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Moving to Boston, Massachusetts can feel like moving to a different world, even for people from the U.S. The city has such a cool, unique culture, and its more than just tea parties and Sam Adams. Boston is a vibrant city with tons of opportunity for new immigrants.

How do I import my household goods to Boston?

For importing household goods, you will need even more paperwork, and your preparation begins when you pack your first box. You must provide a detailed, box-by-box inventory of your imported goods. If you are traveling from Europe, take note that many of your small electronics will be unusable in North America, due to the differences in wattage.

Shipments valued at over $800 are subject to customs duty. It can be difficult to predict what the total cost will be unless you work with an international moving company. Try to be prepared with receipts and other information to help you navigate the assessment of your goods.

Customs officials will want to see these documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Visa
  • Proof of residence in the U.S.
  • Comprehensive inventory of your imports
  • Receipts and serial numbers when applicable

What does it cost to move to Boston?

Perhaps the easiest cost to predict when moving internationally is the shipping container moving cost. It can be easy to get an estimate of cost for moving your goods, but these estimates are imprecise and rather unhelpful as a budgeting tool. For example, the estimated cost of moving a shipping container to Boston from Cape Town, South Africa is R97,500 – R161,100. The estimated cost of moving a container to Boston from Tokyo is ¥968,000 – ¥1,315,900.

If you’d like to have a more predictable moving experience, you should work with international shipping experts like Three Men and a Truck. With our extensive network of shipping partners, we know how to deliver a reliable estimate you can count on. We make these moves all the time, so we know about how the little costs can add up. To learn more about how we can make your next move easy, call us for a free shipping quote.

How do I import a vehicle to Boston?
In order to import your vehicle to Boston from outside of the United States, you must meet criteria for both emission standards and vehicle safety.

Emission standards

U.S. emissions standards are established by the government’s Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. Most vehicles manufactured for use outside of North America are not built to these standards, which means modifications will be necessary. Once the vehicle has been altered, it will need to be inspected for compliance.

Safety standards

The U.S. Government also sets safety standards for imported vehicles. Your vehicle will be inspected for compliance with these standards, checking brakes, wipers, headlights, airbags and safety belts. Anything flagged will need to be modified for compliance.

Here is where it gets complicated for imports from Europe and similar places. North American vehicles are manufactured to be driven on the right side of the road. If your vehicle is coming from a country that drives on the left side of the road, you will need expensive and complicated mechanical alterations to your vehicle to meet safety standards.

You must also provide several pieces of paperwork, including:

  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle for at least six months
  • Valid title and registration from your country or origin.
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Driver’s license

Your car will be assessed a duty of 2.5% of its assessed value.



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