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Relocating your belongings and your family can be a stressful task, but with Three Men and a Truck, you don’t have to lift a finger during the process. The process of getting affordable moving services start by getting your free no-obligation quote.

Three Men and a Truck have been in the moving industry for over 20 years. Started when three college friends decided to start a company with their own moving truck, Three Men and a Truck has become a common household name across the nation.

Getting a Quote

When calling different moving companies to obtain quotes for their services, there are a few things you need to be prepared for. The moving specialist will ask you a number of questions about your upcoming move and should schedule an in-home estimate for you. An in-home estimate is extremely important for those moves that are long-distance.

Have this information available for your specialist:

  • The current address and the destination address of where you are moving to
  • The number of bedrooms, possibly even the square footage of your present dwelling
  • If you want full-service or just the moving specialists and truck
  • Will you need packing supplies and are there certain ones that the moving company prefers you to use
  • What sort of insurance coverage you want for your belongings

These are all important aspects of receiving an accurate quote from a professional moving company. Do not take quotes that are extremely low too seriously. These quotes could be from companies who are committing fraudulent acts.


movers with truck near me

movers with truck near me


Look for Experience

Experience should be on the front of your mind when looking for a reputable professional moving company. You can find out information on a moving company by reading their reviews and researching them on your own. If you don’t have personal experience moving a four-bedroom home, or any moving for that matter, it is probably better to choose a professional moving service.

Most of the professional moving companies that can help you with your move have experience with larger items. Larger items include beds, wardrobes, pianos, etc. These items would require you to have multiple individuals help move them, and even then, it is not a guarantee that they will not be destroyed in the process.

Professional movers have the experience with moving larger ticket items in your home. They can do it quickly and efficiently without damage to those items. That is why hiring a professional moving company can take some of the guesswork out of moving.

Local Moves

Local moves are calculated by how much you have to move and the amount of time it will take to do it. Most professional moving companies will assess your move and the number of rooms to assign the right number of moving professionals to get the job done as quickly as possible. Most local moves start with two moving professionals and one truck, and go upward from there.

Studio or One-Bedroom

Moving from a studio or one-bedroom apartment will be the easiest and cheapest moving solution. A professional moving company will more than likely assign two moving specialists to your location. The move should only take them three to four hours, depending on the distance of the move and traffic at that time.

The price for moving a studio or one-bedroom will be the cheapest option available. A move of this size should only cost you around $200 base. This will not include special items like packing materials or services.


A two-bedroom house or apartment will cost a little more than a one-bedroom, but not by too much. Two or three moving specialists will be assigned the task of moving your items, depending on the amount of larger items you may have.

A two-bedroom move locally could take a crew of three moving specialists five to six hours. The cost could be anywhere from $450 to $500, depending on the heavier items you have. The pricing does not include extras like packing services or supplies.

Three or More Bedrooms

A family move can be stressful. Moving your room, the kids’ room, and all the other adjoining rooms can become a nightmare without a little guidance. A crew of four moving specialists will be assigned to a large move like this. Depending on the size, a professional company may even add more moving specialists to ensure that it is completed promptly.

Moves of this size are an all-day job, no matter how many moving specialists are involved. You can expect a moving company to spend eight or nine hours moving your belongings, and it will cost you close to $1000. The pricing does not include any additional services that you may add-on.

Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moves are a lot different than moving across town. A lot more planning and resources go into a move like this. These moves require a professional moving company to plan their timing at the new location based on yours.

Legitimate long-distance moving companies will calculate your move based on weight and mileage. An average rate for this is around $.70 per pound per 1000 miles. Different rules than a local move govern long-distance moves. The Department of Transportation requires that moving trucks do the same weigh-in as semi-trucks. This keeps regulations on weight limits in check.

Long-distance moves are also going to require a different means of quoting. A moving specialist will come into your home to see just how much you are moving. The act of doing this helps provide an idea on weight. It is recommended that you purge items before a long move to help save the maximum amount of money.

Keep It Local

The most reliable moving company in your area will be the one with the most amount of experience. Three Men and a Truck have been a staple in every community they inhabit. Quality and exceptional moving performance set our moving specialists apart from any other.

There is no move too big or too small for Three Men and a Truck. We provide accurate quotes that are competitive and offer the best quality for less than other moving companies. Trust Three Men and a Truck with your next move.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

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