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New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the U.S., with more than 90% of state residents residing in an urban area. Moving from New Jersey to Puerto Rico will be a big change. Puerto Rico enjoys consistently perfect temperatures year around and New Jersey experiences four distinct seasons with frigid winters. Much of Puerto Rico’s residents are clustered near the coastlines, leaving much of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders relatively unspoiled and ready to explore.

Moving to the Caribbean is a dream for many Americans, and Puerto Rico is a uniquely great option. Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, you can live and move freely between New Jersey and Puerto Rico without a passport or visa.

Working with an overseas mover is recommended. Overseas transfers are more complex, and the logistics and planning can be challenging. Here’s some of what you need to know:

What does it cost?

Shipping your household goods to Puerto Rico will likely require a full or half shipping container. On average, you should be able to ship your household goods via shipping container to Puerto Rico for $2,500 or less.

Moving household goods to Puerto Rico

As a U.S. citizen moving to Puerto Rico, you will not be required to pay customs duty or taxes (Note: If you choose not to work with a shipper, research any possible municipal or state taxes that may apply.) Moving to Puerto Rico from New Jersey will require no customs clearance.

Is the value of your shipment worth more than $2,500? If so, you are required to file an Electronic Export Information filing using their Automated Export System (AES). In addition, you need to provide a detailed inventory and bill of lading.

What items are prohibited?

Take the time to do research before you go. Research can help you avoid unexpected complications due to restrictions you may not have considered. One surprising rule is that coffee brought into Puerto Rico for personal use is subject to a tax, which is levied per pound. To learn more about restricted items, start here. Puerto Rico restricts some imports and prohibits others entirely.

Can I ship my vehicle to Puerto Rico?

Shipping a vehicle to Puerto Rico could end up being expensive, depending on the value of your vehicle. When you arrive, you will have to pay excise tax on the value of your vehicle when it arrives. Within 30 days of your arrival, you must also obtain a Puerto Rican driver’s license.

Upon your arrival, you should be prepared to provide the following:

  • Proof of ownership or permission from leaseholder to take the vehicle outside of the continental U.S.
  • Valid U.S. driver’s license 
  • Bill of lading
  • Bill of sale or purchase invoice
  • EPA Standard Form 3520-1
  • Vehicle registration
  • Proof of vehicle valuation for excise tax calculation

Three Men and a Truck

Moving to Puerto Rico from New Jersey isn’t an international move, but it can feel like one. Between the shipping and the packing and the paperwork, it can get overwhelming. Three Men and a Truck are overseas moving experts who can ease that burden. Working with our extensive network of shipping partners, we can help you find the best strategy at the best price. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation shipping quote.

Moves From New Jersey to Puerto Rico: Our Top Routes

Three Men and a Truck can help you move your belongings from various cities in New Jersey to various cities in Puerto Rico. These are some popular routes for people relocating from New Jersey to Puerto Rico.

New Jersey to San Juan

Newark to San Juan

Jersey City to San Juan

Paterson to San Juan

Elizabeth to San Juan

Lakewood to San Juan

Edison to San Juan

Woodbridge to San Juan

Toms River to San Juan

Hamilton Township to San Juan

Clifton to San Juan

Trenton to San Juan

Brick Township to San Juan

Camden to San Juan

Cherry Hill to San Juan

Passaic to San Juan

Union City to San Juan

Old Bridge to San Juan

Franklin Township to San Juan

Middletown to San Juan

Bayonne to San Juan

East Orange to San Juan

North Bergen to San Juan

New Jersey to Bayamon

Newark to Bayamon

Jersey City to Bayamon

Paterson to Bayamon

Elizabeth to Bayamon

Lakewood to Bayamon

Edison to Bayamon

Woodbridge to Bayamon

Toms River to Bayamon

Hamilton Township to Bayamon

Clifton to Bayamon

Trenton to Bayamon

Brick Township to Bayamon

Camden to Bayamon

Cherry Hill to Bayamon

Passaic to Bayamon

Union City to Bayamon

Old Bridge to Bayamon

Franklin Township to Bayamon

Middletown to Bayamon

Bayonne to Bayamon

East Orange to Bayamon

North Bergen to Bayamon

New Jersey to Carolina

Newark to Carolina

Jersey City to Carolina

Paterson to Carolina

Elizabeth to Carolina

Lakewood to Carolina

Edison to Carolina

Woodbridge to Carolina

Toms River to Carolina

Hamilton Township to Carolina

Clifton to Carolina

Trenton to Carolina

Brick Township to Carolina

Camden to Carolina

Cherry Hill to Carolina

Passaic to Carolina

Union City to Carolina

Old Bridge to Carolina

Franklin Township to Carolina

Middletown to Carolina

Bayonne to Carolina

East Orange to Carolina

North Bergen to Carolina

New Jersey to Ponce

Newark to Ponce

Jersey City to Ponce

Paterson to Ponce

Elizabeth to Ponce

Lakewood to Ponce

Edison to Ponce

Woodbridge to Ponce

Toms River to Ponce

Hamilton Township to Ponce

Clifton to Ponce

Trenton to Ponce

Brick Township to Ponce

Camden to Ponce

Cherry Hill to Ponce

Passaic to Ponce

Union City to Ponce

Old Bridge to Ponce

Franklin Township to Ponce

Middletown to Ponce

Bayonne to Ponce

East Orange to Ponce

North Bergen to Ponce

New Jersey to Caguas

Newark to Caguas

Jersey City to Caguas

Paterson to Caguas

Elizabeth to Caguas

Lakewood to Caguas

Edison to Caguas

Woodbridge to Caguas

Toms River to Caguas

Hamilton Township to Caguas

Clifton to Caguas

Trenton to Caguas

Brick Township to Caguas

Camden to Caguas

Cherry Hill to Caguas

Passaic to Caguas

Union City to Caguas

Old Bridge to Caguas

Franklin Township to Caguas

Middletown to Caguas

Bayonne to Caguas

East Orange to Caguas

North Bergen to Caguas

New Jersey to Guaynabo

Newark to Guaynabo

Jersey City to Guaynabo

Paterson to Guaynabo

Elizabeth to Guaynabo

Lakewood to Guaynabo

Edison to Guaynabo

Woodbridge to Guaynabo

Toms River to Guaynabo

Hamilton Township to Guaynabo

Clifton to Guaynabo

Trenton to Guaynabo

Brick Township to Guaynabo

Camden to Guaynabo

Cherry Hill to Guaynabo

Passaic to Guaynabo

Union City to Guaynabo

Old Bridge to Guaynabo

Franklin Township to Guaynabo

Middletown to Guaynabo

Bayonne to Guaynabo

East Orange to Guaynabo

North Bergen to Guaynabo

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