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Are you ready to trade in your vegemite for spätzle? Moving to Germany will be a grand adventure and a big change. Australia, on the one hand, is a massive island nation/continent, and Germany is a mid-sized, land-locked nation in the center of Europe.

Say goodbye to the Dingoes and Kangaroos, and say hello to European Wildcat and Alpine Ibex. While perhaps not as wild and untamed, Germany has a lot of natural beauty to offer as well, nestled among the majestic peaks of the European Alps.

The purpose of this guide is to share some of what you need to know to make this big move. Read on to learn more about the process of moving to Germany.

Importing Household Goods to Germany

If you’re moving to Germany, you are probably wondering about taxes, customs duty and other costs of moving internationally. For most household relocations, you can import your goods overseas to Germany free of custom and border taxes. To qualify for this benefit, you must provide documentation to support:

  • Official termination of your residence abroad (This proof could be in the form of a lease termination, documentation from the sale of your home, or a letter from your employer.)
  • Proof of new residence in Germany (This proof could be in the form of a lease agreement, Einwohnermeldeamt [A fancy German word for German police registration], or a letter from your German employer.)
  • Proof of residency outside Germany for at least 12 months (By way of signed lease agreement or proof of homeownership.)

Sounds great, right? Not so fast. Not all household goods will qualify for this exemption. The goods you import must have been owned and used by you in Australia for at least a year prior to your move. Reach out to your local German embassy for the most current guidance.

Importing a Vehicle to Germany

If you can provide documentation proving your permanent residence in Germany, you can import your vehicle free of duty and VAT.  The requirements for this vehicle tax-exemption are the same as for your household imports. You must prove that you have given up your residence in your home country, that you are moving permanently to Germany, and that you have lived outside of Germany for at least a year.

You may also need to have your vehicle mechanically converted to meet German vehicle standards. Even if your Australian vehicle meets all of the mechanical requirements, your vehicle will be subject to inspection to determine roadworthiness and adherence to safety standards regarding headlights, emissions, brakes, and tires. Contact your local Kfz-Zulassungsstelle (German motor vehicle registration office) to learn more.

Once your vehicle has safely arrived in Germany, you will need to register your vehicle. Here are the documents you will need to provide:

  • Valid Passport or Other ID
  • Proof of Vehicle Ownership (free of liens or encumbrances)
  • Proof of Address in Germany
  • Customs Clearance
  • Export Permit
  • Vehicle Registration from Australia
  • Insurance Card
  • Proof of Roadworthiness and Emissions Testing
  • Certification from the German Federal Motor Vehicle Registry proving that the vehicle has not previously been registered in Germany

Three Men and a Truck

If you are moving to Germany and Australia, you’ve got a lot more to do that just pack. An international move requires scheduling, logistics, tons of paperwork, and a little bit of luck. There is a lot that can go wrong with an overseas move, from lost cargo to costly delays. Working with an international moving company will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Three Men and a Truck are an overseas moving company with the expertise and connections needed to ensure a seamless transfer. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation shipping quote.

Moves From Australia to Germany: Our Top Routes

Three Men and a Truck can help you with your move from various cities in Australia to numerous cities in Germany. Here are some popular routes for people relocating from Australia to Germany.

Sydney to Germany

Sydney to Berlin
Sydney to Hamburg
Sydney to Munich
Sydney to Cologne
Sydney to Frankfurt
Sydney to Stuttgart
Sydney to Leipzig
Sydney to Dusseldorf
Sydney to Dortmund
Sydney to Essen
Sydney to Dresden
Sydney to Bremen
Sydney to Hanover
Sydney to Nuremberg
Sydney to Duisburg
Sydney to Bochum
Sydney to Wuppertal
Sydney to Munster
Sydney to Bielefeld
Sydney to Bonn
Sydney to Karlsruhe
Sydney to Mannheim
Sydney to Augsburg
Sydney to Wiesbaden
Sydney to Mönchengladbach
Sydney to Braunschweig
Sydney to Kiel
Sydney to Gelsenkirchen
Sydney to Chemnitz

Melbourne to Germany

Melbourne to Berlin
Melbourne to Hamburg
Melbourne to Munich
Melbourne to Cologne
Melbourne to Frankfurt
Melbourne to Stuttgart
Melbourne to Leipzig
Melbourne to Dusseldorf
Melbourne to Dortmund
Melbourne to Essen
Melbourne to Dresden
Melbourne to Bremen
Melbourne to Hanover
Melbourne to Nuremberg
Melbourne to Duisburg
Melbourne to Bochum
Melbourne to Wuppertal
Melbourne to Munster
Melbourne to Bielefeld
Melbourne to Bonn
Melbourne to Karlsruhe
Melbourne to Mannheim
Melbourne to Augsburg
Melbourne to Wiesbaden
Melbourne to Mönchengladbach
Melbourne to Braunschweig
Melbourne to Kiel
Melbourne to Gelsenkirchen
Melbourne to Chemnitz

Adelaide to Germany

Adelaide to Berlin
Adelaide to Hamburg
Adelaide to Munich
Adelaide to Cologne
Adelaide to Frankfurt
Adelaide to Stuttgart
Adelaide to Leipzig
Adelaide to Dusseldorf
Adelaide to Dortmund
Adelaide to Essen
Adelaide to Dresden
Adelaide to Bremen
Adelaide to Hanover
Adelaide to Nuremberg
Adelaide to Duisburg
Adelaide to Bochum
Adelaide to Wuppertal
Adelaide to Munster
Adelaide to Bielefeld
Adelaide to Bonn
Adelaide to Karlsruhe
Adelaide to Mannheim
Adelaide to Augsburg
Adelaide to Wiesbaden
Adelaide to Mönchengladbach
Adelaide to Braunschweig
Adelaide to Kiel
Adelaide to Gelsenkirchen
Adelaide to Chemnitz

Brisbane to Germany

Brisbane to Berlin
Brisbane to Hamburg
Brisbane to Munich
Brisbane to Cologne
Brisbane to Frankfurt
Brisbane to Stuttgart
Brisbane to Leipzig
Brisbane to Dusseldorf
Brisbane to Dortmund
Brisbane to Essen
Brisbane to Dresden
Brisbane to Bremen
Brisbane to Hanover
Brisbane to Nuremberg
Brisbane to Duisburg
Brisbane to Bochum
Brisbane to Wuppertal
Brisbane to Munster
Brisbane to Bielefeld
Brisbane to Bonn
Brisbane to Karlsruhe
Brisbane to Mannheim
Brisbane to Augsburg
Brisbane to Wiesbaden
Brisbane to Mönchengladbach
Brisbane to Braunschweig
Brisbane to Kiel
Brisbane to Gelsenkirchen
Brisbane to Chemnitz

Gold Coast to Germany

Gold Coast to Berlin
Gold Coast to Hamburg
Gold Coast to Munich
Gold Coast to Cologne
Gold Coast to Frankfurt
Gold Coast to Stuttgart
Gold Coast to Leipzig
Gold Coast to Dusseldorf
Gold Coast to Dortmund
Gold Coast to Essen
Gold Coast to Dresden
Gold Coast to Bremen
Gold Coast to Hanover
Gold Coast to Nuremberg
Gold Coast to Duisburg
Gold Coast to Bochum
Gold Coast to Wuppertal
Gold Coast to Munster
Gold Coast to Bielefeld
Gold Coast to Bonn
Gold Coast to Karlsruhe
Gold Coast to Mannheim
Gold Coast to Augsburg
Gold Coast to Wiesbaden
Gold Coast to Mönchengladbach
Gold Coast to Braunschweig
Gold Coast to Kiel
Gold Coast to Gelsenkirchen
Gold Coast to Chemnitz

Perth to Germany

Perth to Berlin
Perth to Hamburg
Perth to Munich
Perth to Cologne
Perth to Frankfurt
Perth to Stuttgart
Perth to Leipzig
Perth to Dusseldorf
Perth to Dortmund
Perth to Essen
Perth to Dresden
Perth to Bremen
Perth to Hanover
Perth to Nuremberg
Perth to Duisburg
Perth to Bochum
Perth to Wuppertal
Perth to Munster
Perth to Bielefeld
Perth to Bonn
Perth to Karlsruhe
Perth to Mannheim
Perth to Augsburg
Perth to Wiesbaden
Perth to Mönchengladbach
Perth to Braunschweig
Perth to Kiel
Perth to Gelsenkirchen
Perth to Chemnitz

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

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