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CA to AL Moving Companies

CA to AL Moving Companies

Anyone who’s lived there loves Alabama. From the breathtaking shorelines to some of the kindest neighbors you’ll ever meet, it’s truly the place to live.

Alabama is also attractive because of its ties to the early fights for freedom. It was the birthplace of the Confederate States of America, leading to the deadly Civil War. It’s also where Martin Luther King Jr., preached and changed history.

And who doesn’t know about Alabama’s local delicacies? From the Golden Rule Bar-B-Q in Irondale to Big Bob Gibson’s Barbeque in Dothan, the state offers regular treats for the locals. The Alabama Barbecue Hall of Fame tells the whole story.

Therefore, it can be a sad feeling you first find out (or decide) to relocate. Leaving behind the beautiful landscapes, rich musical heritage, and the football can be heartbreaking.

Why Move to California

Fortunately, California is just as good and vastly superior to Alabama in certain areas. Here’s why you should be upbeat about relocating to the Golden State;

  • The weather: California has excellent weather. The state experiences sunshine throughout the year, even in winter.
  • Natural beauty: California is the land of beauty. The sandy beaches and mountain ranges give it a spectacular feel. It also has dozens of natural parks.
  • Strong economy: The state of California has the biggest economy in the US and firth largest economy worldwide. Therefore, there’s rarely a shortage of economic opportunities, including jobs, in the state.
  • Worldclass entertainment: If you love going out to movies and music events, you’ll instantly fall in love with California. It’s the heartbeat of the entertainment industry in the US.

Choosing the Right Moving Company

Once you’re ready to relocate, you should take time to find the best state to state moving company. Consider the following;

Get recommendations

If you know of someone who recently relocated to California from Alabama, ask them to recommend their mover. Alternatively, head to your social media networks and ask for recommendations from your friends and followers. If both strategies fail, make Google your best friend.

Research the movers

Make sure to research every moving company you’re considering to hire as your local moving help. Among others, you want to find out if they’re a genuine company. Do they have a physical address? Are they even registered? All genuine long-distance movers are registered with the Department of Transportation and have a US DOT number. The best movers also licensed and insured.

Compare quote

The average cost of relocating from Alabama to California is $3,760. This excludes cash shipping. However, the cost can vary from one moving company to the other. Comparing quotes from at least three movers can help you make an informed decision. If you want a cheap mover, consider movers with a truck. Renting a shipping container also cheaper than a full service moving company.

Keep an Eye Out for Red Flags

Moving scams are on the rise in the US and elsewhere worldwide. So, be extra careful lest you fall into one of the fraudsters’ traps.

  • Never pay a deposit: The best apartment movers don’t take a deposit. Instead, they collect the whole fee on the day of moving or within two days of moving.
  • Take note of negative reviews: If the mover has hurt others in the past, it’s likely that a few people have reported them with the authorities. So, you want to check the BBB and FMCSA. Also, check social media networks to get a feel of the mover’s reputation.

Moves From California to Alabama: Our Top Routes

We provide our services across many different cities in California and Alabama. Our movers in Chula Vista, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Santa Clara and other cities in California are very capable. These are some of our popular routes when serving the states of California and Alabama.

California to Birmingham

Los Angeles to Birmingham
Anaheim to Birmingham
Fresno to Birmingham
Stockton to Birmingham
Irvine to Birmingham
Bakersfield to Birmingham
Fremont to Birmingham
Oakland to Birmingham
Richmond to Birmingham
Sunnyvale to Birmingham
Modesto to Birmingham
Oxnard to Birmingham
Sacramento to Birmingham
Santa Clara to Birmingham
Huntington Beach to Birmingham
Santa Ana to Birmingham
San Francisco to Birmingham
San Jose to Birmingham
San Diego to Birmingham
Thousand Oaks to Birmingham
Chula Vista to Birmingham
San Marcos to Birmingham
Santa Clarita to Birmingham
Long Beach to Birmingham

California to Alabaster

Los Angeles to Alabaster
Anaheim to Alabaster
Fresno to Alabaster
Stockton to Alabaster
Irvine to Alabaster
Bakersfield to Alabaster
Fremont to Alabaster
Oakland to Alabaster
Richmond to Alabaster
Sunnyvale to Alabaster
Modesto to Alabaster
Oxnard to Alabaster
Sacramento to Alabaster
Santa Clara to Alabaster
Huntington Beach to Alabaster
Santa Ana to Alabaster
San Francisco to Alabaster
San Jose to Alabaster
San Diego to Alabaster
Thousand Oaks to Alabaster
Chula Vista to Alabaster
San Marcos to Alabaster
Santa Clarita to Alabaster
Long Beach to Alabaster

 California to Decatur

Los Angeles to Decatur
Anaheim to Decatur
Fresno to Decatur
Stockton to Decatur
Irvine to Decatur
Bakersfield to Decatur
Fremont to Decatur
Oakland to Decatur
Richmond to Decatur
Sunnyvale to Decatur
Modesto to Decatur
Oxnard to Decatur
Sacramento to Decatur
Santa Clara to Decatur
Huntington Beach to Decatur
Santa Ana to Decatur
San Francisco to Decatur
San Jose to Decatur
San Diego to Decatur
Thousand Oaks to Decatur
Chula Vista to Decatur
San Marcos to Decatur
Santa Clarita to Decatur
Long Beach to Decatur

California to Auburn

Los Angeles to Auburn
Anaheim to Auburn
Fresno to Auburn
Stockton to Auburn
Irvine to Auburn
Bakersfield to Auburn
Fremont to Auburn
Oakland to Auburn
Richmond to Auburn
Sunnyvale to Auburn
Modesto to Auburn
Oxnard to Auburn
Sacramento to Auburn
Santa Clara to Auburn
Huntington Beach to Auburn
Santa Ana to Auburn
San Francisco to Auburn
San Jose to Auburn
San Diego to Auburn
Thousand Oaks to Auburn
Chula Vista to Auburn
San Marcos to Auburn
Santa Clarita to Auburn
Long Beach to Auburn

California to Vestavia Hills

Los Angeles to Vestavia Hills
Anaheim to Vestavia Hills
Fresno to Vestavia Hills
Stockton to Vestavia Hills
Irvine to Vestavia Hills
Bakersfield to Vestavia Hills
Fremont to Vestavia Hills
Oakland to Vestavia Hills
Richmond to Vestavia Hills
Sunnyvale to Vestavia Hills
Modesto to Vestavia Hills
Oxnard to Vestavia Hills
Sacramento to Vestavia Hills
Santa Clara to Vestavia Hills
Huntington Beach to Vestavia Hills
Santa Ana to Vestavia Hills
San Francisco to Vestavia Hills
San Jose to Vestavia Hills
San Diego to Vestavia Hills
Thousand Oaks to Vestavia Hills
Chula Vista to Vestavia Hills
San Marcos to Vestavia Hills
Santa Clarita to Vestavia Hills
Long Beach to Vestavia Hills

California to Athens

Los Angeles to Athens
Anaheim to Athens
Fresno to Athens
Stockton to Athens
Irvine to Athens
Bakersfield to Athens
Fremont to Athens
Oakland to Athens
Richmond to Athens
Sunnyvale to Athens
Modesto to Athens
Oxnard to Athens
Sacramento to Athens
Santa Clara to Athens
Huntington Beach to Athens
Santa Ana to Athens
San Francisco to Athens
San Jose to Athens
San Diego to Athens
Thousand Oaks to Athens
Chula Vista to Athens
San Marcos to Athens
Santa Clarita to Athens
Long Beach to Athens

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

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