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Moving to the land-locked nation of Germany can be a big change for Indian citizens. Not only will you need to learn a new language you will also need to navigate a new culture and new traditions. Not to mention, the German language can be kind of tough to learn, with words as long as 79 letters.

Beyond all that, you still have to manage the logistics of an international move. You can choose between sea, land, and air freight. Air freight is the fastest and most expensive, and usually reserved for antiques or other valuables. Sea and land freight are cheaper but could potentially take longer.

This guide will explain the basics of moving from India to Germany.

Importing Household Goods to Germany

For most household relocations, you can import your goods to Germany free of custom and border taxes. To qualify for this benefit, you must provide documentation to support:

  • Official termination of your residence abroad (This proof could be in the form of a lease termination, documentation from the sale of your home, or a letter from your employer.)
  • Proof of new residence in Germany (This proof could be in the form of a lease agreement, German police registration known as Einwohnermeldeamt, or a letter from your German employer.)
  • Proof of residency outside Germany for at least 12 months (Proven by the aforementioned lease agreement or proof of homeownership.)

Not all household goods will qualify for this exemption. The goods you import must be items you have owned and used in your country of origin for at least a year prior to your move. Reach out to your local German embassy for the most current guidance.

Importing a Vehicle to Germany

For the most part, vehicle imports to Germany are subject to a 10% import duty and a 19% import VAT (value-added tax or EinfuhrumsatzsteuerI). People who are moving to the country permanently are exceptions to this rule. If you can provide documentation for your permanent residence in the country, you can import your vehicle free of duty and VAT.

The requirements for this vehicle tax-exemption are the same as for your household imports. You will need to show proof that you have given up your residence in your home country, that you are moving permanently to Germany, and that you have lived outside of Germany for at least a year.

Depending on where you are moving from, you may need to have your vehicle mechanically converted to meet German vehicle standards. At a minimum, your vehicle will be subject to inspection to determine roadworthiness and adherence to safety standards regarding headlights, emissions, brakes, and tires. Contact your local German motor vehicle registration office (known locally as Kfz-Zulassungsstelle) to learn more.

In order to register your vehicle in Germany, you need to have the following documentation:

  • Valid Passport or Other ID
  • Proof of Vehicle Ownership (free of liens or encumbrances)
  • Proof of Address in Germany
  • Customs Clearance
  • Export Permit
  • Vehicle Registration from Country of Origin
  • Insurance Card
  • Proof of Roadworthiness and Emissions Testing (In this context, achieving a designation of roadworthiness may require significant mechanical modifications to your vehicle)
  • Certification that the vehicle has not been registered in Germany previously (this comes from the German Federal Motor Vehicle Registry)

Three Men and a Truck

Becoming an international shipping expert doesn’t happen overnight, and you’re not going to get there with just one move. There are many logistical concerns you must manage when you are shipping goods internationally. From detailed packing lists to customs declarations, it can feel overwhelming. Three Men and a Truck are overseas movers who have the experience you need. We can help you with every step of the process. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation shipping quote.


Moves From India to Germany: Our Top Routes

Three Men and a Truck can help you with relocation from various cities in India to numerous cities in Germany. These are some popular routes for people relocating from India to Germany.

Mumbai to Germany

Mumbai to Berlin
Mumbai to Hamburg
Mumbai to Munich
Mumbai to Cologne
Mumbai to Frankfurt
Mumbai to Stuttgart
Mumbai to Leipzig
Mumbai to Dusseldorf
Mumbai to Dortmund
Mumbai to Essen
Mumbai to Dresden
Mumbai to Bremen
Mumbai to Hanover
Mumbai to Nuremberg
Mumbai to Duisburg
Mumbai to Bochum
Mumbai to Wuppertal
Mumbai to Munster
Mumbai to Bielefeld
Mumbai to Bonn
Mumbai to Karlsruhe
Mumbai to Mannheim
Mumbai to Augsburg
Mumbai to Wiesbaden
Mumbai to Mönchengladbach
Mumbai to Braunschweig
Mumbai to Kiel
Mumbai to Gelsenkirchen
Mumbai to Chemnitz

Delhi to Germany

Delhi to Berlin
Delhi to Hamburg
Delhi to Munich
Delhi to Cologne
Delhi to Frankfurt
Delhi to Stuttgart
Delhi to Leipzig
Delhi to Dusseldorf
Delhi to Dortmund
Delhi to Essen
Delhi to Dresden
Delhi to Bremen
Delhi to Hanover
Delhi to Nuremberg
Delhi to Duisburg
Delhi to Bochum
Delhi to Wuppertal
Delhi to Munster
Delhi to Bielefeld
Delhi to Bonn
Delhi to Karlsruhe
Delhi to Mannheim
Delhi to Augsburg
Delhi to Wiesbaden
Delhi to Mönchengladbach
Delhi to Braunschweig
Delhi to Kiel
Delhi to Gelsenkirchen
Delhi to Chemnitz

Kolkata to Germany

Kolkata to Berlin
Kolkata to Hamburg
Kolkata to Munich
Kolkata to Cologne
Kolkata to Frankfurt
Kolkata to Stuttgart
Kolkata to Leipzig
Kolkata to Dusseldorf
Kolkata to Dortmund
Kolkata to Essen
Kolkata to Dresden
Kolkata to Bremen
Kolkata to Hanover
Kolkata to Nuremberg
Kolkata to Duisburg
Kolkata to Bochum
Kolkata to Wuppertal
Kolkata to Munster
Kolkata to Bielefeld
Kolkata to Bonn
Kolkata to Karlsruhe
Kolkata to Mannheim
Kolkata to Augsburg
Kolkata to Wiesbaden
Kolkata to Mönchengladbach
Kolkata to Braunschweig
Kolkata to Kiel
Kolkata to Gelsenkirchen
Kolkata to Chemnitz

Hyderabad to Germany

Hyderabad to Berlin
Hyderabad to Hamburg
Hyderabad to Munich
Hyderabad to Cologne
Hyderabad to Frankfurt
Hyderabad to Stuttgart
Hyderabad to Leipzig
Hyderabad to Dusseldorf
Hyderabad to Dortmund
Hyderabad to Essen
Hyderabad to Dresden
Hyderabad to Bremen
Hyderabad to Hanover
Hyderabad to Nuremberg
Hyderabad to Duisburg
Hyderabad to Bochum
Hyderabad to Wuppertal
Hyderabad to Munster
Hyderabad to Bielefeld
Hyderabad to Bonn
Hyderabad to Karlsruhe
Hyderabad to Mannheim
Hyderabad to Augsburg
Hyderabad to Wiesbaden
Hyderabad to Mönchengladbach
Hyderabad to Braunschweig
Hyderabad to Kiel
Hyderabad to Gelsenkirchen
Hyderabad to Chemnitz

Bangalore to Germany

Bangalore to Berlin
Bangalore to Hamburg
Bangalore to Munich
Bangalore to Cologne
Bangalore to Frankfurt
Bangalore to Stuttgart
Bangalore to Leipzig
Bangalore to Dusseldorf
Bangalore to Dortmund
Bangalore to Essen
Bangalore to Dresden
Bangalore to Bremen
Bangalore to Hanover
Bangalore to Nuremberg
Bangalore to Duisburg
Bangalore to Bochum
Bangalore to Wuppertal
Bangalore to Munster
Bangalore to Bielefeld
Bangalore to Bonn
Bangalore to Karlsruhe
Bangalore to Mannheim
Bangalore to Augsburg
Bangalore to Wiesbaden
Bangalore to Mönchengladbach
Bangalore to Braunschweig
Bangalore to Kiel
Bangalore to Gelsenkirchen
Bangalore to Chemnitz

Chennai to Germany

Chennai to Berlin
Chennai to Hamburg
Chennai to Munich
Chennai to Cologne
Chennai to Frankfurt
Chennai to Stuttgart
Chennai to Leipzig
Chennai to Dusseldorf
Chennai to Dortmund
Chennai to Essen
Chennai to Dresden
Chennai to Bremen
Chennai to Hanover
Chennai to Nuremberg
Chennai to Duisburg
Chennai to Bochum
Chennai to Wuppertal
Chennai to Munster
Chennai to Bielefeld
Chennai to Bonn
Chennai to Karlsruhe
Chennai to Mannheim
Chennai to Augsburg
Chennai to Wiesbaden
Chennai to Mönchengladbach
Chennai to Braunschweig
Chennai to Kiel
Chennai to Gelsenkirchen
Chennai to Chemnitz

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