be a breeze since you are already allowed to live and move freely into and out of Slovenia and back to your home country in the EU. For citizens of the European Union, the process of importing household goods or vehicles is straight-forward. You will face relaxed rules and an accelerated declaration process. Not to mention, importing your vehicle to Slovenia from another EU country can be as simple as driving your vehicle across the border and registering it. Pretty sweet deal.

What are the rules for household goods?

You can import your household goods to Slovenia tax and duty-free if the items have been owned and used by you for at least six months and you have resided in your home country for at least a year before you move to Slovenia. You will also need to apply for and receive an EORI, which stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification, which is a universal requirement for all imports entering the European Union.

So far, the process sounds pretty simple, but not so fast. There is a lot of paperwork you will still need to collect and complete.

You will need to present:

  • Proof of employment
  • Proof of residence in Slovenia such as a rental agreement or home deed
  • Bill of lading for your shipment
  • Detailed inventory of your imports, down to the contents of each individual box, as well as model numbers or serial numbers when applicable
  • Power of attorney to permit the proper authorities to process your incoming shipment
  • Passport with at least three months remaining before expiration

What are the rules for importing my vehicle to Slovenia?

As with your household goods, you will need to collect some paperwork in order to import your vehicle to Slovenia. Customs officials will require:

  • Clean certificate of title
  • Vehicle registration from your home country
  • Proof of purchase for your vehicle
  • Passport in good standing with at least three months left before expiration. Note that Slovenian officials will sometimes confiscate passports that appear ripped or defaced, so treat your passport with care.
  • If you are a citizen of the U.S., you will need to have two driver’s licenses – one from the United States and also an International Driver’s License to be legal to drive in this country. Extensive mechanical modifications will be needed for your vehicle to be safely driven. This process must be handled by a mechanic qualified to make these intensive alterations.

What if I need help?

International moves can be a real challenge with all the complex rules and paperwork. Fortunately, Three Men and a Truck have international shipping expertise and connections to a vast shipping network. Whether you are moving across the continent or overseas, we are here to help you achieve a stress-free move. To learn more about how we can help you move to Slovenia, contact us for a detailed shipping quote.

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