What is the Average Cost of Long Distance Movers?


Figuring out the average cost of long-distance moving companies isn’t exactly easy. There are many things to factor in from the distance you will be traveling to the services you choose. While your long-distance move might not hit the average, it can help you budget to have an idea of what to expect.

Even different websites disagree on the average cost of long distance moving companies. Thumbtack, for example, has an average range from $1,750 to $3,000, while HomeAdvisor puts the average cost to move out of state at $2,546 to $6,383. Thumbtack does state the range for a long-distance move can go from about $2,000 to more than $8,000.

What is a Long-Distance Move?

Anytime you are moving over 100 miles from your current location, it’s considered a long-distance move by most moving companies. This means, the distance you move can vary quite a bit as 101 miles will be considered a long-distance move and so will 3,297 miles (the distance from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL).

The distance you have to move will have a direct impact on the cost of your long-distance move. The further you have to go, the more it will cost when you hire a long-distance moving company.

Average Cost of a Long-Distance Moving Company by House Size

Along with the distance impacting the average cost of your long-distance moving company, the number of things they have to move for you will also change the cost. Some moving companies charge by weight, while others charge by the space your things take up.

The average cost of a long-distance moving company for a one-bedroom home will range from $700 to $3,000. If you have a two-bedroom home, the price jumps from $2,000 to $7,000. Those with three or more bedrooms can expect to pay at least $4,000 and the cost can end up at more than $10,000 for your long-distance move.

Choosing Full-Service Movers vs. Truck Rental vs. Shipping Container

When you move across the country or out-of-state, you have multiple options. You can choose full-service movers and they will take care of things, such as packing, unpacking, loading the truck, transporting your things, and more.

You also have the option to rent a moving truck or use a shipping container. With both of these options, you will handle the loading and unloading yourself. With a moving truck, you have to do the driving, too.

The average cost of full-service movers for a long-distance move ranges from $4,000 to more than $10,000. If that’s outside of your budget, you can choose a shipping container, which will run anywhere from $700 to about $5,000.

The lowest cost option for any long-distance move is likely going to be renting a moving truck, which ranges from $1,200 to $2,100. However, this cost doesn’t factor in paying for fuel or any overnight stays you might need during your move.

There are many variables to consider when trying to determine the average cost of long-distance moving companies. It’s best to get an online quote if you want a better idea of what your specific long-distance move will cost.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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