Moving Van Rental Near Me

Finding the Right Moving Van Rental Near Me

When you need to move, a moving van rental might be the right option for you. Searching the term “moving van rental near me” or “local movers near me” can certainly help you find the best option for your needs. Sometimes, the best option is the one with a van they can rent you, especially during the peak moving season when vans may be in short supply.

Typically, a moving van rental is used for smaller moves, local moves, or for moving a specific type of item. If you have a larger move, you might want to rent an actual moving truck. However, if you want to make multiple trips locally or you only have a small amount to move, a moving van rental can be the perfect solution.

How Big Will Moving Van Rentals Near Me Be?

The size of a cargo van used for moving will likely be about 9-feet with about 245 cubic feet of space. Budget Truck Rentals offers an 11-foot van with 357 cubic feet of storage space. U-Haul offers a 9-foot cargo van and other rental companies near you might offer a larger or smaller option for your moving needs.

Biggest Advantages to Moving Van Rentals

If you’re planning to move and you don’t need a ton of space, a moving van rental offers a good option. They don’t have the same amount of space compared to a moving truck, but you will likely get better fuel mileage. This can save you plenty of money if you’re moving over a longer distance with a moving van.

Moving vans tend to be easier to drive than a big moving truck, as well. If you can move in a smaller vehicle, this can make it easier for you to drive across the country when you need to move a longer distance. Moving vans are also easier to park compared to a large truck, which is great when you have to stop for lodging, food, gas, or anything else along the way.

What will Fit in a Moving Van Rental Near Me?

When you search for moving van rentals near you, there are some things that will likely fit and other things that won’t. The 9-foot cargo vans will fit a queen-size mattress and box springs. They work great for moving a smaller apartment move, studio apartment, or a smaller home, especially if you sell or give away your larger items.

Moving a one-bedroom apartment is possible with an 11-foot moving van. These vans will fit plenty of items from a smaller living space and can make the perfect option when you don’t have a ton of things to move.

Moving van rentals can also work great for those finishing up DIY projects. They can help you move larger tools or supplies to get to your job site and to help you with your project, whether at home or across town.

If you’re considering moving or you need to finish up a project and haul some materials, finding one of the moving van rentals near you might be the right option. You can easily search for moving van rental near me and find several options for your specific needs.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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