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Colorado is located in the Mountain West sub region of the Western US. It’s home to most of the Southern Rocky Mountains as well as the northern part of the Colorado Plateau. The western edge of the Great Planes also extend into Colorado.

As such, Colorado is a very attractive place for families and singles who love the outdoors. The 2020 census shows that the state’s population increased 14.8% to 5,773,714 over the past decade.

Reasons to Move to Colorado

Aside from the beautiful terrain, comprising stunning mountains, valleys, and plains, people move to Colorado for four reasons;

  1. The strong economy

Colorado is one of the strongest economies in in the United States. A recent WalletHub rating ranks it the fifth overall strongest economy. It’s also ranked third for “healthiest economies” and eighth for “innovation potential.”

  1. Tax friendly state

Many people who move to Colorado do so to start or expand their business empires, and for a good reason. Colorado has low property taxes and a flat-rate income tax rate of just 4.3%. The state also has the lowest sales tax rate of any US state with sales tax.

  1. Intense sports culture

Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to love in Colorado. It’s the home of the Denver Broncos, one of the most successful football teams in the country. Colorado is also home to the Colorado Rockies baseball team and the Colorado Rapids football team.

  1. Recreational marijuana use

Finally, Colorado is one of the few states that have legalized recreational marijuana. It because only the second state to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes in 2012.

Hiring a Moving Company

Colorado has several fantastic cities to live, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Aurora. So, finding the perfect spot shouldn’t be a problem. Once you’ve identified a good area, make sure to hire the right mover. Consider the following;

  • Get recommendations

Do you have a friend or family who moved from California to Colorado recently? Did they like the California long distance moving company? If so, you may want to shortlist the company too. Referrals tend to work really well because you’re getting a tried and tested company. You can also get recommendations online.

  • Or, find a mover through Google

A quick Google search for ‘long distance movers near me‘ will reveal dozens of excellent movers whom you can access easily. To get only qualified candidates, make sure to mention that you’re moving from California to Colorado. Then, ask the mover to prove that they’ve done similar moves before.

  • Screen your options

We usually recommend getting at least three candidates and comparing them to find the best. A few things to prioritize during the screening are cost, professionalism, and experience. Also, find a mover that’s licensed and insured. To compare prices, ask for written quotes from each candidate.

How Much Does it Cost to Move from California to Colorado?

The average cost of moving from California to Colorado is $1,720 to $2,988 for a studio apartment or a one-bedroom house. Meanwhile, a 2-3-bedroom house costs $2,650 to $4,100. Larger houses can cost up to $7,000.

Exact costs vary depending on where exactly you’re moving from and the exact destination in Colorado. A longer distance naturally means you’ll pay more. Costs also depend on the specific services offered. For instance, you’ll pay more if you need packing and loading services.

Moves From California to Colorado: Our Top Routes

We provide our services across multiple routes between California and Colorado. Here are some of our popular routes.

California to Denver

Los Angeles to Denver
Anaheim to Denver
Fresno to Denver
Stockton to Denver
Irvine to Denver
Bakersfield to Denver
Fremont to Denver
Oakland to Denver
Richmond to Denver
Sunnyvale to Denver
Modesto to Denver
Oxnard to Denver
Sacramento to Denver
Santa Clara to Denver
Huntington Beach to Denver
Santa Ana to Denver
San Francisco to Denver
San Jose to Denver
San Diego to Denver
Thousand Oaks to Denver
Chula Vista to Denver
San Marcos to Denver
Santa Clarita to Denver
Long Beach to Denver

California to Boulder

Los Angeles to Boulder
Anaheim to Boulder
Fresno to Boulder
Stockton to Boulder
Irvine to Boulder
Bakersfield to Boulder
Fremont to Boulder
Oakland to Boulder
Richmond to Boulder
Sunnyvale to Boulder
Modesto to Boulder
Oxnard to Boulder
Sacramento to Boulder
Santa Clara to Boulder
Huntington Beach to Boulder
Santa Ana to Boulder
San Francisco to Boulder
San Jose to Boulder
San Diego to Boulder
Thousand Oaks to Boulder
Chula Vista to Boulder
San Marcos to Boulder
Santa Clarita to Boulder
Long Beach to Boulder

California to Colorado Springs

Los Angeles to Colorado Springs
Anaheim to Colorado Springs
Fresno to Colorado Springs
Stockton to Colorado Springs
Irvine to Colorado Springs
Bakersfield to Colorado Springs
Fremont to Colorado Springs
Oakland to Colorado Springs
Richmond to Colorado Springs
Sunnyvale to Colorado Springs
Modesto to Colorado Springs
Oxnard to Colorado Springs
Sacramento to Colorado Springs
Santa Clara to Colorado Springs
Huntington Beach to Colorado Springs
Santa Ana to Colorado Springs
San Francisco to Colorado Springs
San Jose to Colorado Springs
San Diego to Colorado Springs
Thousand Oaks to Colorado Springs
Chula Vista to Colorado Springs
San Marcos to Colorado Springs
Santa Clarita to Colorado Springs
Long Beach to Colorado Springs

California to Loveland

Los Angeles to Loveland
Anaheim to Loveland
Fresno to Loveland
Stockton to Loveland
Irvine to Loveland
Bakersfield to Loveland
Fremont to Loveland
Oakland to Loveland
Richmond to Loveland
Sunnyvale to Loveland
Modesto to Loveland
Oxnard to Loveland
Sacramento to Loveland
Santa Clara to Loveland
Huntington Beach to Loveland
Santa Ana to Loveland
San Francisco to Loveland
San Jose to Loveland
San Diego to Loveland
Thousand Oaks to Loveland
Chula Vista to Loveland
San Marcos to Loveland
Santa Clarita to Loveland
Long Beach to Loveland

California to Pueblo

Los Angeles to Pueblo
Anaheim to Pueblo
Fresno to Pueblo
Stockton to Pueblo
Irvine to Pueblo
Bakersfield to Pueblo
Fremont to Pueblo
Oakland to Pueblo
Richmond to Pueblo
Sunnyvale to Pueblo
Modesto to Pueblo
Oxnard to Pueblo
Sacramento to Pueblo
Santa Clara to Pueblo
Huntington Beach to Pueblo
Santa Ana to Pueblo
San Francisco to Pueblo
San Jose to Pueblo
San Diego  to Pueblo
Thousand Oaks to Pueblo
Chula Vista to Pueblo
San Marcos to Pueblo
Santa Clarita to Pueblo
Long Beach to Pueblo

California to Aurora

Los Angeles to Aurora
Anaheim to Aurora
Fresno to Aurora
Stockton to Aurora
Irvine to Aurora
Bakersfield to Aurora
Fremont to Aurora
Oakland to Aurora
Richmond to Aurora
Sunnyvale to Aurora
Modesto to Aurora
Oxnard to Aurora
Sacramento to Aurora
Santa Clara to Aurora
Huntington Beach to Aurora
Santa Ana to Aurora
San Francisco to Aurora
San Jose to Aurora
San Diego to Aurora
Thousand Oaks to Aurora
Chula Vista to Aurora
San Marcos to Aurora
Santa Clarita to Aurora
Long Beach to Aurora

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

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