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Moving to Canada from the US Is a Big Step. Luckily, You Can Count on Our Professionalism 


Relocating from the US to another country is not something uncommon in the last decades, as jobs become more available for people all across the world, international families are more common, Internet has made remote work and online dating common, and so on. Moving from the US to Canada, or vice versa, is even more likely, as the two neighboring countries share the same language and a big part of their culture.

If you are considering moving to Canada from US ground, or you already have the date for it settled, read on to see what steps need to be checked before you take off to the Great White North.

Research the Best Immigration Program for Your Situation

Canada has over 80 immigration programs for hundreds of thousands of people interested in moving to this great country. Before you consider leaving your life in the USA behind, make sure you have solid grounds for entering Canada and getting your permanent residence.

Even though the US and Canada are friendly neighbors, it doesn’t mean that you automatically have the right to reside there. Fortunately, there are plenty of immigration lawyers offering their services online, and they can provide expert advice on how to obtain your visa.

Settle the Date of Your Departure, and When to Send Your Belongings to Your New Home

Once you have an idea of how you will get your residency permit in Canada, you can plan your move in more detail. The approximate date of your departure should be known when you start looking for moving companies for your personal belongings.

If you are lucky enough to leave whenever you want, you have more chances to find a more affordable moving service, which can save you a good amount of money.

Choose the Best International Moving company to Help You Relocate

If you are considering choosing between a DIY move and a professional one, write down all the advantages and disadvantages each one has. In our experience, DIY moves are not more affordable or successful when you draw the line and add up all the factors: speed, safety, stress levels, efforts, money.

Start researching moving companies who offer international services, and ask them to give you a free quote for your specific move. For long-distance moves, it’s best to pick a company that can stick to a fixed price, instead of charging you by mile.

Prepare for the Big Move!

Once the move to Canada is approaching, it’s time to pack all your belongings, pack a few personal bags, and prepare for your flight or drive. Packing is not as easy as you may think, and professionals make a huge difference in this case, too. Check the extra cost of the packing fee and decide if your budget allows you to add it.

If you prefer doing it yourself, follow packing tutorials, be methodical and organized, and be ready to give up on those things that you won’t really need in your new home.

Isn’t Canada Great, eh? Start Knowing Your Neighborhood

Once you are in Canada, it’s time to start exploring this vast, wild, friendly, and beautiful country and start feeling at home by enjoying the local cuisine, the tourist attractions, and those places where locals tend to hand out more.

Your Move Will Be Smoother with Us

If you want to know more about the technicalities and logistics of moving your stuff from the US to Canada, contact us, and let’s have a chat. During a free consultation with Three Men and a Truck, you will get a clear idea of what budget you need, how long will it take, and how to prepare your items for transportation.

During all the years of delivering moving services to our customers, we have had the satisfaction of seeing families or individuals going through huge changes, but not stressing one bit about the moving part. We have managed to help our clients focus on their new adventure, instead of getting headaches from the hassles of the move. Call us or give us an email to get a free price quote, we are happy to help!

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

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