Canada Moving Cost Calculator

Canada Movers Cost Calculator

Canada Moving Cost Calculator

Canada Moving Cost Calculator

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start, relocating for your career, or need a change of scenery, Canada may be the move for you. As stereotypes often suggest, and what actually turns out to be true, is that Canada comes with breathtaking landscapes, lovely people, and maple syrup. Of course, these aren’t the only benefits associated with moving to Canada from the United States. However, we’re here to serve as your very own moving cost calculator, outlining all of the various prices you can expect to encounter during your relocation. We’ll help shed some light on estimated shipping costs, transportation costs, and some general information on the cost of living in Canada.

Cost of Shipping from US to Canada

Examining the overall cost to move abroad is enough to put anyone off from the entire experience. However, moving to Canada isn’t has expensive as you might assume. We’ve gathered estimated average international moving costs, in addition to the duration of travel for the most popular US to Canada routes – including both the west and east costs of America.

Keep in mind that these rates are just estimates, and are based on port-to-port transportation of household goods in a 20ft container. In order to obtain the most accurate price from shipping your belongings for US to Canada, it’s highly recommended to speak with a professional moving company.

US to Canada RouteCostTrip Duration
New York to Halifax$450 – $4981 to 2 days
New York to Vancouver$2,575 – $2,84619 to 20 days
New York to Montreal$420 – $4674 days
Los Angeles to Halifax$2,651 – $2,93017 to 18 days
Los Angeles to Vancouver$510 – $5663 days
Los Angeles to Montreal$2,490 – $2,74719 to 20 days

This estimates also exclude addition services such as door-to-door delivery, professional packing/unpacking services, and insurance coverage. As a result, these prices should only be used as an indication.

Air Freight Costs

Generally speaking, sea shipping and air shipping are the two main options you have to get your belongings transported overseas to Canada. Although Canada isn’t terribly far from the United States, shipping via air freight can cost up to seven times more than container shipping overseas. Of course, if you’re crunched on time, this may be the ideal option for your move. To put things into perspective, the following are air freight shipping estimates:

US to Canada RouteCostTrip Duration
New York to Halifax$2,320 – $2,5603 hours
New York to Vancouver$2,320 – $2,5607 hours
New York to Montreal$2,320 – $2,5601 hour

Unfortunately, there are no cargo flights that service Los Angeles. Therefore, if you live on the west coast of the United States, you’ll have to ship your belongings via sea.

If you’re trying to decide between air freight or container shipping overseas, you need to consider what is the best option for your particular situation. If you’re on a time crunch, air shipping is your best bet. However, if you’re not in a rush, shipping via sea freight will save you a considerable amount of money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Not to mention, if you’re only planning on moving a couple items, you may be able to opt for Less than Container Load (LCL). This means that you don’t have enough belongings to fill an entire container and will, therefore, be sharing one with others. Choosing LCL instead of Full Container Load (FCL) can help significantly cut down on your international moving costs to Canada.

Canada Cost of Living

Although getting to Canada can be quite pricey, living costs are also going to make a big impact while you’re settling down in your new home. Before you move abroad, regardless how near or far the new country is to your current one, it’s always helpful to understand the pricing on various everyday items. This can help you plan ahead, budget accordingly, and give you a good sense of what your life will be like in Canada – from a financial standpoint.

With that said, let’s take a look at a comparison list of some of the most essential expenses that will likely arise in your new home: metric

MetricUS CostCanada Cost
Weeks’ worth of groceries (family of four)$146$182.51
Monthly gym membership$58$72.50
Dinner at a full-service restaurant (for one)$15$18.75
24 pack of beer$15.20$19.00
Ticket to the movies$10$12.50

Overall, the cost of living in Canada tends to be a bit higher than what the average American may be used to – which might be a little bit of a culture shock initially. With that said, all of the prices listed above are just estimates, and they may differ slightly based on where you currently live and where you intend to settle in Canada. For example, if you’re moving from New York to Toronto, you can enjoy a 30% decrease in living costs.

When it comes to utilities in Canada, the country has essentially nationalized them. This leads to slightly lower costs than those found in the United States. However, both electricity and natural gas tends to be more expensive. Ultimately, the differences in utility costs between the United States and Canada can be described as negligible. Where you live and your lifestyle choice are, obviously, going to have a major impact on some costs.

Factors that Impact Moving Costs – Canada

Whether you’re moving from the United States to Canada, or across the Great White North, there are a number of factors that will influence moving costs. Here are the major factors that will impact your Canada relocation:

  • The size of your move. Generally speaking, the larger the move, the more expensive it’s going to be. This factor is determined by both weight and volume, especially when it comes to overseas transport.
  • Distance of your move. The further your household goods need to be transported to reach their final destination, the more expensive the move.
  • Move route. While some destinations are relatively common, there are a few rare moving routes. Fortunately, international moves between the United States are common, as are those that occur across Canada. However, if either your start or end location is in a rural area, you may have to pay more. On the other hand, you can expect common routes to be cheaper due to competition.
  • Transportation method. As previously outlined above, the method transport that you choose has a major impact on your final moving costs. Shipping via sea is the most cost-effective, while air freight transport is the most expensive method. Regardless of this method, moving trucks will likely have to still be employed to perform the first and last leg of every move.

Considering the fact that sea freight is the cheaper of the two options, many opt to book direction with an international shipping company. However, this can prove challenging as they are generally not equipped to handle residential moves. This is exactly why you need to hire a professional moving company who specialize in performing all types of moves, both residential and commercial.

If you landed hear in search of “moving cost calculator Canada,” you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have about Canada moving costs, whether you’re moving within the country or relocating there from the United States. We’ll also provide you with a free, no-obligation moving estimate so you can budget accordingly for your upcoming move!

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