Moving Overseas with a Cat

Moving Overseas with a Cat

If you are moving to Europe, you will need to obtain an EU-compliant microchip and a pet passport. Pet passports issued in the EU are actual passports, but your local veterinarian can help you assemble the paperwork that makes up a “passport”, such as immunization schedules and other health records.

You will also need to obtain an EU health certificate. Unfortunately, getting these documents together is very time-sensitive. You will need to get some documents weeks in advance, while others must be left until the last 48 hours. It’s tricky and the timing is hard to get right, so plan ahead.

Here are some of the essentials you need with you when you travel with your cat:

  • All of your pet paperwork – health records, microchip, passport, etc.
  • Water bowl
  • Dry food
  • Medications
  • Pads or wipes to avoid or clean up messes
  • Small blanket to drape over the carrier

Remember that practice makes perfect, and that goes for cats and carriers too. Let your cat spend some time with his carrier prior to your move so that they can learn to associate the carrier with fun times or treats.

Cats on Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

When traveling with a cat, some universal rules apply regardless of where you traveling to or from. One of these rules is that you must have an appropriate carrier for your cat. You should check with the carrier of your choice to find out any requirements they have for your carrier, whether it be size or closures. You want something that your cat will be comfortable in, but not something so large that it becomes its own problem.

It is not uncommon for normally chill cats to freak out during travel. It can be stressful for cats – so many new lights and sounds and smells, along with the occasional unexpected jostle. Preparing your cat to travel can save you many headaches since as we all know, if the cat isn’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Talk to your veterinarian about methods to keep your cat calm during travel. This could be in the form of a prescription sedative or something over the counter like CBD chews. Trimming or capping your cat’s claws can also help if stress is causing them to try to tear their way out of their carrier.

Quarantine Rules for Cats

Many countries quarantine pets when they arrive. This can be a stressful time for cats and cat parents. Having all of your paperwork assembled and arriving with a cat in good health is a great way to avoid quarantine, but some countries require it regardless. These isolation periods can last anywhere from 10 days, like Australia and New Zealand, to 30 days, like in Singapore.

Moving with Pets is a Leap of Faith

When you move overseas with your cat, you have to put your faith in strangers to ensure that your pet arrives safely. Working with an overseas moving company like Three Men and a Truck is the best way to ensure safe transit for your furry friends. We can help with paperwork and serve as an advocate and guide as you navigate customs requirements. With so much at stake, why go it alone? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your overseas move.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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